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Who Do I Attract?

So, I have a lot of these asks in my inbox right now, and it’s not really an ask meme, it’s an entire area of astrology! I figured it’d be easiest to just make a post on what areas and ways you may attract certain signs or placements.

The placements here are likely to draw in people of certain signs or planetary dominants. Usually, it will attract the Suns, Risings and dominants of these signs. 

Below, in no particular order, are areas of your chart that may attract certain people or placements.

Your Moon Element will attract the same element and it’s pairing one. For example, a fire moon will attract fire and air moons. This is because your inner workings and feelings are understood by each other more so than typically incompatible elements, like water and air.

Your Rising Element will also attract the same element and it’s pairing one, but it may attract the Rising or Sun sign. For example, an earth rising will attract earth suns and/or risings. This is because your flow and ego is attractive to those who think and appear like you too, rather than those who are more reserved or wild than yourself.

Your Rising Sign is likely to attract, and in turn be drawn to, it’s sister sign. This can be in Sun, Rising or Dominance. This is because your ascendant is the opposite of your descendant, and this is the type of person we look for and admire. For example, Virgo Risings have Pisces Descendants, so are attracted/attractive to Pisces Suns, Risings and/or Dominance as the two act as a whole.

Stelliums which you may have will attract people of a certain sign. If you have a Stellium in a sign, such as Aries, you will attract Aries. This could be Aries Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mars, Fire or 1st house dominance. If you have a Stellium in a house, such as the 3rd house, you will attract Gemini. This could be Gemini Sun, Rising or Dominant. It may also attract Mercury, Air or 3rd house dominance. A list of possible sign and house stelliums and the placements they may attract is below. The people you attract may not be mathematically dominant in these ways, but they may be prominent in their chart, like in their Moon or Mars placements.

  • Aries/1st House Stellium: Aries, Mars, Sun, 1st House, Fire dominance
  • Taurus/2nd House Stellium: Taurus, Venus, Moon, 2nd House, Earth dominance
  • Gemini/3rd House Stellium: Gemini, Mercury, 3rd House, Air dominance
  • Cancer/4th House Stellium: Cancer, Moon, Jupiter, 4th House, Water dominance
  • Leo/5th House Stellium: Leo, Sun, 5th House, Fire dominance
  • Virgo/6th House Stellium: Virgo, Mercury, 6th House, Earth dominance
  • Libra/7th House Stellium: Libra, Venus, 7th House, Air dominance
  • Scorpio/8th House Stellium: Scorpio, Mars, Pluto, 8th House, Water dominance
  • Sagittarius/9th House Stellium: Sagittarius, Jupiter, 9th House, Fire dominance
  • Capricorn/10th House Stellium: Capricorn, Saturn, Mars, 10th House, Earth dominance
  • Aquarius/11th House Stellium: Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn, 11th House, Air dominance
  • Pisces/12th House Stellium: Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Pisces, 12th House, Water dominance

Your Dominant Sign will also attract certain signs. For example, if you are Aquarius dominant, it is likely you attract air or fire Sun and Risings, as well as fellow air/fire dominants.

Your Dominant Planet will also attract certain signs as it is the energy dominant within you. A list is given below. The sign in capitals is the sign ruled by this planet, so it is the most likely to be drawn to you. The one in normal case is where this planet exalts, so whilst they are drawn to you, it is not as much as the first.

  • Sun dominant: LEO, Aries
  • Moon dominant: CANCER, Taurus
  • Mercury dominant: GEMINI, VIRGO
  • Venus dominant: TAURUS, LIBRA, Pisces
  • Mars dominant: ARIES, SCORPIO, Capricorn
  • Jupiter dominant: SAGITTARIUS, PISCES, Cancer
  • Saturn dominant: CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, Libra
  • Uranus dominant: AQUARIUS, Scorpio
  • Neptune dominant: PISCES, Leo, Cancer (People debate whether Neptune exalts in Leo or Cancer - to keep peace I have written both)
  • Pluto dominant: SCORPIO, Pisces, Aries (People debate whether Pluto exalts in Pisces or Aries - to keep peace I have written both)

For example, someone with Jupiter dominant is likely to attract Sagittarius dominants. Or, equally, someone with Sagittarius dominant is likely to attract Jupiter dominants.

