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aaa can I request a modern John Laurens X reader where it's their wedding day and they're both experiencing full on jitters and it's cute and stuff? no smut just fluff <3

hey hey I hope you enjoy this sickening fluff

john is my baby ok I love him so very much

Jitters (Laurens/Reader)

Howdy! This is John Laurens’ cell. Uh, if you hear this message, I probably can’t get to the phone, or my battery has run out. Leave a message after the beep.”


“Uh, hiya, hon. I just- I just needed to hear your voice, but, uh, I guess the guys have taken you off on some wild adventure. Um,” You tap your fingers to your lips as you furrow your brow. “I guess, uh, have a good party. No strippers! I’ll see you tomorrow,” You pause, thinking of something suitably cheesy to say. “I’ll be the one in white. I love you.” You say, and hang up, smiling.

“So?” Your friend Angelica asks, coming up behind you and resting a hand on your shoulder.

“Voicemail. I guess he must be having a wild night tonight…”

Angelica giggles. “It’s Alexander, Lafeyette and Hercules. Of course they’ll make his bachelor party something to remember. Besides, this is your bachelorette party, too, and we’re going to have fun, fun, fun!”

“Yeah…” You say wistfully.

Angelica catches your eye. “Uh oh. I know that look. You don’t want to stay at this party.” She grins knowingly at you.

You sigh. She’s right, you’d do anything to just be spending tonight, this last night before your wedding day, curled up on your rickety old sofa with John as you watch corny cowboy movies and feed each other Doritos and popcorn as though in the sickening honeymoon phase. 

Hey, what can you say? You’re in love, after all.

“You’re right, Angie. I don’t, but…” You’re cut off by the distinct beeping of your cell phone. You glance down at it.

John❤️, reads the screen. 

“Ah.” Angelica smirks. “I’ll leave you to it!” She squeezes your shoulder and walks off to join her sisters, standing a few yards away to give privacy.

You bite your lip to suppress a smile and swipe the screen, holding the phone up to your ear.


“Hi, babe. Sorry I missed your call, I didn’t hear my phone go off.“ The warmth in your fiancée’s tone soothes you. You can already imagine the wide grin on his face.

“It’s okay.” Your eyes crinkle as a slow, steady smile spreads across your face involuntarily. “What have the boys got you doing? No strip clubs, I hope.”

“Nah. Nah, just a night around town. We’re at a bar. Alex bet Herc that he can out drink him.”

“Poor Al.” You shake your head. “Tell him not to drink too much, yeah? We need him sober for his best man speech tomorrow. He can’t tell funny anecdotes with a hangover.”

“Ugh.” John groans, and you laugh. “Why did I make Al my best man again?”

“Because you went by the logic that you’ve known him the least time, therefore he would have less embarrassing stories. Of course, you failed to realise that since he’s your best friend, he would have the most embarrassing stories.”

“I’m an idiot." John sighs.

"You’re my idiot.” You say fondly. A sweet silence follows.

“…Can I tell you something?”


“…I’m…I’m really, really j-jittery and nervous." John admits. Your breath hitches. Him too?

”…So am I.“ You whisper softly. You can hear John heave a sigh on the other side of the phone.

"I don’t wanna screw this up." 

"Me, neither.”

“And I don’t just mean the wedding. I mean…us. I love you, (Name), and I don’t want to lose you, not for anything.”

“You won’t. Not for anything. I love you too, John. And it’ll be a lot clearer tomorrow when I see you at the end of the aisle, waiting for me.”

You can hear the smile in his voice at his next words. “You’re going to be stunning. I love you. Bye, now.”


The wedding preparations pass by in a blur, between people doing your hair, makeup, and helping you into your dress.

Oh, your dress.

You had to hand it to Hercules, he was an amazing tailor.

The dress was long, pure white and silky, and it clung to your upper body like you had walked though a delicate spider web. From your waist down, however, it flowed, almost like running water pooling around your feet. The train wasn’t that long. There was a light lilac sash tied just under your bosom with a delicate gold trim, and you had a sweetheart neckline with sheer, off-the-shoulder sleeves. It was beautiful.

