Reylo Attending the A.I. Gala

In honor of Oscar night, have a little fancy dressed-up Reylo!

Kylo Ren is dressed sharply in a tailored Burberry navy blue suit; a textured wool jacket with elegant black satin lapels, simple white shirt, black bow tie and black lace shoes completing his look.

Rey is wearing a stunning Zuhair Murad burgundy chiffon gown with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit; a Salvatore Ferragamo gold clutch and Christian Louboutin heels complete her outfit.

Thank you so much to the talented @auroralynne for doing this commissioned work for me. It’s so beautiful!!! :D 

This is taken from a scene that occurs in Chapter 9 of The Escort. If you wish to read this modern AU Reylo fic you can do so on AO3 or FF.net 

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Staple closet pieces? Including shoes and jewelry 😊

Alright this is going to be a long post…

My personal style can be described as classy and elegant with a twist of edgyness. Think elegant Kendall Jenner x Bella Hadid x Ulyana Sergeenko candid & formal photos.

Although it happens that I put less effort into dressing for university and other unimportant stuff like just running errands or do some small shopping in town because frankly, I don’t care and do not have to impress anyone with my 900€ shoes and 3,500€ coat. I live in a small town, so this just adds to me feeling indifferent. It doesn’t happen often, but still.. it does happen. However, when I am in a big, fancy town, I of course dress to impress and like I’m about to see my worst enemy. I think that this should go without saying haha!

Aside from that my style is as I have described above.

I used to buy stuff from H&M and Zara a lot and mix it with high-end designers, but now it all shifted to just high-end designers. It’s just personal preference. I am fed up with the poor quality and designer knock-offs. I very much cherish the improved quality that I have with designer pieces. Although the quality from oh so many pieces is pretty ridiculous too, to be honest! Do not think that designers necessarily offer the very best quality for their price. Most of the time the prices they charge can’t possibly ever be justified with the quality of their merchandise. It’s just the name you are paying for, really. This is why my #1 mission is always to look for the best quality in anything. I can see a Valentino dress that is so god damn gorgeous and not like the fabric. Or the beads and embellishments seem to be very cheap. I will not buy it, although I regret it because it’s stunning but whatev.

Understand that I am on a monthly budget just as everyone else is. Yes, I might have a whole wardrobe bursting with luxury and designer names, but I have amassed this all over years, with roughly 80% of my own money and 20% of SD money. I am a very practical person and buy clothing, shoes and jewellry that I am able to wear every day and for any occasion. There are some occasional SPECIAL purchases too, of course. But only when I see something seriously special. I had a phase in which I bought at least 20 pairs or so of Louboutins.. and how many have I actually worn out? Maybe…6? This, too, taught me to be practical.

As for jewellry, I generally don’t wear jewellry except for my gorgeous silver ring that looks like a flower made of tiny diamonds, with a beautiful big black pearl in the center of it. It is very special to me. As for earrings, I alternate between beautiful pearl studs when I want to look all preppy, classy and elegant (I think that they also make me look younger, funnily enough) and diamond studs and chandeliers sometimes for daytime and evening as well. I don’t care. I wear stuff that is supposed to be worn in the evenings in the day, too. It adds to the ‘uniqueness’ of my style which sets me apart from others. 

Please mind that I am not going to drop designer names (xcept for four) because well, I don’t want to seem like an arrogant, overly spoiled brat who just wants to show off. No! I am happy to provide you with pictures or whatever in private, if a certain piece has piqued your interest or if you want to know which pieces I exactly have, so just gimme a shout.

So, my general staple pieces for the day would be:

* A few pairs of skinny jeans - lighter denim colour without wash, one distressed black one (I like the slits at the knee), a normal black one, a mid-dark denim with a subtle wash. I only wear skinny jeans at this point in my life, with a seldom exception. Full length and I very much like ankle length or a little over the ankle in summer. Skinny jeans accentuate my lean and long legs - and I like to shift focus on my legs. 

* Skinny black leather pants. Normal ones, not like the Givenchy & Saint Laurent zipper thing.

* This seldom exception would be one pair of black high-waisted, perfectly tailored trousers that are overall just a little bit wider. 

* Two pairs of black cigarette trousers like Audrey Hepburn used to wear.

* As for t-shirts and tank tops, I like basic black and white ones. Round-neck, V-neck, doesn’t matter. I do not like any kind of prints unless it’s an okay print. Well I guess I am guilty of owning the black & white Balmain tank tops with the three golden buttons on the left shoulder haha but these are the only printed shirts in my wardrobe because they do add a little bit of sophisticated edge to my day looks.

* Elegant silk blouses are also a must in my wardrobe. Here, I like playful pussy bow blouses and a bit more ‘daring’, statement blouses. Although I do not like statement or ‘IT’ pieces in general and usually stay far away from them. I like to wear these blouses with my black high-waisted trousers.

* I am a sucker for coats. I own a lot of coats. Fur and normal ones. I adore a good camel coat and am also a sucker for military-inspired coats. The colours of my choice, for normal coats, would be camel, black and navy at this time. Other colours for fur coats.

* I fucking love capes and have quite a few. Black ones, mid-length to the middle of the thigh I’d say.

