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I got talking with one of the directors here at Elegantly Scant over a cup of tea and found out that she had no idea who Tahnee Atkinson was when she first casted her for the Putting On The Ritz collection.

I was so surprised because it was just after Ms Atkinson won Australia’s Top Model. Soon after I remember reading the reports of the judges, fashion industry professionals and other contestants criticizing her weight. I asked the director if this was a reason why she picked her, she replied with “Tahnee just looked healthy to me, someone that could definitely bring the whole collection together and give it some va va voom!”.

That’s definitely what I was thinking and we found a lot of our customers love seeing pictures of her! She’s absolutely stunning.

When designing new collections she does spring to mind for a model, and we don’t usually do repeats!



Isabel Lucas and Adrian Grenier dropped in on our Paddington Boutique this sunny Saturday shopping up a storm!
Isabel is a loyal customer of the Elegantly Scant lingerie, buying hand crafted items back when we had a stall at Paddington Markets!

Grenier took a phone photo of our Halloween window display to send to his mother saying “a taste of Sydney”

What a great way to finish off the week!

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We’ve remade the Doris set which is in both our stores now!

Little fact, the lace on the front of the cups are from 1950 we found them in between some old magazines at a vintage sale in the country.

They’re so delicate and beautiful, a fantastic 100% cotton set that would brighten your lingerie draw!!


One last Dita tease….the burlesque beauty gushed over our handmade silk kimonos so we had to give her one for being such an adoring fan!

We were so flattered by her lovely letter personally written to us that we really wanted to give her something beautiful! Even though she had filled her shopping bags with many gorgeous items, nothing beats the luxurious feeling you get from a handmade silk kimono!

The beautiful Dita Von Teese fell in love with Elegantly Scant on her latest Australian Cointreau Tour where she filled her lingerie draw with over $1800 worth of Elegantly Scant pieces.

To show her appreciation Ms Teese wrote us a lovely little note on her personalised gold embossed stationary and sealed it with a kiss!

After hearing the pin up vixen say “Elegantly Scant is just too cute not to wear!” We had her gorgeous note framed along with the signed Temptress knickers she kindly sent us!

Being a huge lingerie fan Dita has since asked to be updated with any new collections and hand made items that we have in store!


Designers Antonina & Kee Kee were lucky enough to catch up with The Hills celebrity Whitney Port yesterday at The Gazebo in Kings Cross.

Ms Port is visiting Australia for the Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Week showcasing her new line and checking out a few local labels too.

Gushing over her new lingerie sets Whitney commented on the high quality of lace and trims used. Being no stranger to Elegantly Scant Whitney was excited to have new items to add to her lingerie draw.