There are even more areas you could personally look, but referring to this list can give you a good idea. For example, if you have Scorpio Venus and Mars, you can tell from this you’re likely to attract Pluto dominants, Taurus Risings, and/or people with 8th house stelliums.

Your Midheaven can also work here for the first attraction! For example, I was instantly attracted to my boyfriend when I first saw him as he was a mystery to me, and as it turns out his Midheaven is the sister of mine. The basic rule for this first sight attraction would be like this:

  • Opposite signs: Mysterious, wanting to know more, seemingly the same yet different to you
  • Element match: Similar, you feel they are like you in some way
  • Compatible elements: You seem to appreciate them for who they appear to be, but know you are not one in the same
  • Midheaven ruled by same planet: You seem so different, but there is a similar energy within you
  • You can obviously attract and be attracted to any Midheaven, but these matches would stand out for the purposes of this post
The Major Arcana As Nosy Witch Questions.
  • The Fool: Do you practice witchcraft openly or in secret?
  • The Magician: Do you practice white magic, black magic, both or neither?
  • The High Priestess: How did you first discover your path?
  • The Empress: Favorite time to practice your craft?
  • The Emperor: Favorite place to practice your craft?
  • The Hierophant: Best advice you've ever received from a witch?
  • The Lovers: Which sign or signs(zodiac or elements) are you most attracted to?
  • The Chariot: Favorite witchcraft tools to use?
  • Strength: Do you cast spells?
  • The Hermit: Are you a solitary witch or are you part of a coven?
  • Wheel of Fortune: Do you practice palmistry?
  • Justice: Do you work with plants and herbs?
  • The Hanged Man: Which area of witchcraft are you least familiar with?
  • Death: Do you believe in, or have experience with past lives?
  • Temperance: Which area of witchcraft are you most comfortable?
  • The Devil: Who is your closest witch friend?
  • The Tower: Have you ever cursed someone?
  • The Star: Which areas of witchcraft would you like to be better acquainted?
  • The Moons : Favorite thing to do during a full moon?
  • The Sun: Do you read tarot cards?
  • The Final Judgement: Do you work with spirits?
  • The World: What type of witch are you?

If your chart is lacking in one element you likely are attracted to that element in other people or in the physical world. I.e. If you lack in water you might admire beaches and love to swim. Whether or not you are attracted to that element it is healthy for your mind, body, and soul to be around things associated with the element.

“It’s better to be a cute boy than an ugly butch lesbian.”

Six or seven years ago (and longer!) there were huge debates taking place about the term “queer”, what it meant to the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community, whether it should be added onto the acronym and whether people who defined specifically as “queer”, to the exclusion of any of the other letters, should be welcomed into LGBT spaces.

At the time, the term “queer” represented a radical element that was highly attractive. Here were a group of people who seemed to be anti-capitalist, unapologetic, anti-assimilationist, aggressive and non-conformist. And to 20 year-old-me they just looked so bloody cool. I came through school and college having the word lesbian hissed at me, but not really having any other language to describe myself. I argued viciously for the inclusion of the “Q”, and shouted down the concerns raised by older (and sometimes not) members of the LGBT community that the word “queer” for them echoed horrendous experiences of homophobic assault and bullying.

“We’re reclaiming it,” I spat, “and anyway you can still be lesbian, or gay, or bi, and/or trans if you want.”

Fuelled by zeal, well-meaning enthusiasm, a complete lack of understanding of LGBT and women’s history and a massive streak of arrogance, I wrote these concerns off as archaic and narrow minded, and for that, I am truly sorry. 

