Sun & Moon Combinations by Element

Fire Sun, Fire Moon: The Star

Individuals with this combination are enthusiastic, passionate, and active. They know what they want, and how to get it, and don’t hesitate in doing so. They can be rather egocentric and arrogant at times, but also have a genuine concern for their family, friends, and other loved ones, and have a knack for taking care of and protecting them.

Fire Sun, Earth Moon: The Meteorite

Charming and tactful, these individuals have the ambition and drive to attain anything they desire. They’re often torn between following impulses and thinking things through, and often succumb to the former. These individuals are strong and tough, though it may not always be apparent at first. They’re also very genuine and nurturing to those they care about.

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Fairy Monkey Name Poll

It’s time to vote!  As usual, everybody gets ONE VOTE.  For this poll, I’m listing the suffix first so you can skim through them all more easily, but I also include how it looks with the Pan- and Simi- prefixes in front, in case you are a visual person.  A few people suggested “Panpixie and Simipixie”, but we are sticking to the single-syllable rule.  You still have lots of great options though!

  1. -nymph: Panymph/Pannymph and Siminymph
  2. -fay/fae/fey: Panfay and Simifay
  3. -pix: Panpix and Simipix
  4. -sprite: Pansprite and Simisprite
  5. -glam: Panglam and Simiglam
  6. -love: Panlove and Similove
  7. -pink: Panpink and Simipink
  8. -soul: Pansoul and Simisoul
  9. -heart: Panheart and Simiheart
  10. -sylph: Pansylph and Simisylph
  11. -sweet: Pansweet and Simisweet
  12. -belle: Panbelle and Simibelle
  13. -mage: Panmage and Simimage
  14. -xie: Panxie and Simixie
  15. -faer/fair: Panfaer and Simifaer
  16. -charm: Pancharm and Simicharm
  17. -prim: Panprim and Simiprim
  18. -sidhe: Pansidhe and Simisidhe
  19. -silk: Pansilk and Simisilk
  20. -shine: Panshine and Simishine

What do you think sounds best?

Elementary – The Third Season DVD (Aug 25, 2015)

Perfect crimes meet the perfect match. In the City That Never Sleeps, one mind never rests. The eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) possesses an unquenchable thirst for intellectual puzzles and a ruthless instinct for justice. As a consulting detective to the NYPD, he takes on bizarre cases that baffle the most seasoned cops. But he can’t do it alone. Holmes relies on Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), a former physician who’s the one person who can keep up with his racing mind.

Their partnership may be challenging, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as the impossible mysteries that lead them on breathtaking chases through New York City’s maddening maze. Join the hunt in the 24 episodes of the third season, collected in this six-disc set.

Special Features:  Watson Style, Hello Kitty, Partners in Crime, Elements of Deduction, Bell on the Scene, Deleted Scene, Gag Reel

Drew this for one of the kids at work today uwu cuz she loves Soul Eater :D! ~*°^`·°``·* And she has been drawing me pics all year long. Thanks hun~*°^`·°``·*



In Holy-Cow-I-Need-That-Right-Now news of the day: I Am Elemental is a new action figure company featuring super-powered girls who possess the powers of Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence, and Fear.

“IAmElemental started with two friends – and moms – who were frustrated by what they saw and, more importantly, didn’t see in the toy market. Lots of dreaming, planning, brainstorming and one big courageous leap later, IAmElemental was born. The IAmElemental Team mission is to create toys for play experiences that allow girls (and boys) to envision themselves as strong, powerful and connected beings at the center of a story of their own making. We believe that when we tap into the power that exists inside us all, the extraordinary is always possible. As a result, IAmElemental Action Figures were designed to accomplish three goals. First, they are intended to be a positive and fierce re-interpretation of the traditional female action figure. Second, IAmElemental action figures encourage girls (and boys) to reinvent the Superhero myth by creating their own empowering stories. Third, the IAmElemental Team created a toy that is super fun to play with and collect. We knew from the outset that if the figures weren’t well designed, nothing else would matter.”

You can learn more about the four inch figures and the corresponding books, posters, and accessories on the I Am Elemental website. This first collection was funded through Kickstarter and I hope to see more from them in the future (including more diverse body shapes and more books).


Fighting Poverty With Soft Skills

Soft skills, sometimes described as socio-emotional skills, can influence the most important interactions between students and others. Teachers, coaches, and internship employers make many of their decisions – like how much time to invest and who to vouch for – based on how well these socio-emotional skills are wielded. And these skills can’t necessarily be learned just because someone is otherwise “smart.”

The socio-emotional skills researchers found most valuable include those that assist in achieving lifetime goals, cooperating with others, and emotional management. Arguably some of these skills can be developed inside the classroom as well as outside, through activities like group work and presentations, and would ideally be learned before adulthood. Unfortunately those classroom activities aren’t staple assignments for all students….

Think journalism like this is hard to find? Well, supporting it starts with seeing the whole story.