elemental demo

hi my luvs!
i’ve started a mailing list so that you can be the first to know when i put out new music, new merch and when i’m coming to you on tour! i’ll also keep you updated from the studio as i work on new music. as a thank you to those of you who sign up in giving out a download of an early demo of underwater. i changed the production on this song drastically in the last stages of making the EP and although i think i made the right decision, i still think about some elements of the demo occasionally. i thought it would be interesting for you to hear a song in its baby stage. 👼 i hope u enjoy. looooovveeeeee yallllllllllll

magequisitor’s quickslot spells from the second Inquisition demo video

we aren’t told the names of these spells, but the bottom left is clearly Stonefist and the bottom right is clearly Winter’s Grasp (from the icons and effects–the names may have changed)

the top right ability is a lightning spell

in addition to the beautifully fast cooldowns (I can’t tell you how many times my mage Hawke and Anders were left twirling their batons in combat after running through every single spell and waiting for cooldowns) that we see in the demo

there’s the central ability–the one that looks like three shooting stars?

it fires an elemental burst of some kind–but the thing is, based upon both demos, the element fired in that burst spell appears to be based upon your auto-attack – meaning the element of your staff

it’s a small touch but I didn’t notice it on my first viewing