As time passed, I started to feel ashamed about being a lesbian within the queer community. As one ex said to me “lesbianism is sooooo last century”. I was butch too, a real stereotype. I was ashamed of being a butch lesbian stereotype, and felt that I sucked at being a woman so much, that maybe I couldn’t be one, but the term “genderqueer” left me cold. I also didn’t fancy men, and they didn’t fancy me.

I didn’t realise until much more recently, but what is happening is the sexism and homophobia found in mainstream society is just being re-appropriated and shoved out from the other side under the guise of radical queer politics; women who exclusively date and sleep with other women are being shamed for it by the very community they are supposed to be a part of, in a way that men who exclusively date and sleep with other men are not. Being a lesbian in a society that heaps pressure on women to be with men is and always has been an enormously radical act.

An avalanche of hypocrisy, or was it always there?

In the last couple of years I noticed a big push within the community to educate on trans issues, change the culture around checking which pronouns people use, increase trans visibility and promote more respect and understanding around gender identity, which are all good things in my book. Intentional mispronouning, both in and outside of the LGBT community is a constant micro-aggression. But then something else happened. The same queers who were screaming bloody murder about people not getting their pronouns right, started to use gender neutral pronouns for me without asking. It didn’t feel right. Occasionally someone would ask what pronoun I used, and on hearing me say “she and her” would double take and say “are you sure?”

Why weren’t these queers taking my first answer? They certainly got angry when people questioned using the neutral “they”. It occurred to me that members of the queer community were questioning my right to define as a woman because of my androgynous appearance almost as much as straight homophobes had questioned my validity as a woman for the exact same reason. I felt increasingly pressured to define as something other than “woman”, and that being a woman, particularly without prefixing it with something like “genderqueer” or “genderfluid” or “non-binary”, was increasingly difficult to get people to accept. Was I so bad at being a woman that my own community wouldn’t even believe me? Isn’t it ironic that a supposedly radical community seemed to find the concept of a masculine woman so difficult to swallow?

If our behaviour falls outside of certain prescriptive boundaries laid out by straight people, must we now question our right to be women at all? Why has it become so offensive and revolting to be considered a woman in the queer community? Why don’t people, who experience the world as women, are treated and seen and oppressed as women, want to be women?

It’s because to be a woman in our patriarchal society is to be less. To be a woman is to be in an undesirable position. To abandon the label “woman” is to claw back some individual power, rather than see women as a political class and collective. In short, its because of sexism. An acquaintance said recently:

“It’s better to be a cute boy than an ugly butch woman.”

We need to talk about class, or the lack of talk about class.

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard or heard of some middle class MA Gender/Sexualities/Sociology Studies twerp shaming and condemning some poor gay seventeen year old for not knowing what a demisexual, panromantic, masc of centre genderqueer is. There are large numbers of the queer community who need to face up to the fact that they have a huge amount of social, educational and class privilege, and that some people do not get to read books that introduce them to all these terms. Some people grow up in houses where there are no books, or the only thing they ever read with the terms “lesbian” and “gay” are tabloid newspapers spitting bile. Sometimes people make mistakes, or have limitations of language. And some of us think that the obsessive developing of endless terms is an intentional attempt to stretch the definition of our community so much that the community in fact will not exist.

Butch and femme are terms that were prominently used amongst working class lesbian communities, and were later sneered at and denounced as aping heterosexuality by elements of the separatist feminist movement, who were often middle class and/or had more academic backgrounds. Now we see lesbian women and gay men being sneered at and dismissed as “monosexual” by elements of the community in much the same spirit, “femme” has been appropriated and is frequently used to refer to any feminine presenting queer person and the word butch is still coded as ugly. There are no cafes, bars or clubs that specifically cater to LBTQ women left in London and very few spaces elsewhere.

You have a right to be queer, and others have a right to be lesbian, gay, bi and/or trans.

