Amikor 13-14 éves gyerekek 11-ig kint lehetnek a városba, de te 17 vagy és anyád csak fél 9-ig enged el :))))


As the Reddo violence wares on, raw images of brutality that once provided a visceral shock begin to feel like inevitabilities. The concussive bloodbath that is Redman’s never ending rampage of terror gradually turns from a new threshold for horrific kaiju murder to a commonplace gladiatorial curiosity. What does this say about our desire, as a fandom - as a society - to seek a new extreme, only for extremity to become the norm? What does it say about our capacity to look at a kaiju being beaten and stabbed relentlessly and think nothing more than that Redman is doing what Redman always does? As we continue to watch, hypnotized, unable to divert our eyes from the carnage, are we losing something of ourselves? Is Redman killing not just the kaiju, but our ability to feel for them as well?

Amigos en común, otros conocidos, la música sonaba alto y las risillas se mezclaban con el eco de ésta en la fiesta. Y ahí se mordía el labio inferior, frustrado por la escena que apreciaba: un tonto juego les orilló a perder un poco de los votos que habían hecho, emergiendo nuevamente los celos. ¿Es que no podían estar un rato tranquilos, sin alguien inmiscuyéndose entre ellos? Los amigos y conocidos cuchicheaban y silbaban ante Ditrik besando a otro, como forma de castigo en el juego.

No le gustaba para nada lo que veía. Bien pudo rechazarlo, simplemente, que seguir el juego. Maldito juego. Desvió el rostro, sin percatarse que uno de los presentes, un simple conocido, amigo de un amigo, le miraba fijamente. Ahora le tocaba a él, justo cuando terminaran ese beso.

El sabor amargo en la boca le hizo experimentar acidez en la boca del estómago. Ditrik hablaba de que no quería que nadie le tocase, sí, pero nunca echaba hacia atrás a todo aquel que se le acercaba a él, como si él mismo fuese la posesión.

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I found something from the ULTRAMAN x GALAXXXY collection, locally! I keep checking the US GALAXXXY site with no luck, and just happened to find something by accident while messin around in little Tokyo today!
They had sold out of the jackets I wanted but at least I nabbed this!

Post-Utopia: Peppermint Winter - Not so fast, Elek by SatraThai

OMG, what’s it, Satra drew something for her universe? WOW!
Is that a spoiler? Is that a flashback?
Maybe just some fanservice? x’D Last poll shown it has 21 fans! x’D

Aside jokes - it’s as much experimental and sketchy as PMW itself =’D But I really love this pic =’D
Back to jokes - poor Elek, he must be really tired of phrases about speed.

And look how short his hair are!! And there’s guys with even shorter hair =’D I gonna hate myself for such designs, really xD