element zer0


Borderlands/Battleborn AU - Zer0 is Jennerit.

I mean, it’s pretty damn close. This is all my personal interpretation and thoughts, not really meant to be serious.

  • Has three fingers
  • Acts as if they are immortal ( ”I am infinite”, “I don’t die so easily”, “I am eternal / Death will never capture me”, and the ‘Metaphorical’ second wind ) which could be from “Sustaintment”
  • Precise swordsmanship (could have been a servant turned Gladiator, or part of the guardsmen to Empress Lenore)
  • Has a strong sense of battle, and traditional battle values.
  • Is arrogant in their skills/themself, probably imprinted from the Jennerit being a very strong race and militant power, always being on top.

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