I have learnt to be unapologetic about being a woman who exclusively has romantic relationships with other women. But it is a shame that I had to learn this twice. There are other people who feel that their identity, although not hetero/cisnormative, is not represented in the L, B, G or T, and they define as queer (or both). That is fine, if that is what they want. What is not fine is the shaming and erasing of lesbians that goes on. What is not fine is to make the identity of “lesbian” synonymous with trans exclusive feminism when it isn’t. What is not fine is the ridicule of butch women that goes on, whilst skinny white masculine of centre genderqueers enjoy pedestal type positions in the queer community. It is not fine to disrespect and enter and disrupt the few women only spaces left when you know you do not experience oppression as a woman. It is not fine to harass the organisers of a women only event because you’re a man* and consider yourself a lesbian and feel you should be welcomed. That’s just complete misogynist douchebaggery.

It is not fine to force people to call themselves queer and erase their gay and lesbian and bi identities in the process. It’s just hypocritical. And its shit politics. Stop it.

I am a butch lesbian woman. And that’s ok.

*I am talking here about douchebag men who exploit nuanced gender politics to harrass lesbians, so don’t bother with the OP is a TERF stuff.

Defying Expectations

The ATLA AU; in which Law and Sabo are waterbenders, Ace is a firebender, and Luffy bucks the world’s expectations and is an unconventional airbender. 

It’s funny how everyone considers earth to be the stubborn element.

As far as Trafalgar D. Water Law is concerned, air is the most persistent son of a bitch to ever exist. And he’s only saying this because he knows Monkey D. Luffy, Airbender and humongous pain in the ass.

In his ass.

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which elements your sign attracts

aries: fire, air

taurus: water, earth

gemini: air, fire

cancer: fire, air

leo: air, water

virgo: water, earth

libra: fire, water

scorpio: fire, earth

sagittarius: water, air

capricorn: earth, air

aquarius: air, water

pisces: earth, fire

Superstore ramble

I guess the best word to describe the last episode of Superstore for me is - bittersweet. 

I loved it, i honestly loved it. I think it was amazing season finale, gracefully walking the line between fun and serious.

A few comments before I’ll turn into my Amy x Jonah ramble:

1. I just want to say that I really love Glenn. When I started this show he was annoying the hell out of me, but with time he found a way into my heart. And I just can’t help to find it really endearing how much he cares about his employees. Bless his kind soul.

2. Garret wants Dina to care about him! And Dina actually listens to him, which I find quite surprising, since Dina don’t listen to anybody. I don’t know if I ship them romantically yet, but damn I dig their relationship.

3. Sandra helping everyone to hide and closing the doors right in front of that bitch’s face! Good for you, Sandra!

4. I lost it at the scene where “The Final Countdown” was playing while tornado was hitting and dude with razors. Superstore customers wee at their best this episode.

5. Don’t even tell me that Brett is dead, find him show! Don’t joke like that.

Now let’s talk about Amy and Jonah, kids. Because damn this episode was so good for us.

Okay so first of all Garrets face when Jonah was telling him about all that wedding incident is so me. I also had that stupid smug grin on my face, when Jonah was trying to explain himself. And when he was trying to make ‘sexy’ work as casual word. Ahhh, classic Jonah, what a cute idiot.

But of course it was not what made me go all ADVNSJVDFLBJDGLKBJ during this episode and it was not even the kiss (even tho i was internall screaming during it). What I loved the most in this episode was that little shift in Amy and Jonah relationship, that was shown to us. Let me explain myself here.

From the very beginning we were shown that Jonah cares about Amy, he wants her happy, he suports and respects her. And I’m sure Amy’s aware of this too. Now she even knows for sure there is an element of attraction in all that (lmao how did you missed all that heart eyes he was sending your way all the time, amy?). But before this episode we always saw Jonah being there for her when, theoretically, she could handle situation by herself. He was her support (very welcome, but not not necessarily needed), but he was never the a crutch to lean on. Not untill now. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, guys, but this was the first time when we saw Amy reaching for Jonah both physically (taking his hand,when she’s afraid; kissing him) and emotinally. Maybe the emotional part wasn’t so prominent, but I read all this “We’re gonna die here”, “- So I’ll just keep talking? - Okay”, “You suck at being comforting” as “ Reassure me”, “Please talk, this will calm me”,  “No, you’re doing it wrong, do it the right way”. Amy was losing it, Amy was affraid and she needed someone to be there for her, to keep her sane. She needed someone who could at least pretend that they are calm and make her believe that everything gonna be okay.

