elegant purse

This is brief but the other day I was with my friend waiting in line for the self-checkout at target and there was a dude behind me carrying a basket full of frozen mince pies like a elegant and expensive purse. We ended up at a register across from the self-checkout this fellow used, and while my friend checked out I counted his mince pies. He bought 23 frozen mince pies and a pair of black socks.

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So hey its time for my Jeremy prompt cause im traaash so how about some kings au with the reader being a commoner and jeremy falls in love with her even though they technically cant be together

A/N - I don’t know what it is about these Jeremy-AU prompts that makes my brain go overboard, but once again, this is one AU fic that I kinda just ran with and ended up writing a looooot more than I intended. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Fantasy/Medieval AUs and I loves me some Lil’ J. So yeah, this was super fun to write, although it starts pretty exposition-y, I hope y’all can enjoy this one!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, angst - FANTASY ANGST!!!(?)

Word Count - 4, 044

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i was looking into saving up/preparing for ownership of a personal protection dog since i’ll (hopefully) be living completely on my own in the next few years, and ive got my heart set on a doberman pinscher, but i thought i’d look for a list of other breeds that make good protectors too. I googled “best dogs for single women to own” or something like that and i got a list including: poodles, shi-tzus, pomeranians, cocker spaniels….

google, no. i want a bodyguard, not a shopping buddy. smh tbh