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Your old art is great. You should show us more. Old art is like some old historic piece. It is what got you here, to be this good at art.

Thank you!! :D I love what you’ve said here :)

Going through old art can give you mixed feelings. Sometimes you find something that looks really

And then sometimes you come across something that is absolutely

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You are a lovely person and I hope you have a lovely day <3

Thank you so much!!! ;_; This truly makes my day, I hope you have a great day too! :D

What? I made an insomnia doodle? You just know that elek has infected me when I have trouble sleeping for the first time in months, maybe almost a year. As for the dragon, she will appear in my story series in part 3. To avoid spoilers, for now I will call her the Eighth Racamian. (You’re not supposed to know what that means) And that thing over her torso is supposed to be some sort of leather clothing sort of thing, and it’s there for a story-related reason. I know it was done poorly, but it was 4 am…