Totally lovin’ this.

Since I haven’t really been in the mood for drawing the past couple days, here’s some old art of a random wood dragon that I did almost a whole year ago back in September 2014.

Took about 10 hours to draw this all on a single layer, except for the color of the eyes. It was suppose to be a full colored picture with this forest dragon laying down nearby a stream, but I lost the motivation to finish it after my art teacher didn’t like it because it was done digitally.

What? I made an insomnia doodle? You just know that elek has infected me when I have trouble sleeping for the first time in months, maybe almost a year. As for the dragon, she will appear in my story series in part 3. To avoid spoilers, for now I will call her the Eighth Racamian. (You’re not supposed to know what that means) And that thing over her torso is supposed to be some sort of leather clothing sort of thing, and it’s there for a story-related reason. I know it was done poorly, but it was 4 am…


So for the past 2 days I’ve been cleaning and moving tons of stuff out of my room and in all of the trash that I hoard, I find this…

No joke, I must have made this when I was around 4-6 years old. It turns out that it’s basically a lizard made out of old computer parts. It’s body is made out of a circuit board and its legs are made out of keyboard keys (although it is missing one). I can barely remember even making this, but honestly, I’m definitely keeping this piece of trash :)

This kinda scares me, because now a whole…like…12-13 years later, guess who has a computer lizard as a mascot (._.)