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Drunk/Tired Lance College Headcanons

He’s pretty much that Drunk Girl™ post personified.

  • Found Allura crying because she missed her dad and home so he brought her a sweater and a kitten and threatened to beat up whoever made her cry.
  • Interrupted a conversation some girls were having and apologized profusely about it but he just had to say how bomb her highlight looked
  • Was worried Hunk wasn’t eating well due to exams and finals so at 3 am he cooked him a three course meal and made his favorite homemade snack just like Hunk’s mom used to make them (Hunk is pretty much wtf since Lance only seems to know how to make simple stuff and even burned water once)
  • Shiro found him swaddled and buried in blankets or pillows while he was tired but still trying to stay awake and tried to give him that Disappointed Dad Look™ but he just glared at him saying “I’ve seen better disappointed looks from my dog, try again.”
  • Lance usually overthinks things but oddly enough if he’s drunk or tired enough everything is super simple?
    • Pidge: What the hell is wrong with this code???? I’ve re-calibrated it like six times and it still won’t verify anything?!?!!?
    • Lance looking over at it upside down from where he’s laying on the couch all awkward like and what should be physically impossible: Move that 6 and letter A on line 4 to line 5 and move that dash to the right about 3 spaces.
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge:
    • Pidge: What the fuck 
  • There was one time a professor tried to call Lance out…one time
    • Professor: Lance since you’re so obviously engaged in this discussion and no one else can seem to find the answer can you explain this theory for us?
    • Lance having stayed up till 4am when it’s now 7 o’clock: I could if this was even the chapter you had assigned to us to look at and said we would be discussing today, but I mean you’re either going to say well done and try to make it seem like you were testing us when in reality you had no damn idea and was gonna continue teaching like you knew what the fuck you were talking about or you’re going to try to make me look dumb with your pirate looking ass but by all means do what you do.
    • He promptly passed the fuck out right after.
    • The professor stopped calling on him after that.
  • If Lance is tired enough he literally gives no fucks…at all. He’s trying to go home back to sleep, not deal with anyone’s bullshit today.
    • Lance holding Keith by the collar: Keith no, you can’t fight him today, I’m tired and I want to go home and sleep. why are you trying to fight him anyway.
    • Keith: He was talking shit about my mom
    • Lance rolling his sleeves up: You stay the fuck here I’m kicking his greasy ass myself.
    • They had to get Shiro to pick them both up.
    • Lance and Keith: DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!!!
    • Shiro: What the hell did you two do? And Lance why is your lip busted?
    • Lance: The other guy’s going to need an ambulance okay I’m fine, just drive the fuck away now! I think dude’s girlfriend called the cops.
    • Shiro: What the fucking-
    • Shiro tries to be mad but those two are in the backseat asleep and cuddling so he thinks he can let this slide just once.
    • He doesn’t wake them up when he gets in the driveway so like the shit brother he is he leaves them in the car.
    • He waits until it’s 12 at night before setting off the car alarm.
  • Lance just compliments anyone and everyone when he’s super tired.
    • He’ll say how nice and what a good friend Hunk is.
    • Makes Pidge a flower crown like he does for his nieces and nephews
      • Pidge: Where the fuck did you get the flowers? The campus is literally fake grass and the park is at least 10 miles away. You haven’t even left the dorm what the fuck?
      • Lance: Shhhh hush, now you’re the prettiest girl in town with a flower crown
      • Pidge: What was I before?
      • Lance: Prettiest girl in town duh
    • Does the most badass and elegant braids and styles for Allura’s hair but most of the time he’s not even conscious for it and when she shows up with her hair done up he asks her who she went to and she says him and he just sits there having an epiphany for a solid ten minutes every time looking at his hands like they’ve saved lives.
    • He told Coran he was the best uncle ever and the man has not stopped crying about it. Had the quote printed and framed, it’s hung up on the wall for everyone to see.
    • Shiro was asleep so he just got tape, put strips of it on his prosthetic arm (Don’t write on someone’s arm permanently that’s rude) and used the strips to write out small compliments and doodle nice things like flowers and kittens. Shiro wants to be made about but like…it’s not even permanent and he keeps finding a new doodle every few minutes like a easter egg hunt so it keeps him entertained.
    • Saw Keith was sad one time, went out at 11 at night to an old family friend that lived out near where he was, came back with kittens he newly adopted from family friend and just dumped about 3 kittens on Keith.
      • Keith: Lance what the fuck
      • Lance: Pretty people shouldn’t be sad and you’re like the prettiest so that’s pretty much against the federal law??? And kittens are like happiness personified. Keep them, I can’t take them back.
      • He passed the fuck out right after that too.
      • Keith with kittens in his lap: What the fuck
Little Dove (Kylo Ren x Reader Drabble)

A/N: Hi padawans, its Gossip Ren. Welcome to my shit post or welcome back to my shit post. I hardly ever write drabbles! like I actually wrote something that wasn’t a text from kylo! I wrote a physical story and not a text! what the what! this is legendary!  the kylo fandom is shaking! stans everywhere in tears. kylorenisagarbagedump cannot even (just kidding she’s fine. I love her). yeah- uh- at the end of the day I am just a shit writer with nothing better to do than writing shitty fanfics. I keep doing what I’m doing because for some reason there are people on the internet that actually care about me. also- I may have watched too many Tana Mongeau videos before writing this note….