* Jumpers / Longsleeves / etc. Here, I am always looking for good quality cashmere, and wool. Mainly wearing them in autumn and winter. I like turtleneck pieces a lot.

* Warm Scarves - all my scarves are of a cashmere/silk mix. I also wear them when it’s cold or just throw them over my shoulders on a chilly summer night when I’m out at a dinner party or so. 

* Fancy Scarves - silk. I sometimes wear them under/over a blazer, with a normal button down shirt and a high-waisted skirt. 

* Skirts - one high-waisted black leather mini skirt, a black high-waisted heavy wool skirt / knee length

* Shorts - different pairs of mini denim shorts, beautiful lace mini shorts, black leather mini shorts

* Blazers - oh boy. I love blazers. I have so many. Again, black and navy coloured blazers. I have this beautiful slim, perfectly tailored black blazer that is a bit longer than a usual blazer - just beautiful. one of my fav pieces.

* Jackets - love. black leather jackets for the edge, but elegant leather jackets. I also dig black leather jackets with a beautiful embroidery on the back side. and uhm *coughs* of course the classic - the Chanel jacket. normal black and beige. is an absolute must have. and so versatile! I have the cropped versions as they fit my body far better than the regular length ones.

* Dresses - oh uh. I collect dresses. For any occasion. However I prefer short dresses, above knee length and mini dresses. Do have a couple of mid-calf length dresses, though. Here I say that the fancier the dress, the better. But it still has to look absolutely beautiful and not dramatic. Although I would have loved to have that black/red and red Proenza Schouler ostrich feather dresses just because they look so badass.. but where the hell would I have worn it to.. that’s the other question haha! I love brocade, I love silk, I love lace, I love velvet dresses. My dress colours are usually black and red but I also do have some white, silver, blue dresses. As for the regular shopping day in town, I just wear a long black dress with gladiator flats and that’s it. Dun care. Bye, Felicias. 

* Shoes - sexy black high pumps, the famous espadrilles (I like wearing them in summer with my ankle-length skinnys), the famous Balenciaga boots with the cutouts at the sides and the two buckles with silver hardware, not gold (literally every Russian jetset baby has these boots omg haha), velveteen ballet flats, silken/satin ballet flats, gladiator sandals (which are bound up to the knee), sexy suede overknee boots - I like my overknee boots to be of mid-thigh length, sneakers (have so many omg..leather and suede (apart from the one pair of Nike sneakers I like to wear on long haul flights. various models, various colours), various black combat boots that look more delicate than ugly and harsh, lace-up high heels, platform pumps, I LOVE high heels! gosh… it’s hard to describe without naming the designers and the particular models because it all sounds so vague and ugly haha! I like classy shoes as much as I like very special models like embellished shoes or just some fancy colours, etc.

* Silk Pajamas - I have a pair of baby pink ones and a pair of baby blue ones.

* Lingerie - am a lingerie addict, but which girl isn’t?

* Silk Robes - long dressing robes, short morning robes, everything. Black, white, red, and the pastel colours from above (babypink, babyblue)

* Invest in good stockings! Quite a few pairs of normal black ones. And black ones with the sexy seam at the backside for more..well, special evenings and occasions ;)

* Hats - Maison Michel; different colours, made of felt 

These are pretty much my staples. I am so sure that I have forgotten many many other things, but this should suffice. I have written a post on my personal fragrance choices which you might want to check out if you are interested in this as well!

Any more questions, just ask!

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maia the EPAULETS

LISTEN I KNOW I’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH THIS JACKET SINCE 1x13 EVERY TIME IT SHOWS UP AGAIN I GET FUCKED UP i love the chains, the safety pins, wardrobe did such an amazing job adding the details to this jacket

magnus’ elegant punk aesthetic is what i live for honestly i can’t wait to see his new jackets in 2b. there was also a bts photo of harry wearing this jacket again late in the season (2x17 maybe?) so we might see a reprisal !!

Recovery- Tony Day

Tony Day has arrived! It is kind of tricky to think of what everyone might suggest for their activities, but I think this would suit Tony.



When Tony suggested the idea of each having a day dedicated to doing whatever you wanted, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect when it came to his day.

You were happy to discover that he had planned a big function, a ball, that would raise funds to begin repairing the damage to New York.

You thought this idea was very sweet, but you were also a little nervous. You hadn’t been to anything close to a ball in a very long time, and you weren’t sure if they were even the same anymore.

You also knew that the Avengers, yourself included, would be paraded around in order to convince people to attend and donate money. Tony knew what he was doing, of that you had no doubt, but you doubted your own ability to help.

When Tony Day, as he had so humbly dubbed it, arrived, you were more nervous than you thought you would be.
You stood in front of the mirror, looking at yourself wearing the dress that Tony had bought for you. It was lilac in colour, and it reached the floor, with long sleeves and a modest neckline. You wore a simple silver bracelet around your left wrist and your engagement and wedding rings, and flat shoes.

You and Steve were planning on heading to the function venue together, so even though you were as ready as you were ever going to be, you decided to read for a little bit and calm your nerves while you waited for him.

