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ok but i just watched the painted lady episode and. well ive seen a lot of firebender or avatar keith, so what about avatar keith hiding out in the fire nation and laying low but still trying to help people under different disguises?? especially when allura teaches him how to heal, and tells him about how spirit water can even help with things like Shiro’s scar. i dunno i have a bunch of other thoughts on this au so maybe ill expand on it more 

Has anybody else thought that Avatar: The Last Airbender’s universe could potentially make a successful Cirque Du Solei performance? It would surely resemble Ka in many ways, but just imagine:

Thousands if people playing with millions of colourful pieces of fabric meant to represent all of the four elements.

Earth benders rising in platforms up and down. (which is possible, since this has been done before in performances such as Ka)

Actual fire rising from the bottom of the stage every now and then for Fire benders.

Air benders being lift up by harnesses.


Beautiful Chinese inspired backgrounds. Just imagine the design of the stage and the lights it would use for every element.



BLOODBENDING: People being lift up by harnesses as they act in despair. Eventually you’d just see a hanging body being lift up to the top of the stage.

I just have so many ideas. It has too much potential for it to go to waste.

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I love your metas and answers about Atla and I've been wondering if you've seen this: xenavitani tumblr com post 143606712661 focusas-amporas-ok-so-i-screenshotted-this

Ok, so the link makes a very important point. The ending scene in The Chase was definitely foreshadowing the entire group joining together. All 4 elements, plus non-benders. And who does Azula counter first? Sokka’s boomerang. Perhaps this was a sign of who she sees as the most threatening. Sokka, being the brains. Aang, the Avatar. Katara, who she saw as a strong waterbender when she faced Ty Lee and Mai. Toph she has no idea about since she wasn’t in Return to Omashu. And then her “worthless” brother last.

Azula is incredibly smart, and she could tell that Sokka is the brains of the group. Although Sokka’s attack appeared to be the weakest, she views him as the biggest threat. During the invasion, she used his weakness: Suki. She knew that without him thinking clearly, the group is much weaker. Sokka is always underestimated as a non-bender, but Azula knew he was her intellectual equal and she feared him.

GOT7 as element benders
  • Jaebum: Fire nation prince. Will become ruler of the fire nation some day. Once accidentally burned himself while bending.
  • Mark: Uses his air bending to find the most creative places to hide so he can be alone. Is often found sleeping in the weirdest places.
  • Jackson: Constantly tries to break his record of biggest boulder he moved. Likes to take mud baths for his skin.
  • Jinyoung: Had full control over his water bending at age 3. Makes fake pee stains on the other students' pants when the instructor isn't looking.
  • Youngjae: Uses his earth bending to make random flowers grow rather than throw around big rocks. Laughs so hard sometimes that he accidentally makes the ground shake.
  • Bambam: Constantly sets things on fire. Also has the ability to bend electricity. Will prank people by giving them shocks when they shake his hand.
  • Yugyeom: Makes Jinyoung trip a lot using his air bending. Actually barely touches the ground when he dances.
The signs as benders

Fire Benders


- First fire bending sign. Your bending is dynamic but can be temperamental. Your are pure, active, interested in everything and adventurous, like a small fire that has just began to ignite and is surrounded by kindling. This is where your childlike qualities and enthusiasm originate making you a playful but temperamental fire bender. 


- Middle fire bending sign. Like the sun, your bending is stable, radiant and helps to keep things under control. Your bending is steady, dependable, grand and makes its presence known. Your bending can do good but be careful not to turn a small flame into a raging fireball. 


-  Final fire bending sign. A Sagittarius leans towards the Philosophical, bottom part of their flame that is mystical and out of reach. You are idealistic, creative and the most gentle fire bender. Your fire bending is very dynamic and you will be the first to discover new things with it.

Water Benders


- First water bending sign. Your bending represents water in its most basic form. You are genuine, concerned with others, nurturing and the most helpful water bender. When unleashed however, like a river spilling over its banks your bending can be aggressive when the need to defend yourself or someone you love arises. 


- Middle water bending sign. Your bending has a lot of potential. if not properly controlled it can continuously wreak havoc on everything in its path. You are full of energy, intensity and are similar to a raging river. You need control, your bending needs a lot of self control, all of your energy has to be harnessed to be effective (like putting a hydroelectric dam on a raging river). If controlled your bending could be used to provide power to cities or protect farmers from floods.


- The final water bending sign. Your bending resembles a small creek, overly flexible and to adaptable. Your bending is very charming, inspirational and mystical like beautiful creeks you see in paintings. You are a calm bender often creating small creeks for calming noises to put you to sleep and mystify you. You are the most spiritual of all the benders.

Earth Benders


- The first earth bending sign. Your bending is the most stable and the strongest but you also have a very stubborn nature and your unwillingness to change can hinder your learning. You want harmony and happiness, and you often use earth bending to create it in your surroundings. You create a solid foundation and help others with their own. Your bending is dependable, nurturing and wise.


- The middle earth bending sign. Your bending is represented by the middle of the earth. Stuck in the middle and indecisive. You live in your own world on a earthly-mental plane. You observe and think with quick analytical precision making your bending flexible, helpful and stable. Your bending is the least physical.


- The lower earth bending sign. Your bending is the earth in its most basic and pure form. You have many sides and take interest in everything from materialistic possessions to solid to being a powerful status symbol. You are mysterious and deep. You can become depressed easily, bending yourself a little room to hide in, whenever your concentration in not on the more serious aspects of life. Go for a hike to release your stress and anxiety, you clear your head better while mountain climbing, so create your own mountains and get climbing!

Air Benders


- The first air bending sign. Your bending is the most flightly, like the wind that forms a dust devil, picking up debris, swirling with it and then letting it go, off to explore another region. When you are forced to slow down, it is not for long and you do not know what to do, marked by your indecisiveness. You often use your bending for communication you want to know everyone and everything, like a wind that blows forever, so do you.


- The second air bending sign. Your bending is most like the air of your breath. Bringing harmony, life and balance to the world. You want your bending to be peaceful and want to use it to help the lives of everyone you touch, just like air. You want to form relationships of balance, I give you air, you give me life. This is why relationships are so important to you,


- The last and highest air element. Your bending is a powerful force which can make the world go round. It has the power to change areas, and it does. You are the sign of change and originality. You seek understanding and are not afraid to use your bending to knock down any barriers which may be in your way. If not kept under control your bending can become unpredictable and erratic. You are the most advanced thinker of the benders and are concerned with advancing civilization and the future of man kind with the power of air bending.

House Roles Elements and/or ATLA Benders

Griffyndor: Fire, due to its reckless nature and difficulty to put down once given the chance to be free, ex: wildfires.

Slytherin: Water, due to its adatable nature and ability to take many forms to fit it’s purpose, ex: ice, gas, fresh, salt.

Ravenclaw: Wind, due to its unlimited and expressive form ex: blowing fiercely during an upcoming storm.

Hufflepuff: Earth, due to its grounded and tolerable nature and ability to always find a way to balance itself out ex: dessert sand, farm soul.

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In your Cardverse does the elemental magic work like benders in Avatar?

in a way yes in another way no

some are just abilities they have in general not just manipulating things around them, like smelling the soil for minerals and so on