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This week we found out that Samsung shipped 11 million more smartphones than Apple in the past three months, that a daily dose of aspirin can prevent bowel cancer and that Europe is asking China for money. On the fashion front, things got a teensy bit spookier…

Michael Bastian Gave Us A Precious Insight Into The World Of Award Ceremonies

If you never happen to be awarded a Council of Fashion Designers of America Award, Michael Bastian thought you’d be happy to know it’s not all that glamorous after all: “The whole process is such a weird situation because you go up there, they hand you something, you do your speech, you walk through that gauntlet of press interviews and then this very sweet girl from the CFDA is like, ‘Thank you!’ and takes it back.” Apparently, his arrived two months later in the mail.

Christopher Kane Summoned The Higher Powers

In an interview he gave to Grazia’s Paula Reed, Christopher Kane gave his two cents regarding the scheduling conflict between next spring’s London and Milan fashion weeks: “It’s right that there’s a lot of pressure [to get the dates sorted], it has to be worked out. There’s too much talent in London that people need to know about. There are higher powers that will — that have to sort it out, because people love to come to London, there’s such great talent, not just talent but there’s ascending talent … it’s different here, it’s just so unique.”

People Kept Bumping Into People At Birmingham’s Hollister Branch

According to The Telegraph, Abercrombie & Fitch’s poor sibling hasn’t taken good care of lighting at its store in Birmingham’s Bullring. “It gives a type of casino-feel, where people can get lost in a club-like environment. People relax, and hopefully spend more,“ explained one of the shop assistants. Sadly, Nick Bull, 30, has a different opinion: "I can’t see the sizes, I can’t see the prices, I can’t see the till - I can’t see the point.”

NE-TIGER Made The Obvious Connection

For their show on the first day of Beijing Fashion Week, the label set up a three-level set separated into cases where models posed in the collection’s 38 looks before walking the runway. Did you manage to make the connection yet? 

Raf Simons Got Tired Of Mixing and Matching

As he told WWD, combining different designers and prices in one outfit was really new “about a decade ago.“ "For me, somebody who would dedicate themselves to one brand, like Audrey Hepburn did with Givenchy, would look very controversial again. I am thinking it over now.” Kool.

André Leon Talley Became A Character In a Children’s Book

Some woman named Kelly Florio Kasouf, daughter of former Condé Nast CEO Steve Florio, just published a book titled The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City: All in a Day’s Work. The storyline follows a little girl sneaking into a publishing house to visit her dad, while characters include a man wearing a Louis Vuitton cloak (ring any bells?) and Isaac Mizrahi in Swarovski crystal wings. The book is on sale at Barneys.

Giorgio Armani Would Like Ethan Hawke To Play Him In The Movie of His Life

At least, that’s what Derek Blasberg tells us in his interview with the designer for the latest Harper’s Bazaar. Slap on a little bronzer, and guess whose Halloween just got interesting.