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Jealous~ Cedric Diggory x Reader

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“Could u do a Cedric Diggory imagine that consists of Draco, Cedric getting jealous, feels, conflict, and a load of jealousy? Thank you so much! (Ps i love your blog’s colour them for the background is very pleasing and elegant)”

“And that students is the reason that the Giant Wars were a key moment in magical history.” Professor Binns babbles on, “I expect a foot and a half long essay back by break over the wars. Class dismissed.”

 The whole class jumps from their chairs, all for a few who are dead asleep, drool dripping from their mouths. You stand up, collecting your things and striding out the door of the classroom.

 It is a rather beautiful Monday morning and you couldn’t get a good feeling out of your mind. The third floor is scattered with groups of girls and boys all either laughing or boasting about who they are taking to the ball.

 "Y/n!“ Someone yells from behind.

 You turn around, seeing Cedric Diggory slowing his running pace as he catches up to you.

 "Hello Cedric.” You smile.

 Cedric grins and his cheeks slightly glow red. He really is gorgeous, Cedric is. His brown thick hair combed perfectly on top his head and his eyes bright and captivating.

 "May I talk to you? Privately?“ He whispers.

 A piece of your hair falls and you tuck it back into place, "Of course." 

Cedric smiles nervously, guiding you to an empty corridor. He stops and looks down at you, his blue-gray eyes hopeful.

 "Would you like to accompany me to the Yule Ball?”

 You bite your lip, looking down, a frown falls across your face. You had already agreed to go to the ball with Draco Malfoy. The hope in Cedric’s eyes drains and he realizes your answer is no.

 "I’m sorry, I’ve already been asked by Draco…“ Cedric sighs and attempts at a smile, though it looks like a grimace, "Oh no it’s alright! No apology needed.”

 The hall seems less inviting and an uncomfortable vibe is in the air. You shift on the balls of your feet, looking up at Cedric, “I have to get to Divination.”

 Cedric nods and waves, he adjusts his satchel and you slip out of the corridor. As you descend the staircase to the great hall for lunch you begin to rethink your answers.

 Christmas evening came fast. You sit in your common room dorm, pulling your hair into delicate curls. Each framing your face in a complimentary way. The dress you wear hugs your torso and the silky skirt flows down around you. It couldn’t be more perfect than this.

 As you make your way down the staircase to the Great Hall you see Draco, gazing attractively to you. He gives a grin and holds out his hand, leading you to the Great Hall. 

“You look astonishing tonight Y/n.”

 "Thank you Draco.“ You grin. Somehow in the crowdedness of the hall you catch the eyes of Cedric, who stands quietly next to a chattering Ravenclaw girl. His lips curl up a bit and you wave. The Weird Sisters begin to play the first song. The champions and their dates file to the center, all of them beginning to dance. Cedric glides across the dance floor, his motions smooth and effortless. But while his dancing is proficient, his mind seems to be somewhere else.

 "Does punch sound good Y/n? Y/n?” Draco waves his open hand in front of you. You come out of your daze to see Draco holding up two glasses of icy blue punch. 

 "Oh sorry! Yes, of course.“ Draco raises a brow and hands you your drink, before turning around to greet Crabbe and Goyle.

 Sighing, you take a sip of the punch, it’s fizz sprinkling your face as the fruity concoction touches your lips. As if it was almost clockwork you hear Draco begin to rant. "Stupid Potter with his stupid scar. Thinks he’s so special.”

 You roll your eyes and decide to join Cedric. He stands with his friends, they all laugh hysterically, except for him, who just mildly chuckles.

 "Hello Cedric!“ You smile at the boy. He turns to you, his expression shocked. He had seen you on his way into the hall, but somehow it was totally different up close. You smile, looking at his trimmed hair and his new dress robes. 

 "You look amazing.” He stands in awe.

 "Thank you, as do you.“

 "How are you enjoying yourself?” Cedric asks, almost sounding genuine.

 "I’m having an… interesting experience.“ Your smile fades a bit when you think of Draco’s ranting,” How about you?“

 "Great. It’s fine. Cho is over there.” He points to a beautiful girl in a nice dress. “She’s very kind. And a bit talkative." 

 "Lovely.” You say, the tension growing between you both. Your eyes meet his ever so quickly, and somehow you can’t look away. His face becomes a bit red and you can’t help but smile. Cedric looks you up and down and his eyes gaze at the ground, he grins slightly.

 "What?“ You smile. 

 Cedric freezes, he looks back up at you, his face returning to a deep scarlet. "Nothing.” He blushes,“Its just that you’re so-”

 "Y/n! There you are!“ Draco cuts Cedric off. 

 You sigh, somehow hoping that he wouldn’t find you. Cedric’s brows furrow, his face stiffening.

 "What’re you doing here?” Draco scowls to Cedric.

 "Just wanted to tell Y/n she looks lovely tonight.“ Cedric states, rather emotionless.

"Oi! You making eyes at her you should’ve taken her yourself!” Draco shouts, drawing attention to the three of you.

 "Yes, I know.“ Cedric exhales deeply and looks at you,"I should have." He then storms out of the Great Hall.

 "God, Diggory has got some nerve. Right Y/n? Y/n?”


 "Cedric? Cedric!“ 

You spot the boy leaning against the stone wall, a hand clasped over his forehead, he seemed to be mumbling something.

 "Cedric…?” You softly speak, holding a hand out to his shoulder.

 "I’m so stupid. I’m so cowardly. I’m so useless.“ He grinds his hand into his forehead.

 "Cedric! You’re not stupid! Not stop it.” You grab his wrist and pull his hand from his forehead.

 The both of you freeze, the slightest touch sending electricity throughout your body. “Y/n… I…”

 "No. Just. Don’t. Talk.“ 

 You lean in, lips hovering centimeters away from his, his hot breath on your face. He smiles as his hand wraps firmly on the back of your neck, closing the space between the both of you. Electricity spreads throughout you, tickling your skin. Cedric’s hand gently glides around your waist, feeling the fabric of your dress. 

 When you both pull away Cedric’s smile fades,"What about Draco?" 

 You chuckle,"I couldn’t stand one more minute with that greasy git.” And with that you pulled back into your kiss.

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The night passed in elegant normalcy, students gradually finding their way into the cozy beds of their respective houses. Hours of lighthearted laughter, morals slipping, and upturned lips are replaced by warm duvets and endless silence, the ticking of clocks a distance echo. And as dawn approaches, all are awake once more with restless bones and skittish looks. For, now the first week of classes begins.

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“Duffy,” she spoke carefully as she saw the man. The large room was decorated in elegance as the former students mingled with their graduating class. It had been so long that at times Asia wondered if the world had even been how she remembered it back then. The slim woman moved towards him and gave him a smile—her dark curls bounced with the inclination of her head. “You clean up well,” she teased gently.