SIDEBAR: I really hope you enjoy this drabble! I actually worked hard on something once in my life and I’m so happy with the mediocre results! I wanted to write something with a GOT (Game Of Thrones) feel but I still wanted it to be true to the star wars realm without having to classify it as an AU. so if you like GOT then maybe you will like this?! if you haven’t seen GOT then that’s ok. this fic doesn’t reference it like that- nor spoils it! I just wanted to write something dramatic, dark, and different. 

words: 1.5k

Rating: 18+(?) 

Warnings: mentions of the word rape. inappropriate touching. No one is hurt!

The air was light out and the night was going smoother than expected. People of all noble titles danced freely with one another while onlookers sat at nicely dressed tables eating and drinking more than their fill.

It was a night of celebration and welcoming. The first order had been invited on the planet of Daharice by the King and Queen. They were seeking protection and an alliance that meant no harm to them and their seven kingdoms. The people of Daharice knew the resistance could only do so much and protect only the royal family. If they had sided with the General, their planet would have just been taken over by the first order in the end.

“I ‘ope everything is to your liking” the king smiled, cheeks rosy from the wine.

The Commander kept his eyes forward, watching the room through his visor. “I could honestly care less, but my men seem to be enjoying themselves.”

The King drunkenly laughed, joyfully slapping the Commander on his back. “Well, I ‘ope that’s good!”

Kylo slowly turned his head brushed the King’s hand away ready to spit venom when suddenly he was interrupted by a small figure that approached the table. Her hair was like nothing he had seen before. Her skin was glowing and her eyes were beautiful, orbs the shade of (e/c). He stared intensely at her as her thick lashes fluttered and her plump lips pulled into a smile.

“Father, I’m quite tired. May I go to bed?” she said softly yet still loud enough to be heard over the music.

“What do you say?” he smiled peering over the high top table.

Pleeeaseeee,” she giggled reaching up and placing her hands in his.

The king kissed the tops of her hands. “You may rest now, little dove.”

“Goodnight father.” she gently pulled away.

The king cleared his throat. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Oh- yes!” she glanced over to the Commander and offered her hand. In return, he delicately held it and gave it a squeeze. “Goodnight, Commander.”

Kylo Ren enveloped her hand completely holding it between his own. “Goodnight, little dove.”

She smirked as she moved away, her eyes slowly trailing away from his hidden ones and he watched as she sauntered away. Silently mesmerized.

The king said nothing at first but a laugh rose deep from his chest and he smiled from ear to ear. “Ya’ like ‘er? That’s the baby ou’ of mi seven. The last to be married.”

“I saw no ring.” Commented the Commander.

“Oh, that’s because I can’t bring myself to promise her to anotha’!” He tisked.

“And why not?”

The king pursed his lips. “‘Cus she’s my baby, my little dove! No man is worthy of her!”

“Oh what a shame.” said the commander, now intrigued.

“Aye, but that’s life. Rather my dove be a spinster then in the ‘ands of some no good Rancor.”

                                               ❈  ❈  ❈

It was well after the celebration and the sun was ready to rise. The shuttles were being boarded and men in first order uniforms began to take off. They left with lavish gifts as a thank you for coming and as a small bribe to work with the Seven Kingdoms.

The king and queen did not sleep easy at night. They stayed up together and tried to reason with the commander but unlike his men… he could not be bought. He was offered one of the kingdoms but turned it down, he was given a case of wine but he did not drink. They offered him a brothel but only offended him. There was nothing in the galaxy that they could promise him that he couldn’t just take for himself.

Kylo sat in an empty interrogation room he had just been using moments before. enjoying the lingering feelings of a tortured life form. It was nothing he could physically hold but more of an energy his spirit could feed off of.

In the middle of his high he was interrupted by a bucket head and a man he had never seen before. The man was dressed in the house colors of the royal family and in his hand was a tattered scroll.

“A stowaway?” Kylo quizzed.

“Sir,” the stormtrooper began, “he’s a squire. Claims he comes bearing a gift you cannot refuse.”

“Aye sir!” the boy bowed.

Kylo growled, stepping dangerously close to the harmless squire. “I thought I made it clear that I did not want anything- that I could not be bought!”

“But sir-”

“Whatever it is, send it back or else I’ll send you back in pieces, boy!”

“It’s not an it but she.” he corrected naively.

Kylo grabbed the squire by the collar of his idiotic costume and raised him to eye level. “You brought me a whore??? Do you have a death wish???”

“N-no sir!” he squawked. “But I bring you no whore!”

Releasing the boy, The commander paced around the room angrily. The squire stared in fear anticipating every back and forth motion made by the masked man dressed in all black.

“GO ON! OUT WITH IT!” kylo snarled.

Fumbling to his feet, the boy opened the scroll up. “As a gift to Kylo Ren, Master of the Knights of Ren, Jedi killer, the Commander of the first order, and grandson of the great Darth Vader, the king and queen of seven kingdoms bestow upon you (y/n) last virgin of house (l/n), the untouched, the first of her name, the Kyla, and princess of the seven kingdoms.

When the blaster door opened more stormtroopers stepped in, with them the princess. 