And here comes the scene, that ended me

They way he said that, the way his voice sounded at that moment. So confident, so calm, so promising, so intimate, so… dare I say… sexy. (Ben Feldman what are you doing to me?) I think Amy actually believed him her. YOU GUYS, I THINK HERE IN THIS MOMENT WAS THE FIRST TIME WHEN AMY SAW JONAH NOT AS ‘COLLEGE BOY’ BUT AS A  MAN. She finally saw a partner in him and trust me, she won’t be able to unsee it now. THAT was the shift I was talking about. 

As gentle and silly and cute he is most of the time, now Amy also sees Jonah as someone who can protect her if she needed that, if she ask for that. He pulled her to his chest to hug and hide from tornado, just saying! And I think this is one of the reasons she kissed him. She finally snaped, she finally solved her Jonah - puzzle. Now she sees the whole picture and what she’s looking at is exactly what she needs and what she wants.

But they will take their time, getting there, right?

Because, even tho Amy was sure her marriage is over during last episode, we know it’s not exactly tru. Not yet. This kind of things don’t end so quickly. In this episode we saw that she and Adam still care for each other. They do, and it’s perfectly fine. I think they’ll always care for each other in some way, that kind of bond don’t just disappear, espesially when you have a child together. So I can easily see Amy and Adam giving their relationship one more chance in s3. For the sake of their family, for the sake of Emma. 

But now it would me even harder for Amy. Because it may have been okay to live in a marriage without love before, but it would be so much worse to do it, while falling for someone else.

And Jonah. Oh my poor Jonah. He now has his heart officially broken. because just for a second he held everything he wanted in his arms and that he had it swept right back away. But hang on there, buddy. She’ll come around.

                                            “I’ll come around
                                    If you ever want to be in love
                           I’m not waiting, but I’m willing if you call me up
                                 If you ever want to be in love
                                           I’ll come around”

                                                                                   - Jonah Simms, probably

Candle Color Correspondences

RED - Energy, health, passion, sex, protection, fire, fertility, fast action, strength, potency, lust, blood. Element: Fire

PINK - Love, friendship, romance, honor, spiritual healing, caring, affection, forming partnerships, peace, emotional healing.

YELLOW - Action, inspiration and creativity, studying and intelligence, concentration, memory, logic, learning, attraction, confidence. Element: Sun/Fire

ORANGE - Happiness, business deals, attracting good things, success, career, goals, stimulation, attraction, power, luck, sudden changes.

GREEN - Plant magic, mother earth, earth worship, money, success, growth, wealth, physical healing, health, marriage, fertility, employment, balance. Element: Earth

BLUE - Peace, calm, loosing weight, wisdom, understanding, protection, harmony, inspiration, truth, patience, health and happiness, luck, communication, loyalty, occult power. Element: Water

DARK BLUE - Represents the subconscious, healing, psychism, slow change. Element: Water

PURPLE - Ancient wisdom, the third eye, psychic powers, meditation, spirituality, success, confidence, hidden knowledge, protection, divination, contact with spirit world, Element: Soul or the Spirit

BROWN - Home, friendships, balance, animal magic, earth magic, concentration and studying, wealth, success, intuition, psychic powers and ESP. Element: Earth

BLACK - Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

WHITE - Dawn, purification, peace, truth, protection, spirituality. White can be used in place of any other candle color and is suitable for any ritual. Element: All

MAGENTA - Quick change. Use this candle with other candles to initiate a quick response or fast changes.

