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Venus in The Signs, Elements, Houses. ♀

The Venus Planet is associated with beauty, creativity, pleasure, feminine, harmony, love & attraction.

The Venus sign rulerships are Libra & Taurus, Libra being the one to bring harmony in relationships & Taurus being the one to bring beauty in comfort. The Venus sign relates well with those who receive love (whether women or men) in relationships then creates beauty from what was given, Libra usually relates well with men for they create attraction & Taurus usually relates well with women for they create pleasure. The Venus house is where your beauty is present & very alive in.

Remember to go out to the world with unconditional love for you’ll be able to receive acceptance, feelin’ beloved. ♡


Venus in Signs ♀

how you love another, who you are attracted to, how your beauty appears to be.

venus in fire signs embodies the impulsion, directness, passion and exoticism within love.

venus in earth signs embodies the physical, beauty, routine and practicality within love.

venus in air signs embodies the relationship, verbal, attraction and weirdness within love.

venus in water signs embodies the emotion, care, intimacy and vulnerability within love.

- ♡

Aries Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of energy & drive in which she creates beauty out of sexuality & their vitality draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Taurus Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of pleasure & stability in which creates beauty out of self-worth & looks physically sensual to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Gemini Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of stimulation & wit in which creates beauty out of immaturity & becomes playful to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Cancer Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of reassurance & mood in which creates beauty out of emotion & extends their nurture into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Leo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of confidence & ego in which creates beauty out of drama & their expression draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Virgo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of class & motivation in which creates beauty out of self-improvement & looks physically poise to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Libra Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of harmony & validation in which creates beauty out of charm & becomes hypnotic to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Scorpio Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of desires & intensity in which creates beauty out of death & extends their darkness into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Sagittarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of wisdom & growth in which creates beauty out of adventure & their optimism draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Capricorn Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dignity & structure in which creates beauty out of self-image & looks physically regal to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Aquarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of intellect & ideas in which creates beauty out of uniqueness & becomes detached to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Pisces Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dreams & wishes in which creates beauty out of idealism & extends their art into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.



Venus in Houses ♀

where the venus energy lights up, who you attract, what your beauty is typically recognized as.

venus in fire houses (1st, 5th, 9th) becomes, expresses & expands their love energy.

venus in earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) materialize, designs & models their nurture energy.

venus in air houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) interacts, balances & connects from love energy.

venus in water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) illuminates, consumes & heals from nurture energy.

- ♡

Venus in 1st: people are drawn to your harmonic rise to the surface & they appreciate your energetic charm & beauty, you’re always surrounded with balance, fighting for justice if others are unfairly mistreated, you have a sexy love appeal that others are attracted to, others are intimated by your passionate first impressions, your vital spirit is love energy, you are beauty.

Venus in 2nd: buying expensive clothes helps you learn how to feel worthy & valuable, whatever you wear looks rich & aesthetically pleasing on you, a keen fashion taste like no other, you’re stylish & a trendsetter, might be the type to buy an excessive amount of material possessions but you seem to know how to balance your money out, artistic fashion, you possess the art itself.

Venus in 3rd: you’re so witty that brings on an immense amount of charm to others, people love to listen to what you’ll have to say, combining harmony & humor together, I am somehow in love with your laugh that ties with your alluring voice that just simmers in the mind, elegantly feminine hand writing, you possibly write beautiful poets, beautiful voice, writing, words, mind.

Venus in 4th: living in an artistic home brings you true peace & comfort, you tend to always surround yourself with elegant beauty, you would make such a lovely parent, the ability to nurture & smother others with unconditional love is your nature, your family probably adores & appreciates you, you are just aesthetically pleasing to look at, your harmonious aura decorates like a home.

Venus in 5th: the art of being dramatic yet charismatic are one of your greatest qualitys, an elegance that only radiates outwardly with glamour, you express this gorgeous lavish light, a walking aesthetic, you need someone to always focus on & love you, nothing will stop you from being pleasing to look at, also very flirtatious & naturally attractive, you’re like an art gallery full of artistry.

Venus in 6th: sacrafice brings you much harmony, gracefully modest & polite to those around you, especially at work, co-workers adore your elegant poise company, delicate soft loving attitudes, the type to put others first & help sort out their problems, you’ll feel beautiful if treated your body with healthy natural foods & product, might be living in another cinderella story.