She stared up at kylo with her big doe-eyes.

“Everyone out,” he ordered and the room emptied.

Kylo stood back and studied the princess. Her dress was white but clingy; the material of her dress was so thin and so stuck to her body that he could make out every inch of her. He was certain that in the wrong (or right) lighting her sheer white dress would be see through. 

He ran his index finger over the straps of her dress which were nothing more than lazily twisted pieces of fabric held together by a piece of dyed leather cord. He tugged on the leather and in one swift motion, her dress was at her ankles. (y/n) moved her arms to cover her chest but when she did they were ripped away. A glove-clad hand roamed her bare skin, groping at her breast. 

Kylo buried his mask on the side of (y/n) face and she watched as the hand on her breast traveled down her stomach. He put his hand between her legs, rubbing her but never parting her.

“I want you to scream like I’m hurting you.” he whispered in her ear.

She pulled her head away and stared into the visor of his helmet. “What?”

Kylo retrieved his hand and stepped away from the girl. “They’re expecting me to rape you, to leave my mark on you. Why else would they send me the virgin princess.”

(y/n) kept her eyes locked on the commander. Though his instructions were clear she wasn’t quite comprehending.

“Scream like I am hurting you- like I am raping you.”

“No! Wait! Stop!” she shouted at no one.

“Good,” he whispered, “Louder this time.”

(y/n) looked around the empty room and off the top of her lungs let out a scream. “PLEASE! STOP! PLEASE! AHHH-”

“Can you make yourself cry?”

As if on command tears poured down (y/n) face. “PLEASE, YOU’RE HURTING ME!” 

She continued to sob as kylo stepped near her. He gathered the dress at her feet and tucked under her arms as if he were wrapping her body in a towel. He freed her (y/h/c) hair from its elegant braid and disheveled it. 

(y/n) let her sobs turn into silent tears as he pinched the tip of her nose and the tops of her cheeks, giving her face a flushed appeal.

“Good girl,” he whispered before turning to the door. “You may enter, General.”

A man with flames for locks and blue sea glass for eyes opened the blaster door. He had a look of disgust and his nose turned upwards as if he had just smelled fresh dung.


Kylo turned back to (y/n) and stepped close behind her. “Tell the king and queen I have accepted their gift and that the first order will make good on their word. We shall form an alliance and for offering their (once) virgin daughter they have our protection as well.”

“Excellent.” the General nodded.

As two figures dressed in white armor joined the conversation, (y/n) was handed over to their custody.

“To my quarters, untouched by your hands,” said kylo firmly. “I’m not finished with her just yet.”


Magic and Illusion - Part 1

Requested: Yes

Plot: Thor takes the Reader, a SHIELD agent, to visit Asgard as Loki takes the throne under the guise of Odin. The Reader discovers Loki is playing tricks and you come to an agreement - Reader keeps his secret and Loki doesn’t banish you.

A/N: This is anticipated to be four or five parts, but I plan to tailor the end to tie into the beginning of Ragnarok. (gif from Google.)

Warnings: There may or may not be bad words in here, but other than that, I don’t anticipate anything to worry about.

Word Count Total: 1287

Title: Magic and Illusion

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A/N: Hello everyone! It has been some time but here I am with another mini fanfic. This one was totally random and extended into something I didn’t expect but had so much fun writing! I hope you guys enjoy it and never be afraid to talk to me~! As always the series and characters do not belong to me. :)

Small snippet: “However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.”

The sun wasn’t forgiving today. Nor has it been forgiving in the past week. No matter how much time passed throughout the day the sun continued releasing its golden rays which slowly rippled with heat towards Velaris. Mostly the Court of Dreams was crisp and pleasant all year round. It’s the perfect temperature to sport any apparel of your choice. Whether it’d be light materials or heavy, both were suitable. But once every so often during the year Velaris is greeted with climate that is much more humid for anyone’s liking.

Nesta had grown accustomed to the mellow climate but never to this amount of heat. Even though she has experienced all four seasons when living within the Mortal Lands, the summer she learned to adapt to was something that builded up over time. So as the days to summer came dreadfully closer, so did the heat. But when it emerges without warning is just something she hasn’t gotten quite used to.

To make light of the situation Nesta decided to busy herself. As she awoke from her restless slumber she decided to go through her regular routine. Later she will decide what project to tackle in order to keep occupied. But for now to keep cool Nesta dressed herself in light pants because of the breathable fabric. After some time pants grew on her instead of the usual dresses she wore. Different garments of clothing kept finding their way into her wardrobe to experiment with. However, Nesta surprisingly didn’t complain or miss any of the frilly gowns. When done deciding on the shorts she chose a blue dainty top with no sleeves carefully tucking it into the waistband of the slacks. To complete the look her hair was tied into an elegant braid which then cascaded into a secure bun.

Not much later in the day Nesta ran into her youngest sibling. The two found themselves greeting each other in the kitchen while Nesta picked at the variety of breakfast options. As a roll of bread dressed with jam was tucked swiftly into Nesta’s mouth she couldn’t help but overhear how distressed Elain was. It turns out she had been fretting for the fourth time this week about the health of her gardens. Once Nesta finished her meal she curiously asked Elain for more information.

