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Finished those profiles you may have seen a while back! I feel like I should say more about the characters but boy howdy I know I’d go overboard for all five, so we’ll save that for later. But basically they’re all either secret agents, ex-secret agents, and crime mimes. Helllllll yeahhhh.

ponyduelist003  asked:

So, Rata, out of the 5 Protagonist boss monsters (Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, Stardust Dragon, Number 39: Utopia, and Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon), how would you rank them. Feel free to count in upgraded/varying forms of the original.

I won’t bother counting in playability since there’s so much support to account for so here’s ranking by visual design and coolness factor

Dark Magician > Utopia > Neos > Stardust Dragon > Odd-Eyes

Elsword in tarot cards

0 - The Fool: Wind Sneaker

I - The Magician: Elemental Master

II - The High Priestess: Grand Archer

III - The Empress: Code Empress

IV - The Emperor: Mastermind 

V - The Hierophant: Sakra Devanam

VI - The Lovers: Blade Master, Night Watcher

VII - Chariot: Veteran Commander

VIII - Strength: Lord Knight, Iron Paladin, Reckless Fist

IX - The Hermit: Yama Raja

X - Wheel of Fortune: Tactical Trooper

XI - Justice: Grand Master, Deadly Chaser

XII - Hanged Man: Asura

XIII - Death: Void Princess, Infinity Sword, Code Nemesis

XIV - Temperance: Rune Slayer

XV - The Devil: Noblesse/Royal Guard

XVI - The Tower: Chiliarch/Dread Lord

XVII - The Star: Code Battle Seraph 

XVIII - The Moon: Dimension Witch, Lunatic Psyker

XIX - The Sun: Blazing Heart

XX - Judgement: Crimson Avenger

XXI - The World: Diabolic Esper

I like to imagine that some of the different countries in the Fairy Tail world use slightly different variations of magic than what we’ve seen in Fiore so far. Like there are, I believe, about 14 countries that make up Ishgar and I think it’s so boring to assume they all operate the same way as Fiore? Like I like to imagine in Caelum there’s actual witches - who are completely different to the Mages in Fiore, you know? So they’re traditional witches who ride broomsticks and use wands who derive their magic from old spells passed down between diffeerent clans and each clan has a slight variation on different spells that makes the outcome differ for each witch. And maybe over in Seven instead of mages or witches, they have Alchemists and their society is built fundamentally on the principle of equivalent exchange. Or in Minstrel they’re all Elemental magicians who get their power from making deals with the “master/god” of the land? Or maybe in Bosco magic is such a rarity it’s practiced by only a few and they’re revered and it creates a power struggle between those who can use magic and those who can’t? And anyway I’m just rly fascinated with the different possible types of magic and I’d love to see that explored more in Fairy Tail because ugh it’s just so boring to imagine a world where magic is all the same and everyone has the same rules and every country does it the same and ugh!!!!!!!!!! give me magic diversity mashima plz