Venus in 7th: you fall in love then idealize others in your relationships, harmonious with your lovers, so very delicate, you attract partners that are particularly passionately attractive & fair, you love to be lost in your partner because it makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy, you don’t show your fun loving side to people you just met, you’re like the first houses bitch.

Venus in 8th: a passionate & magnetic seductress without effort, your feminine divinity engraves into others minds that haunts them, you give piercing looks that are extremely penetrating & deadly, you just soulfully scream sensuality & harmony, you have deep & intense desires in love, inheritance will grant you well, death will be beautifully slow & peaceful, you put out prostitute vibes.

Venus in 9th: no limits what’s so ever when you’re in love, you seek for grand harmonious adventure, you appreciate the lessons you learn, you are in love with spirituality, you give freedom & acceptance to others, everyone adores your warm hearted presence, you bring attraction into exoticism, travel will be your priority, like a witness to the twelve houses creativity being manifested.

Venus in 10th: your public image is known for being a striking beauty, every one views you to be fierce & pleasing to look at, mastered in the arts & your creativity can be manifested into design or makeup work, you aim to be & you model how to be a this perfect public figure, everyone will remember you as this stunning & charming individual, a perfect role model of a venusian.

Venus in 11th: surrounded by lovely & soft groups of people that you admire, engaging helps you feel balanced, your generosity comes across as flirtatiously romantic, unique qualities that generally makes you even more attractive, you’re a social butterfly & righteous warrior, you allow others to be their authentic self, fairly harmonious with humanity, you’re like surrounded by beauty gurus.

Venus in 12th: living in an aesthetically dreamy world in which you surround yourself with, you easily fall for others, vulnerable to the world, you are very sensitive to those who connects with you romantically, spiritually creative & harmonic, you’re surrounded with this beautiful healing energy, people attract to your softness, creativity which manifests from the spiritual realm.


Flug headcanon

 So, today I was thinking about Flug and how he managed to work with BH through (apperantly, I thinking about this ol’ photo with Al Capone??) so many years and I cam up with this story (I’m not gonna say everything bc I’m thinking about drawing comic):

 Flug was a young, german doctor who managed to cam to London in some year of 19th century. There he met a strange man, who was insisting on calling him ‘Black Hat’. He was soul of the company, charmant, elegant, everything doctor wanted to be. Not much time has passed and they becam friends. Doctor wasn’t disturbed by fact this man was probably some kind of demon. Some time had passed again, and Flug ended up by doing a contract with BH.

 He could ask for anything and demon could decided when doctor will die. So now Flug was kind of immortal. Nothing could kill him, deaseses, time, things falling on him or guns aimed at him. He wasn’t living with BH all the time after, he was studying, had parts of life in different centurys, but he wasn’t able to age, so it always took few years. Last thing. Why is he wearing bag? He is scared that someone would recognize him and his real face isn’t really nice to look at. Why? I leave it to my comic.

Dirck van Delen - Elegant company in an interior eating oysters


oil on panel

Private collection

Elegant company on the riverbank. Norbert Goeneutte (French, 1854-1894). Oil on panel.

Goeneutte frequented the Père Lathuille, a cabaret, where he met Manet and was introduced to the artistic circle at the Café de la Nouvelle Athènes. He soon began exhibiting at the Salon. Here, the lady puts aside her reading to enjoy the river or perhaps she is awaiting a suitor, for which she will be the “elegant company.”


Leopard in the 18th Century

Yes, not only The Nanny wears leopard print, back in the 18th Century it was quite a fashion forward and exotic print to wear, especially for men. Breeches, waitcoats, frock coats, dresses, cuffs and lapels were seen in this pattern that feels so modern to us, but that may be not be so.

Apparently the print became popular first with Italian men and then it traveled via the young English men who traveled the Grand Tour to Europe back to England.