With a distracted look Elain mumbled about how the unexpected heat wave could send the plants into shock and damage them making the recovery lengthy. This was the forth day in a row of the brutalizing weather which the plants weren’t accustomed to. Hopefully with extra care they would make it out without wilting.

In hopes of brightening the look upon Elain’s features Nesta offered her hand in help, both eager and glad to spend some time with her. Recently Nesta was traveling to various courts and the human realm to share her story. The Inner Circle appointed her new Emissary in order to close the gap between Fae and mortals. So often at times she rarely had moments like this.  

So here she was watering Elain’s garden hoping to keep them hydrated and alive while her sister closely observed the rest of her vegetation. In the process beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and nose. The feeling was ticklish so she released the handle of the hose and wiped the build up of moisture along the furrow of her brows. One even made its way to her lips giving Nesta the taste of salt and dirt. Sighing she continued to mist the flowers.

“How are they looking Elain?” Nesta called out behind her. Her sister casually drifted her gaze away from the plants to her older sister. Her eyes were bright as a small smile reached her beautiful immortal features.

“They’re looking better already. As long as we water them and keep the soil moist I think they have a good chance at beating this heat wave.” The expression on Elain’s face made something twinge inside Nesta’s chest. When Elain was thrust into a conversation about her gardens she lit up the room. Her knowledge was always expanding and it was the one activity that could pull her from the darkest of times.

For some assurance and acknowledgement Nesta nodded and returned to misting the greenery. Not too long after completing her task she felt more sweat bundle across her forehead which then slid down to her cheeks and chin. To take care of that she extended her hand below the nozzle of the hose and squeezed the handle. Water splashed quickly drenching her hand in cool relief then lifted her chilled fingertips to her forehead. Nesta made quick work targeting her reddened cheeks and neck.

Nesta also spotted Elain suffering from the same problem and thought it’d be a good idea to fetch some refreshments. But before she made her way back into Rhysand’s and Feyre’s home Azriel emerged from the house with a pitcher of cold water and glasses. The Shadowsinger approached the two girls in swift movements wearing loose and light fighting gear helping to relieve some build up of warmth. Azriel quickly approached Nesta offering a glass and she happily obliged. He then turned in the direction of Elain and made his way to her.

Nesta eyed the exchange between Azriel and Elain while sipping from the glass. She invited the soothing liquid running down to her core hoping to cool her down. To take a quick break Nesta plopped her body down onto a bench thankfully shielded from the powerful rays. She took another sip and leaned back into the plush cushions wishing to rest. However, a rustle of wings in the distance prevented her from doing so fully.

A powerful thud slammed into the ground beside the bench sending a small rattle through the earth. In shock she snapped her blue eyes open to inspect what had disturbed her down time. A few feet away stood Cassian ruffling his wings before tucking them in. His long hair had been tied back into a bun while some strands loosely framed his face due to the previous flight. His eyes found hers with a heavy glance. She felt his fiery gaze flush her hotter which didn’t seem possible. Suddenly she needed more water to cool herself off again.

“Nesta,” Cassian greeted her with his signature grin.

She lifted a brow and looked him up and down with one glimpse. To rile him up a bit she pretended to relax into the lawn seat and closed her eyes not sparring another look at him.

The only thing her ears picked up was a silent huff as well as some chuckling? Now the curiosity inside peeked as well as the giant urge to tease. Though several taunts and jokes threatened to spill she bit her lip to contain them.

“Nice to see you too,” he said sarcastically. Cassian settled right beside Nesta emphasizing every movement he made. He mischievously rattled his wings until finally spreading them out to bath in the light. After settling them he shifted his body in a more comfortable position and extended an arm around Nesta’s small frame.

She felt his arm lay limp along the border of the chair. Already his body heat hit the back of her neck in full. “I would advise to move your arm elsewhere.”  

“Oh? Why is that? I found you quite like it sometimes.” She could hear the playfulness within the tone clearly.

Cassian was then graced with seeing the blazing glare from those alluring blue eyes. While he matched her gaze she peeled his arm out from behind her. “Cassian it’s too hot for your abnormal body heat.”

Cassian threw his head back and a laugh tumbled out, “So what exactly are you doing to battle it?”

She gave him a side glance letting a sly smirk appear, “Why don’t you tell me Cassian.”

“Well, that’s a question I can’t answer,” he shrugged his shoulders then continued. “But I have a solution.”

“And what is that?” She asked interested. At this point she’d do anything to rid of this warmth.

Cassian only extended a hand out to her in response. Nesta hesitated for a moment and locked eyes with him again in silent question but then slid her hand into his. He then proceeded to lift himself off the bench holding onto her still. As a gentlemen he helped her up to her feet overlooking her confusion. Once she was on her feet Cassian wasted no time tugging her to him. She braced herself against Cassian’s sturdy chest clearly startled by his pull. Cassian only gave her a grin and scooped her up into his arms.

“Ready?” he asked looking down at her. Nesta silently debated to herself then looked up at him and nodded bracing herself for what would come next.

The next moment happened all too quickly for her to register. Cassian lengthened his wings out from his body, each vein and bone visible. With a powerful flap they were swept off their feet hurling through the air in a matter of seconds. The roaring rush of the wind slamming into them was instantly cooling and overall better then lounging on a chair like mere moments before.

