Fuego Element Portable

When headed out to the lake for an afternoon of sand and sun, cold-cut sandwiches and chips isn’t going to cut it. This grill is highly recommended as you can cook enough burgers and hot dogs to feed an army on it’s spacious 159 square-inch grill space.  It’s so beautifully designed that you could start cooking in a museum and no one would even notice. You won’t find me on any summer outing without mine.

[Toàn Quốc] Ổ cứng di động WD WD ELEMENTS PORTABLE 500GB BLACK APAC, Giá: 1.350.000 ₫ - Giảm 15%

[Toàn Quốc] Ổ cứng di động WD WD ELEMENTS PORTABLE 500GB BLACK APAC, Giá: 1.350.000 ₫ – Giảm 15%


1.350.000 ₫
(Giá thị trường:
1.590.000 ₫
– Giảm

Địa điểm: Toàn Quốc


* Thiết kế nhỏ gọn 2.5″ với dung lượng cao,*Kết nối USB 3.0, tương thích với USB 2.0* Tương thích nhiều hệ điều hành * Xuất xứ: Thailand hoặc Malaysia* BH 3 năm 1 đổi 1

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After the first presentation, we received some constructive criticism mainly relating to health and safety concerns, making sure we had plenty of room for passengers and would not harm anyone with loose wires or overly bulky equipment. However it went well and any ideas the panel had were only helpful in aiding us to develop our work further whilst solving any problems we may have previously encountered. 

It became clear that after a meeting/tutorial with the creative multimedia student we would be able to resolve any tech issues that might cause us problems. After this meeting we decided that we had to regroup and work on preventing any hazards for the passengers. We decided we would have the projections of the time lapse videos placed behind a canopy alongside the opera singer, and the videos would be projected onto them. The tech team pointed out that there are no power outlets at the tram stop, so anything we needed power for would have to be battery powered and portable. We agreed as the portable element added more to the pop-up-pop-down vibe that we wanted our performance to have. 

After brainstorming and talking through how we could resolve these ideas, we therefore decided that we would use iPads to play the time lapse videos, and fashion a sandwich board type device to hold them in that our opera singer would wear around themselves and be able to move in. 

We came up with the sandwich board idea from some research that Ben did about opera singers, which informed him that the posture of opera singers is the most important thing for them and their vocal cords, along with being able to move their hands freely. We have therefore prioritised practicality over aesthetic. It must be light weight.

We also decided that it would be more convenient to scale down our original idea of a four metre tent and instead have the singer stood behind a tent-like structure initially designed for showering in (shown above). People will be able to look into the tent through piping cylinders, demonstrating a kaleidoscope/telescope effect. This will also make the performance a more intimate experience, as the onlooker will be alone in their particular experience, with only them looking through their own peep hole, they are left alone to have their own emotional response to the installation and singer. It will also hopefully encourage passers by to get involved, as curiosity will drive them to wonder what someone else is peeping at. The peep holes will be placed at different heights to accommodate children and adults, widening our audience.