It is really funny the way all trends have traveled and still do: the trendy ones were the Italian men, then the early adopters were the macaroni, it moved to the aristocracy and then to the “mainstream”. Just like anything now that begins in the catwalk and it ends in Forever 21. But in a more elegant version XD

Photos from top:

  • “An Interior with Elegant Company”, Venceslao Verlin.
  • Dress fabric, silk brocade, made in France, 1760s, V&A Museum.
  • Dress fabric, silk brocade with satin stripes, made in Spitafields, England, 1768-1770, V&A Museum.
  • “Portrait of Jean-Georges Noverre”, Jean-Baptiste Perroneau, ca. 1780. Louvre Museum.
  • “Portrait of John Campbell, 1st Baron Cawdor”, Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1778.
  • “Portrait of Jean Victor de Rochechouart, Duc de Mortemart”, Jean-Marc Nattier, 1756.
  • “Madame de Moracin”, Louis Carrogi Carmontelle, ca. 1780.
  • Robe à la Française, silk, French, ca. 1770, MET Museum.
  • Frock coat, turquoise velvet with leopard pattern, French, 1785-90, V&A Museum.
  • Robe à la Française, silk brocade, French, 1755-60, Fashion Institute of Technology.

Makoto Niijima (Voice Actor: Rina Satō)

  • A third year who attends the same high school (Syujin High School) as the hero. She has a strong sense of responsibility and morals as a student council president, and she is a very serious honor student who doesn’t compromise.
  • Hashino comments that Makoto becomes a focus in the story after the first incident at Syujin High School, where she starts to keep an eye on things. At a glance she doesn’t appear to be someone who would be part of the Phantom Thieves as a student at the academy, given her righteous nature.
  • Johanna (Makoto Niijima’s persona)This persona is based on Pope Joan, a fabled female pope from the Middle Ages in Europe.
    • “Most versions of her story describe her as a talented and learned woman who disguised herself as a man, often at the behest of a lover. In the most common accounts, due to her abilities, she rose through the church hierarchy and was eventually elected pope”

Haru Okumura (Voice Actor: Haruka Tomatsu)

  • A third-year high school student of Syujin High School who is the daughter to the president of a large restaurant company. Elegant but naive to the ways of the world, she tends to observe people.
  • Even though she is very elegant and good at communicating with others, she does not find value in human relations, and avoids having relationships with other people.
  • As the daughter of a company’s president, her life has always been much different from the norm.
  • Hashino comments that Okumura’s relationships with adults have been warped from past experiences.
  • She will have a key role as the story moves forward.
  • Milady (Haru Okumura’s persona)This persona is based on Milady de Winter of the Three Musketeers
    • Her role in the first part is to seduce the English minister, the Duke of Buckingham, who is also the secret lover of Queen Anne of France. Hoping to blackmail the Queen, Richelieu orders Milady to steal two diamonds from a set of matched studs given to Buckingham by the Queen, which were a gift to her from her husband, King Louis XIII. Thwarted by d'Artagnan and the other musketeers, Milady’s opposition of d'Artagnan carries much of the second half of the novel. 

Sakura Futaba (Voice Actor: Aoi Yuki)

  • She has inhuman computing abilities, as a girl genius in programming capability, but she has trouble communicating with others.
  • Her age is that of a first-year student in high school, however she becomes a shut-in after a certain incident after she graduates junior high school.
  • Hashino comments that Sakura changes after encountering the hero. Her situation has special circumstances associated with it, and she has a key role in the story.
  • Alone with the main character, she will behave normally, however when she is face-to-face with several others she tends to wear strange headgear.
  • Necronomicon (Sakura Futaba’s persona)This persona symbolizes an unknown force.

The Chelsea is without doubt Edward Green’s quintessential oxford shoe, embodying the understated elegance that sets the company apart. It is a classic, simple straight-cap oxford and it is precisely this simplicity that gives the Chelsea such versatility. The 82 last, on which the Chelsea is crafted, is a sleek, modern round-toe developed by master shoemaker Tony Gaziano. With its finely bevelled waist and exquisite swans-neck stitching at the throat, the Chelsea is the paragon of straight-cap oxfords.


Is she bored? Is she distressed? Perhaps she’s simply exhausted from a night of dancing.

Jean-Antoine Watteau expressively sketched her silk dress with red and white chalk to create a relaxed, intimate life study. 

Costume Profile: French Socialite 

Fabric: Silk
To be worn: In elegant company

Fashion Fridays explores art, history, and costume inspired by the exhibition Rococo to Revolution #NowOnView

Seated Woman with a Fan, about 1717, Jean-Antoine Watteau. The J. Paul Getty Museum