You had just lost yourself in an especially interesting piece of exposition when you heard Steve’s knock at the door.

Steve was dressed in an elegant suit, black jacket and pants, with a white button up shirt and black tie. You noticed him shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other, and looked at his shoes.

“They’re brand new, and must have been made by someone with no nerve endings in his feet,” Steve exclaimed, following your line of vision.

You laughed despite yourself, and asked if he had another pair of shoes in his room.

“Tony wants me to wear these. We all promised to be totally supportive of each other, so I guess I have no choice…”

“Maybe you can get him back on your day,” you said, a mischievous glint in your eye.

“Maybe. Are you ready to go?”

“I- I think so,” you replied, nerves returning to you.

“You’ll be OK (Y/N). I’ll stay with you all night, and if you need to leave, I’ll explain to Tony.”

You nodded to him, and retrieved your bag, closing the door behind you.

“You look beautiful by the way,” Steve said, looking at your new dress.

“Thanks. You look quite dashing yourself!”

An hour later, and you were at the ball. The venue was beautifully decorated, and everything about the party was extravagant. The music was very enjoyable, the food was rich, and the alcohol plentiful (though, since you hated alcohol, you didn’t really care much about that).

All of your new companions were already there when you arrived. Nat, Clint and Thor were doing a good job of talking to the attendees, keeping them interested and hopefully encouraging their generosity. Bruce was awkwardly standing near the bar, but even he managed to maintain a conversation here and there.

Tony matriculated perfectly, demonstrating great skill at hosting an event like this. He seemed totally in his element, and you noticed some of the strain, stress, and guilt that he had been feeling had ebbed away.

When he saw you and Steve arrive, and sit at a table toward the edge of the room, he excused himself from talking to an elderly gentleman, and moved over to you.

“Seriously, Mr. Lee sure knows how to have fun. I should invite him to all my parties!” he exclaimed.

“How’s it been going?” Steve asked.

“Pretty good. We have received a few generous donations, so I’m happy,” Tony said genuinely, “but we can do better. Why don’t you guys get out there a bit. If you don’t want to talk to anybody, at least dance!”

“I don’t know Stark. These shoes aren’t really made for dancing, or walking… or wearing.”

“Suck it up Rogers. Come on, let loose. I want to help New York, but I also wanted to give everyone a chance to have some fun,” Tony sounded totally serious as he said this, then turned his attention to you.

“Just do your best (Y/N), and if you have to take a break, or leave, then I understand.”

“Thank you,” you said smiling, feeling a compulsion to step forward and hug him. You resisted though.

“Care to dance before my feet go totally numb?” Steve asked you, wincing slightly.

“Sure,” you replied.

The next few hours went by surprisingly fast. Having Steve with you, and knowing that your companions were having a good time, you were able to relax a little bit, despite how uncomfortable you were in a crowd.

Steve was in the middle of a very interesting sounding conversation with Bruce, and a few other attendees, so you decided to go outside by yourself to take a break.

You were surprised to see Tony standing out in the courtyard by himself, a straight scotch in his hand.

You approached him quietly, unsure of whether or not you should disturb him. He knew that you were there though, and asked you if you were having fun.

“Yes, I am,” you replied. He turned his head to look at you, and just managed to catch your smile. “Are you?”

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had a party like this, and it feels good to know I’m doing something worthwhile with it.”


“But…” Tony hesitated. He wasn’t overly comfortable with sharing his emotions. He took a gulp of his scotch. “But, someone asked me what it was like. To go through that hole, and see what I saw.”

“And you panicked?”

“Yeah. I’m not ready to… talk about it.”

“That’s ok Tony. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. But, you shouldn’t hold onto it forever. When you do feel like you can talk about it, just remember that you have plenty of people in your life who care about you, and who want to help you.”

Tony looked at you, then finished his scotch. “Do you want to dance (Y/N)?”

He stretched his hand out to you, and you hesitantly took it. “Of course, but remember, aside from earlier tonight, I haven’t danced for 72 years. So go easy on me.”

“I guarantee nothing,” Tony replied with his trademark charm.

Tony led you back inside to the dance floor, and you slowly made your way around it, in the way you would be expected to dance at a ball.

Neither of you spoke, but you knew that this was his way of thanking you for your kindness, and he knew that you accepting his offer to dance was your way of showing him that you were one of the people you referred to earlier, who cared about him.

You push through one of the many balcony doors of the banquet hall, your silk gown smooth against your skin. The chilly January air immediately prompts a shiver to run down your spine and goosebumps to erupt along your skin. You let out a small sigh and wrap your arms around yourself, walking over to the railing and looking out at the city below.

It’s hell inside. Sure, someone would think that spending New Year’s Eve in a fancy hall, with unlimited drinks and elegant couture would be amazing. But it isn’t. The only reason you’d agreed to go was because Calum had pleaded with you, his plump bottom lip jutting out into a pout as he followed you around your house. He’d even had the audacity to play the “what-kind-of-best-friend-are-you?” card.

And that’s how you ended up here, dressed in a dark, floor-length gown that restricts you and heels that you desperately wish you could take off, the ache in your feet becoming unbearable.

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