Fuego Element Portable

When headed out to the lake for an afternoon of sand and sun, cold-cut sandwiches and chips isn’t going to cut it. This grill is highly recommended as you can cook enough burgers and hot dogs to feed an army on it’s spacious 159 square-inch grill space.  It’s so beautifully designed that you could start cooking in a museum and no one would even notice. You won’t find me on any summer outing without mine.

Character: Douglas Crawford
  • Alias:The Beast-Tamer
  • Gender:Male
  • Race:Human
  • Birthday:October 12th
  • Astrological Sign:Libra
  • Alignment:Lawful Good
  • Magical Elementals:None
  • Equipment:Portable PC Box System; UltraDex; Pokémon Team
  • Home-Realm:Pocket Realm
  • Faction/Team:The Warriors of Lore; The Shiny Army
  • Servant Class:Rider
  • Digital Attribute:Data
  • Favorite Color:Gray
  • Favorite Animal:Any Pokémon
  • Favorite Letter:P
  • Favorite Numeral:1
  • Favorite Word:Special
  • Finishing Move:Mega Rayquaza of Galileo: Dragon Ascent