For good measure she clung onto him a bit more taking in the smoke and pine scent. In return Cassian gripped Nesta closer to his body shielding her from the deafening cry of the air.

Ahead she could spot the barrier surrounding Velaris and furrowed her brows. The possibilities to where he would be taking her were endless. She couldn’t come close to guessing a right answer. There were seven individual courts all respectively massive and peppered with hidden geographical gems. So instead of trying to guess she took in the scenery around her.

Trees whirled past from under them vanishing moments later. She never realized how fast Cassian could travel especially in the short amount of time they were airborne.

The whole experience was mesmerizing. Often at times Feyre or Mor would winnow her places. Winnowing still caught her off balance sometimes but she begun to steady herself and fight the uneasiness. Flying was something different. At first she disliked it more then winnowing but now it was a comfort. However, it wasn’t only a comfort, it was a relief. Seeing now how well Cassian’s wings flapped not only holding them up with ease but propelling them through the sky was incredible. She even silently thanked this flight for instantly cooling her body down.

After some time of closely observing the landscape below and enjoying the way the wind brushed her cheeks Cassian squeezed her twice. This meant he was preparing to dive. Now Nesta’s heart started to beat rapidly which caused a sinking feeling to grow deep inside. Her fingers slipped up his torso to clasp behind his neck showing him she was ready.

Cassian tipped their bodies forward and tucked in his wings. They could cut clean through the air by the sheer speed of the dive. Usually Nesta would close her eyes on instinct but this time she peeked over her shoulder and saw the ground coming into view closer with every second. The feeling of the freefall sent adrenaline coursing through her veins. It almost ended too quickly. Almost.

About twenty or so feet from touching the ground the general flared out his wings to slow their fall. A second later he landed with another hard thump feeling the strength course through his body into hers. The sound of the wind stilled echoed throughout her mind as she brushed the strands of hair that untucked themselves from her updo.

Already the climate here was much cooler, not humid as it was in Velaris.

As she looked around the first thing she noticed was a large lake off to the right. The water was completely still, no ripple skimming across the surface. Across the water as a backdrop were massive mountains in the distance dusted with snow. All around the pair were towering trees giving them ample privacy. Then finally a tiny wooden cottage stood next to the lake off to the left. Attached to the cottage was a thin dock extending over the water barely touching the surface.

“Where are we?” Nesta asked while Cassian carefully set her down.

Before answering her he stared at the cottage then swept his eyes over the lake and up to the mountains. “This was where I grew up,” he whispered still not meeting her gaze.

Suddenly Nesta found no words. Everything she wanted to say simply disappeared and remained quiet. The way he looked at the cottage reminded her of her childhood. His usual fiery gaze wasn’t there, they were replaced with sorrow and longing. Her heart yearned for him in that moment and realized how she still didn’t know much about him or his past. Maybe this moment would shed some light on that topic?

“This place doesn’t bear the best memories but some part of me still keeps coming back. Whenever I need a place to escape to I always come here,” his voice was still a mere whisper barely audible.

Nesta noticed how their fingers were still entwined with each other then gave his hand a slight squeeze for reassurance. He finally looked at her, his hazel eyes lightened up a bit when doing so.

“Come on, let me show you my favorite spot.” Cassian started guiding them towards the cottage. As they slowly made their way across the landscape a wind blew past them rustling the grass. While inhaling the fresh scent of pine Nesta couldn’t help but wonder if it was to greet them or tell Cassian to leave and never come back. If this place didn’t particularly harbor positive memories, why come back at all?

The cottage up close looked much bigger but the wood was worn down from centuries of facing the elements. The door didn’t have a lock anymore and the hoop handle was already lined with rust. Cassian pushed the door open listening to the creak of the decayed hinges. The room reeked with the smell of wet wood.

Once stepping inside the living room space the kitchen was far off to the left just ahead of them. A hallway lined with doors was off to the right. Nesta assumed that was where his previous room was located. But she never got a chance to check for herself. Cassian walked through the living room passing the kitchen to another door. He stole a quick glance of Nesta before nudging the door open, again with a broken lock.

The door led them to the little dock hovering just above the water. The scenery and sight was something to behold. She could see why he liked coming here as bitter as it was. The view was unlike any other and something you would want to see everyday. 

But one question kept bothering her and she couldn’t restrain herself when asking, “Cassian why do you keep coming back?”

Cassian let go of her fingers and settled himself down onto the wood. He peeled off his boots and set them aside then dipped his feet into the water. Before she had a chance to react he patted the wood beside him signaling for her to sit if she wanted. Nesta mirrored his movements and sat cross legged next to him.

“I’m not too sure myself why exactly I come back,” he sighed running his fingers through his now untied hair. “But I think it’s to remind myself of a promise I made.”

“A promise?”

His expression soothed into something less somber. “I promised myself that if one day I start a family..” he paused.

“Cassian you don’t need to say anything if you don’t wish to.”

He only shook his head and took her hand again for a sense of security. “I want my children to have a memorable childhood filled with laughter and happiness. Unlike my own.”

For the first time in a long time Nesta allowed herself to smile. To truly smile. Something inside melted at his words because she too would want the same thing. Growing up the way Nesta and her sisters did, one question always managed to haunt her the entire time. Would they live to see the next day? Would they live to see their next birthday? Would their be a day where they didn’t fear for their lives at all?