INDIGO - Karma, balance, restoration of balance, meditation, stop another person’s spell against you.

GOLD - Sun-Worship, the God, success, wealth, money, masculinity, playfulness, luck, divination, victory.

(By AmberSkyfire)

Ritual To Invite Spirit Contact

This spell is designed to let a specific spirit know that you are open to communication. It includes protective elements to avoid attracting negative entities.

*It is important to research the side effects of herbs before coming into contact with them. One should also keep in mind their personal allergies and medications taken when ingesting herbs. Your safety is more important than an ingredient.*


  • Dried Rose Hip (2 or more)
  • Clove incense
  • Dandelion (one stem and flower)
  • Mint leaf or scent, in any natural form
  • An item that relates to the spirit you wish to contact
  • A Brown or White candle


  • Light your Clove incense and your candle.
  • Sit with your item in your hand. Rub it clockwise.
  • Picture the spirit as you know it in your mind. Verbalize your openness to receiving communications (if you are unable to verbalize this or do not feel comfortable you can think it instead).
  • Take your rose hip and dandelion. Wrap them together (with string or cloth). Bury them under your doorstep (if you do not have a traditional doorstep you can put it on your porch, hang it in your doorway, or bury it by an entrance).
  • Leave a window or door open (it could be slightly open or fully open) for one hour.
  • Be sure to pay attention to little signs and happenings after performing this ritual and be sure to try and remember your dreams!

This spell is dedicated to my Grandmother, Marie, who I never had the chance to meet during her short time on earth. I hope to see you someday.

do you like mchanzo, supernatural elements, monsters, and some attractive ranger mccree? because I SURE DO.

lemme suggest a fic for you, Ghost Stories On Route 66, by @solivar! this is from the most recent chapter.

anonymous asked:

Do you think hiccup and astrid fit the opposite attract trope?

When I first saw Hiccstrid get together in the first movie, I thought there were lots of elements of opposites attract. On one side, Astrid is a top, highly-trained athlete. On the other side, Hiccup does not have athletics as a strong-point, incapable of picking up an axe, let alone fighting dragons successfully. On one side, Astrid is all about fighting the war her parents have fought - she’s gungho about defeating dragons. On the other side, Hiccup befriends Toothless and is not interested in continuing a war between humans and dragons. On one side, Astrid is seemingly respected by her peers. On the other side, Hiccup is ostracized. Astrid is the embodiment of what the Hairy Hooligans should be. Hiccup is the weirdo who does not fit in with the Hairy Hooligans at all.

So there certainly are these areas in which Hiccup and Astrid demonstrate opposites in the first movie. At the same time, though, I think that Hiccup and Astrid have a lot in common, too. They may have areas in which they differ greatly, but they’re not exactly opposites everywhere.

Especially as Hiccup develops and ages, we see that Hiccup and Astrid hold a lot in common. Though Hiccup is not portrayed as a strong Viking initially, he does show a lot of strength and athletic prowess as he ages. He’s able to deftly fight enemies on foot and work the smithing shop. He and Astrid are both good, dexterous, capable fighters who fight with good instinct and a good head on their shoulders. Hiccup and Astrid are the best dragon riders of the group. They think fairly similarly most of the time when it comes to how to tackle dangers with enemies - it’s why the two make such a good team. They’re both fairly even-headed and they tend to be annoyed by the same people for the same reasons. 

So there’s a lot Astrid and Hiccup have in common, from their abilities, to their love of dragons, to the ways they think.

It’s one of those stories where they might seem like opposites at first, but they find out they have more in common. And frankly, that’s what makes the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid work.

Hiccup was attracted to Astrid much because she wasn’t him - she was the ideal Viking he wanted to be but failed to be. So because Astrid was opposite to him in that sense, he was attracted to her. Astrid, in turn, first found Hiccup intriguing in the Cove because he said something monumentally unusual. He was willing to stand up and protect his “pet dragon.” That caught her off-guard but she respected and liked it. Hiccup did something that was different to her - so because Hiccup was opposite to her in that sense, she was attracted to him. And then their relationship could develop, grow, and be sustained because they actually do have a lot in common.

