Typography Project – LG Smart Watch Urbane 2015:
This lettering artwork was designed by Sylvain Botter for a contest organized by LG International brand for the launch of their new Smart Watch called “Urbane”. The designed used neons to give a urban stylistic atmosphere while keeping an elegant look. The lettering was first entirely drawn by hand with a pencil before being digitalized.

Her cherry lips slipped up into a smile, her eyes brightening and cheeks flushing as if a pastel pink crayon was colouring her in. Her blue eyes had a sparkle that lightened her whole face, and she had prominent cheekbones that made her face a wonder. She wore a dress that fell gracefully down her body, coloured blue and decorated with flowers. Her hair was tied up in a magical way, with brown curly locks tumbling down in such a way that she looked like she was meant to be in a painting. Her blue ballet shoes finished her look of elegance: she had to look her very best. Her hair bounced slightly as she walked along so gracefully, her warm smile getting bigger. She lifted her arm gently, so slowly, the movement so perfect. She pulled the trigger and her final victim fell dead, blood seeping through their clothing. (After all, she hated Meninists)