“I think thats a promise you will fulfill with ease,” she murmured more to herself than him.

His head snapped to her and she saw his eyes widen.

A couple silent moments passed between them until she finally heard him say, “Thank you.”

Nesta only hung her head a bit to avoid the eye contact. The only thing in view now was the water. To this day Nesta still couldn’t submerge her body fully under water. But as a start she removed her shoes and dipped her toes into it just as he did. She continued to ground herself into the wood reminding herself that she was alive and safe.

“Better than the heat in Velaris?”

She lifted her head up, “A lot better.”

Cassian flashed a victory smirk. “We have to be heading home soon before dark.”

To her surprise she felt a glimmer of sadness rise. Nesta didn’t want to leave just yet but he was right. Plus she didn’t want to find out what creatures lurked here during nightfall.

Cassian lifted himself up swiftly sliding his boots on and extending his hand to her. She took it making her way up and slipped into her own pair of shoes.

“Try not to mess up my hair on the way back,” she nudged him playfully as he lifted Nesta and cradled her to his chest.

“Don’t lie to yourself. You know you love to fly with me.”

She scoffed him off and oped her mouth to retort but before she could he shot up into the sky chuckling in the process.

However, even if it was painful for her to admit, he was right. She really did love to fly.

Themed Characters: Fairies

“Do I look like I can reach behind my head and do elegant braids myself?” He asked, hair a complete mess.

She was curious about humans and that’s how she ended up disguised as one, working in retail to get close to them. She hated it.

They flicked a drop of water off their nose, glaring down at the laughing merfolk in the water, wings folded up behind them.

“It’s simple; I provide them magic and I get protection from this grumpy werewolf,” they said, patting said beast on the shoulder. 

When she wasn’t hiding her wings, she liked to show off the leaf patterns, where she could easily hide in any tree so long as it was spring or summer. 

The bow in their hands felt right, and as they held their breath, releasing the arrow, they watched it completely miss the red and white target.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you making trades with the likes of my kind was a bad idea?” He asked, though he was more than tempted to close the deal while it was still in his favor and leave.

They watched their human friend stumble into trouble and tried to keep their sigh quiet as they walked over, ready to do damage control.

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Allies reacting to their s/o asking them to braid the s/o's hair?

Fun fact: I had long hair for years, but I only learned how to braid hair after I cut it too short to do it to myself. rip me


-He doesn’t know how to braid hair, but he’s more than willing to learn for you! He watches a video on youtube, and soon after he buries his fingers in your hair to try it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the hang of it, and you end up with a lovely, but slightly messy braid. If you let him, he’ll keep practicing on you until he’s gotten really good at it.


-He’s braided his own hair before, and knows a lot of more complicated styles. As soon as you ask, he settles in behind you and gets to work. You’re expecting him to just do a simple braid, but you end up having a braid with roses in it. It’s beautiful, and he blushes when you thank him. After this, he nearly begs you to let him style your hair for you.


-France has taught him how to braid hair, and he’s relatively good at it. So when you ask him one morning, he’s eager to help. He loves playing with your hair, and gives you an elegant fishtail braid, to low-key show off his skills in the hopes that you’ll ask him to do it again in the future.


-He doesn’t know how to do anything with hair except brush it, so he’s worried when you ask him. Still, he wants to make you happy, so he’ll try his best. He looks up a tutorial, and slowly follows along. He accidentally pulls on your hair a few times without realizing, and has to re-do it twice. In the end, the results aren’t half bad, and he’s rather proud of himself. But you might want to do your hair yourself from now on.


-He’s probably asked to style your hair before this, since he likes playing with it. His face lights up when you ask, and he rushes off to gather the necessary things. When he was younger, he frequently watched Ukraine braid her hair and helped her, and he weaves your hair into a crown braid. He’s happy, and he hopes you are too.


-He’s been alive for thousands of years, and has raised girls. Of course he knows how to braid hair, and braid it well. Once you ask him, he tells you to sit down in front of him and stay still. He finishes soon after he starts, and hands you a mirror so you can see the ladder braid. He hopes you like it as much as he does.

What do you guys think of the images? I thought it’d be a good idea for something like this, but let me know if I shouldn’t do it again in the future. 

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aaa can I request a modern John Laurens X reader where it's their wedding day and they're both experiencing full on jitters and it's cute and stuff? no smut just fluff <3

hey hey I hope you enjoy this sickening fluff

john is my baby ok I love him so very much

Jitters (Laurens/Reader)

Howdy! This is John Laurens’ cell. Uh, if you hear this message, I probably can’t get to the phone, or my battery has run out. Leave a message after the beep.”


“Uh, hiya, hon. I just- I just needed to hear your voice, but, uh, I guess the guys have taken you off on some wild adventure. Um,” You tap your fingers to your lips as you furrow your brow. “I guess, uh, have a good party. No strippers! I’ll see you tomorrow,” You pause, thinking of something suitably cheesy to say. “I’ll be the one in white. I love you.” You say, and hang up, smiling.

“So?” Your friend Angelica asks, coming up behind you and resting a hand on your shoulder.