Tropea, Calabria. The 780 km of coastline make Calabria a popular tourist destination in summer. Low industrial development and the lack of large cities mean that there’s only minimal marine pollution. The region is considered by many a natural paradise, which attracts tourists from all over Italy. Foreign tourism is still low, but it’s a growing market. The most popular seaside destinations are Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo, Scilla, Diamante, Amantea, and Soverato. The interior of Calabria is rich in history, traditions, art, and culture. Fortresses, castles, churches, historic centers, and cemeteries are common elements. Some mountain locations attract tourists even in winter. Sila and Aspromonte are 2 national parks that offer facilities for winter sports, especially in the towns of Camigliatello, Lorica, and Gambarie. 

The cuisine is a typical southern Italian Mediterranean cuisine with a balance between meat dishes (pork, lamb, goat), vegetables (esp eggplant), and fish. Pasta is also important. In contrast to most other Italian regions, Calabrians have traditionally placed an emphasis on the preservation of food, in part due to the climate and potential crop failures. As a result, there is a tradition of packing vegetables and meats in olive oil, making sausages and cold cuts (Sopressata, ‘Nduja), and curing fish, esp. swordfish, sardines and cod. Desserts are typically fried, honey-sweetened pastries or baked biscotti-type treats. Local specialties include Caciocavallo cheese, Cipolla rossa (red onion), Frìttuli and Curcùci (fried pork), Liquorice (liquirizia), Lagane e Cicciari (pasta with chickpeas), Pecorino Crotonese (sheep’s cheese), and Pignolata. Some vineyards have origins dating back to the ancient Greek colonists. Important grape varieties are red Gaglioppo and white Greco. Producers are resurrecting ancient grape varieties which have been around for as long as 3000 years.

There’s an element of magnetic attraction [to Laura and Sweeney. We see that he had a lifelong connection with [Essie MacGowan] who either looks exactly like Laura or reminds him of Laura … after feeling that resemblance or connection he was then tasked with killing her. These two people are clearly magnets to each other, both connected by their intense feelings of guilt.
—  Pablo Schreiber

Hm, no title card or title or anything, just straight into this highly detailed animation and not-so-subtle Ruby and Sapphire foreshadowing. Judging by this, I’m also going to guess that at least here in the pilot Ruby has elemental fire powers and Sapphire has elemental water powers. Opposites attract and all that! I wonder if that carried over to actual run of the show or not? 

Garnet’s design is pretty similar to her current one, but I definitely prefer the canon look over this one. Mom2 ain’t nothing without that square hair! It is nice to see that Tenrag survived both iterations, at least.

Amethyst’s look didn’t change too much, either. I think I actually prefer this version, though - I like the sweater and fanny pack and white booties. 

This frame looks much more fantastical than what we ended up with, though, and I have plenty of questions, namely why - and how - is she lounging on top of a lion and a tiger, and why was this scrapped from the final work? What purpose would it have served, or was there ever any purpose for it or than stylistic choice (and to make her look fucking rad)?

I’m having trouble getting a good shot of Pearl in full, but I do like her outfit - I prefer it over the first outfit we get in show, but I think I like our current outfit in canon better than this one. That’s a big jumble of words, huh?

She looks so much more alien in this version, though, which is mostly attributed to her blue skin, I guess. It’s just jarring in comparison to the Pearl I’ve come to know, but even Amethyst and Garnet don’t look so strange.

Oh … wait. No. She’s missing her boopable snoot. No. This version is all wrong. 

And … Steven. I am not a fan of that voice (is that still Zach? Sounded like the rest of the normal cast, at least), and this Steven is just, unfortunately, not the cute little potato child I’ve come to know and love, but that’s mostly due to the difference in art style, I think.

