elegant young woman

The ‘Mycenean Lady’ fresco depicting a beautiful and elegant young woman of Myceanean times, was found by the Greek professor of archaelogy George E. Mylonas in 1970 in a house that was built inside the Mycenaean Acropolis. It is perhaps the most prevalent sample of Myceanean painting that has come to light so far, the drawing is intense and the colors vibrant, there’s an authenticity in the represenation of the graceful female figure that’s probably of a noble nature. The fresco dates back to the last years of 13th century B.C.

Code: Realize: Cardia ~The Mysterious Damsel ~

She has a look that could almost kill. She’s beautiful & confident and she knows it. Who is this beautiful, mysterious and elegant young woman? Why, it’s Cardia of course! This is a close up of her in the outfit she will be wearing in the “Lupin the Mafia” (Gang) story in the upcoming Code:Realize fan disk. If you visit the fan disk site you can view the full outfit which is a half dress/half trousers combo, slightly similar to her original outfit but much more refined. I am very much looking forward to this story and hopefully more art of her wearing this. There’s something very special and inspirational about seeing Ms. Beckford looking so confident & owning it. You go girl! You go show those boys what you’re made of. 

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