“Voicemail. I guess he must be having a wild night tonight…”

Angelica giggles. “It’s Alexander, Lafeyette and Hercules. Of course they’ll make his bachelor party something to remember. Besides, this is your bachelorette party, too, and we’re going to have fun, fun, fun!”

“Yeah…” You say wistfully.

Angelica catches your eye. “Uh oh. I know that look. You don’t want to stay at this party.” She grins knowingly at you.

You sigh. She’s right, you’d do anything to just be spending tonight, this last night before your wedding day, curled up on your rickety old sofa with John as you watch corny cowboy movies and feed each other Doritos and popcorn as though in the sickening honeymoon phase. 

Hey, what can you say? You’re in love, after all.

“You’re right, Angie. I don’t, but…” You’re cut off by the distinct beeping of your cell phone. You glance down at it.

John❤️, reads the screen. 

“Ah.” Angelica smirks. “I’ll leave you to it!” She squeezes your shoulder and walks off to join her sisters, standing a few yards away to give privacy.

You bite your lip to suppress a smile and swipe the screen, holding the phone up to your ear.


“Hi, babe. Sorry I missed your call, I didn’t hear my phone go off.“ The warmth in your fiancée’s tone soothes you. You can already imagine the wide grin on his face.

“It’s okay.” Your eyes crinkle as a slow, steady smile spreads across your face involuntarily. “What have the boys got you doing? No strip clubs, I hope.”

“Nah. Nah, just a night around town. We’re at a bar. Alex bet Herc that he can out drink him.”

“Poor Al.” You shake your head. “Tell him not to drink too much, yeah? We need him sober for his best man speech tomorrow. He can’t tell funny anecdotes with a hangover.”

“Ugh.” John groans, and you laugh. “Why did I make Al my best man again?”

“Because you went by the logic that you’ve known him the least time, therefore he would have less embarrassing stories. Of course, you failed to realise that since he’s your best friend, he would have the most embarrassing stories.”

“I’m an idiot." John sighs.

"You’re my idiot.” You say fondly. A sweet silence follows.

“…Can I tell you something?”


“…I’m…I’m really, really j-jittery and nervous." John admits. Your breath hitches. Him too?

”…So am I.“ You whisper softly. You can hear John heave a sigh on the other side of the phone.

"I don’t wanna screw this up." 

"Me, neither.”

“And I don’t just mean the wedding. I mean…us. I love you, (Name), and I don’t want to lose you, not for anything.”

“You won’t. Not for anything. I love you too, John. And it’ll be a lot clearer tomorrow when I see you at the end of the aisle, waiting for me.”

You can hear the smile in his voice at his next words. “You’re going to be stunning. I love you. Bye, now.”


The wedding preparations pass by in a blur, between people doing your hair, makeup, and helping you into your dress.

Oh, your dress.

You had to hand it to Hercules, he was an amazing tailor.

The dress was long, pure white and silky, and it clung to your upper body like you had walked though a delicate spider web. From your waist down, however, it flowed, almost like running water pooling around your feet. The train wasn’t that long. There was a light lilac sash tied just under your bosom with a delicate gold trim, and you had a sweetheart neckline with sheer, off-the-shoulder sleeves. It was beautiful.

You were beautiful.

Your makeup was mostly a natural look, but your lipstick had a slight purple tint and your eyeshadow was also muted purple. Your hair was tied in an elegant French braid, with a lily tucked just behind your ear. You held a bouquet of violets, lilies and lilac.

You can't stop staring at yourself in the mirror.

“(Name)?” Eliza calls from behind the partition that hid you. 

“Y-yes?” You mumble.

“Come on out! We want to see you!” Peggy says encouragingly.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes and reveal yourself. The Schuyler sisters gasp and clamour in praise.

“You look beautiful!” Angelica cooes.

“You…you think?” You ask, mouth dry and palms sweating.

“Of course!” Eliza assures you. 

Peggy frowns as she notices your hands trembling. “You’re nervous.” She states.

“Yeah. I’m all jittery.” You say, voice shaking.

“It’s all going to be okay. You won’t make a fool of yourself.” Eliza says calmly, squeezing your shoulder. You smile weakly at her as the wedding march begins. The sisters get into line in front of you, and you are vaguely aware of a large, male hand wrapping around yours and guiding it to a bicep, in preparation to walk you to your groom.

Your cue plays, and you step into the room, catching a quick glimpse at the guests before your eyes are full of John.

It takes all of your willpower to not rip your hand free and sprint down the aisle into his arms.

The walk takes an eternity, but you don’t even care, because he is right there and he is so breathtakingly, mindnumbingly beautiful that you can feel your heart breaking into pieces in your chest but you still don’t care. You could watch him forever.

You love him.

His eyes are alight with so much wonder and love, and his smile is wide, happy and bright. His unruly curls are pulled back into a low ponytail, and he is wearing an immaculate black suit with a lilac tie, the exact shade of your sash.

As you get closer, though, you can notice the faint sheen on his freckled forehead and the slight tremor in his hands as they reach out and encompass yours. His hands are damp with nerves, but that’s okay, because so are yours, your fingers threaded though his as he gives your palm a light squeeze. 

Just being near him calms you. Your jitters subside, and you can see that he visibly calms as well. 

Your eyes lock and your cheeks immediately redden at the emotion and devotion prominent in his gaze. 