“I know many people have their critics to Descendants of the Sun (it’s their right). But what I like more about this show is that my mom saw on Netflix and enjoyed, much like my friends are watching Train to Busan and liking the movie. This kind of dramas and movies get to the international public (it’s good for them and for us, now my friends/family don’t see me as the weird that watches Korean dramas and movies, they see as normal).”

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um... you know how there are space witches, sea witches, and forest witches?? how does a witch find their connection??

Well first off let’s start with a simple reminder - you do not need a title for your practice, EVEN the term witch can be interchangeable with something else that you feel suits you better. Titles for your craft are for your benefit only, so there’s no real pressure for you to pick one in terms of everyone else.

As for researching what title or connection is best for you, you can try a few different things.

Look at your astrological sun sign, or your entire birth chart - Whichever element you are aligned to with your sun sign or the average collection of Moon, Rising, Venus, etc. can point you in a direction of an elemental attraction. This is not required or set in stone as your elemental attraction, but you can see how it fits to you personally. You can always just choose an element that fits you better.


Water - Swamp, Sea, River, Bog, Storm

Earth - Forest, Mountain, Green, Cottage, Plant, Herb

Fire - Steel, Fire, Machinery, Techno, Candle

Air - Space, Wind, Storm

*These are just loose examples and can overlap

Location and Proximity - It’s very common and somewhat suggested that you build your craft around the elements or places you are near to. If you are near the coast you may benefit from being a Sea Witch. If you live in the city you may benefit from Urban or Tech Witchcraft. Look at where you are and how location can shape your craft and enhance it. 

Experiment - Research what types of witchcraft exist and what sort of practice they entail. I would suggest trying different types of magic at first and seeing what you are naturally better at, or more interested in. You might be really want to try space witchcraft for the aesthetic, but have it not do much for you in the end. You are allowed to incorporate different types of magic into your path as long as they are open to you, and you can shape it to look however you want.

Create Your Own - It’s 100% okay to create a path that is new and not talked about in the community or books. I created Torque Witchcraft - the practice of using engines for energy work. It’s really not talked about, but works for me and a few others here and there. You don’t need to conform to a specific type of witchcraft in order to be valid. Just be prepared that if you talk about it publicly it may not be taken seriously, but honestly you can’t prove anything magical beyond personal experience.

These are pretty simple ideas when it comes to finding connections, but perhaps it can get you started. If you would like a more detailed post I can do that, but would need specifics to work from. This link below does the job pretty well.

Types of Witchcraft Masterpost by @rainy-day-witchcraft


Always research specific traditions or practices you see floating around to make sure you aren’t being culturally appropriative, disrespectful or otherwise racially insensitive. Generally this won’t be a problem for elemental paths, but certain practices can be aligned to those and be taken out of context. 

Well, that was lovely.

I believe the last straight up shounen-ai anime I watched was Gravitation, years and years ago, and that led me to certain expectations re which narrative space the tall, steel-gray older man was going to inhabit, but I think what we can all respect about this show in the end was that while the, y’know, romantic attraction between human beings bit was important, it was nowhere near as important as the ICE SKATING

And in fact, every element of that attraction, problematic or divine - the hesitancy, the difficulties in communication, the rivalry, the jealousy, the misunderstandings, the power imbalance - they all existed as mechanisms by which to enhance the ICE SKATING, explicitly -

Which had the immense, salutary knock-on effect that nobody ended up wanting to control anybody else, or destroy anybody else, or keep anybody else entirely for themselves, on account of the deleterious effect such activity would most likely have on their ICE SKATING

Because while these men may have wanted on a very real level to fuck, marry or kill each other, these feelings were kept in healthy perspective - acknowledged as important, precious, maybe even timeless, but known to be useful primarily in the construction, maintenance and perfection of certain moments, moments written in archimedean parabolae along the four-dimensional coordinate space of art, desire, labor and time, in utter futile and disutile dedication to that endeavor which transcends human purpose and therefore embodies our utmost humanity -

i.e., ice skating.