“Dearly beloved.” The minister begins. “We are gathered here today…”

You don’t hear any of it, until he motions towards you to say your vows.

“(Name) (Last Name), I have loved you since the moment I first saw you.” John begins. “I remember walking into my English class in my sophomore year, and all I could see was this girl with a (hair colour) head of hair sitting in my usual spot. I was ticked off, until you shifted slightly and your hair fell differently, showing me your face, and all I could see was this gorgeous girl. In my seat.” The crowd titters and he grins before continuing. “I was always too shy to approach you, to which Alexander, Hercules and Lafeyette would tease me to no end, even after introducing us when I would even talk to you rarely. When the teacher assigned us to be partners in our project, I was sick with nerves and convinced I would quit. Until you gave me that beautiful smile of yours and I felt calmer instantly. In that moment I knew that one day, I was going to marry you. I promise to always love you and to forever stay true to you." 

You don’t realise that you are crying until John reaches up to brush your tears away with his thumb.

You take a deep breath before smiling and beginning your own vows. "John Laurens, the second I met you I dreamed of marrying you. When Alexander introduced us, I remember getting so nervous that I had to leave early. On the day you finally asked me to Homecoming, full of nerves and holding a bouquet of lilies, I felt so happy I could burst, and I started crying. We’ve been inseparable ever since. I want to grow old with you. I want to share everything with you. The two children with the fat cocker spaniel and a house with a porch - I don’t need those things, as long as you’re by my side for the rest of my life. You are my everything. I love you so much, and I always will.”

There isn’t a dry eye in the room as you finish. John lets out a quiet, shaky breath as tears brim and slip down his grinning face.

“John Laurens, do you take (Name) (Last Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“(Name) (Last Name), do you take John Laurens to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!”

“By the power invested in me,” The minister declares. “I declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The last thing you see as your eyes slip shut is your husband's beaming, tearful face as you feel the weight of his lips pressed against yours.

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Ohhhh great n amazing suka could i get 30 with calummmm?? Him being the one asking the question? xoxoxo

Sorry it’s late! School sux xo 

prompt list x

It had been a long night. That’s not to say that it hadn’t been a good night, it’d just been a long one. Between your best mate’s birthday luncheon, the work-party for your boss’s farewell, errands and grocery shopping (a small nap in between), and clubbing with the girls, you hadn’t really had a chance to catch a breath.

At this point, you appeared to have lost your friends. One minute you were trying to scream into someone’s ear that you seriously needed to pee and the next you were emerging from the urine-smelling cubicles totally alone. Sure, you were bummed, but you were also drunk and stumbling a little and still full of life and truth be told… you weren’t ready to go home.

Wondering through the streets was an interesting experience, and it turns out that alcohol has this ability to show you different streets in the city you know than what you thought existed. You met and lost friends quicker than you could keep up with, but you wandered into a smaller pub with more obscure music than you’d been listening to all night, and you felt almost sad because you had all this time to discover something new about life or yourself, but you hadn’t really done that yet and in a matter of a couple of hours it was going to be last call all over the city.

You wondered into a smaller pub down a laneway you’d never seen before, your little black dress starting to get a little bit uncomfortable (but you made a smart choice pairing it with converse instead of those wedges your girlfriends were eyeing up earlier in the evening), and you were avoiding the mirrors and windows because you couldn’t be sure but you had the feeling your pretty, elegant braid was no longer pretty and elegant.

“You’re looking a little lost.” A gruff voice mumbled from next to you. The music wasn’t so loud in here, so you were startled at the fact that he wasn’t yelling at you for your attention. You looked to your right and he was sitting on the barstool next to you, sipping on a pint of beer, leather jacket accenting broad shoulders and shimmering a little bit in the dim lighting.

“I’m not lost.” You shook your head, vision blurring slightly. “I’m waiting for a drink.” You heard him snort a little bit, but through unfocussed eyes you could still see a smirk.

“Fair enough.” He said simply, his body turning a little to face you. “What’ll you have?” You felt a little rise in the butterflies in your stomach – but you couldn’t be sure if it was the lingering alcohol in your veins or him.

“Depends.” You said very matter-of-factly, turning on your stool too so you could see him properly. You had to blink a lot to make out his familiar face and tanned, glowing skin. “What are you really asking me?” You offered a challenging eyebrow quirk and for a second his face dropped and he seemed startled. He cleared his throat quietly, like he didn’t want you to hear, and you turned back to face the bar and signalled for your own drink. You sighed a little bit, leaning on your elbows on the counter of the bar. You were almost smug. You’d never lost your edge when it came to a certain Calum Hood. You were always a couple of steps ahead.

“It’s two am,” he said inquisitively. “Why are you next to me?” He asked. And you just shrugged because there were a million different ways you could answer the question.

“I’m… wandering.” You said with a tiny smile over your shoulder. He cocked an eyebrow at you.

“Wandering?” He asked.

“Yep.” You confirmed.




And you chuckled, rolling your eyes a little bit.

“You know,” You began to say as the bartender slid a pint in front of you. “For a hot-shot singer-song writer, you don’t seem to have a clue about what it is to wander about things.”

“You could teach me.” He took to saying, handing the barkeep a bill to pay for your drink. You looked over into brown eyes as deadly serious as yours.