You were beautiful.

Your makeup was mostly a natural look, but your lipstick had a slight purple tint and your eyeshadow was also muted purple. Your hair was tied in an elegant French braid, with a lily tucked just behind your ear. You held a bouquet of violets, lilies and lilac.

You can't stop staring at yourself in the mirror.

“(Name)?” Eliza calls from behind the partition that hid you. 

“Y-yes?” You mumble.

“Come on out! We want to see you!” Peggy says encouragingly.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes and reveal yourself. The Schuyler sisters gasp and clamour in praise.

“You look beautiful!” Angelica cooes.

“You…you think?” You ask, mouth dry and palms sweating.

“Of course!” Eliza assures you. 

Peggy frowns as she notices your hands trembling. “You’re nervous.” She states.

“Yeah. I’m all jittery.” You say, voice shaking.

“It’s all going to be okay. You won’t make a fool of yourself.” Eliza says calmly, squeezing your shoulder. You smile weakly at her as the wedding march begins. The sisters get into line in front of you, and you are vaguely aware of a large, male hand wrapping around yours and guiding it to a bicep, in preparation to walk you to your groom.

Your cue plays, and you step into the room, catching a quick glimpse at the guests before your eyes are full of John.

It takes all of your willpower to not rip your hand free and sprint down the aisle into his arms.

The walk takes an eternity, but you don’t even care, because he is right there and he is so breathtakingly, mindnumbingly beautiful that you can feel your heart breaking into pieces in your chest but you still don’t care. You could watch him forever.

You love him.

His eyes are alight with so much wonder and love, and his smile is wide, happy and bright. His unruly curls are pulled back into a low ponytail, and he is wearing an immaculate black suit with a lilac tie, the exact shade of your sash.

As you get closer, though, you can notice the faint sheen on his freckled forehead and the slight tremor in his hands as they reach out and encompass yours. His hands are damp with nerves, but that’s okay, because so are yours, your fingers threaded though his as he gives your palm a light squeeze. 

Just being near him calms you. Your jitters subside, and you can see that he visibly calms as well. 

Your eyes lock and your cheeks immediately redden at the emotion and devotion prominent in his gaze. 

“Dearly beloved.” The minister begins. “We are gathered here today…”

You don’t hear any of it, until he motions towards you to say your vows.

“(Name) (Last Name), I have loved you since the moment I first saw you.” John begins. “I remember walking into my English class in my sophomore year, and all I could see was this girl with a (hair colour) head of hair sitting in my usual spot. I was ticked off, until you shifted slightly and your hair fell differently, showing me your face, and all I could see was this gorgeous girl. In my seat.” The crowd titters and he grins before continuing. “I was always too shy to approach you, to which Alexander, Hercules and Lafeyette would tease me to no end, even after introducing us when I would even talk to you rarely. When the teacher assigned us to be partners in our project, I was sick with nerves and convinced I would quit. Until you gave me that beautiful smile of yours and I felt calmer instantly. In that moment I knew that one day, I was going to marry you. I promise to always love you and to forever stay true to you." 

You don’t realise that you are crying until John reaches up to brush your tears away with his thumb.

You take a deep breath before smiling and beginning your own vows. "John Laurens, the second I met you I dreamed of marrying you. When Alexander introduced us, I remember getting so nervous that I had to leave early. On the day you finally asked me to Homecoming, full of nerves and holding a bouquet of lilies, I felt so happy I could burst, and I started crying. We’ve been inseparable ever since. I want to grow old with you. I want to share everything with you. The two children with the fat cocker spaniel and a house with a porch - I don’t need those things, as long as you’re by my side for the rest of my life. You are my everything. I love you so much, and I always will.”

There isn’t a dry eye in the room as you finish. John lets out a quiet, shaky breath as tears brim and slip down his grinning face.

“John Laurens, do you take (Name) (Last Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“(Name) (Last Name), do you take John Laurens to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!”

“By the power invested in me,” The minister declares. “I declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The last thing you see as your eyes slip shut is your husband's beaming, tearful face as you feel the weight of his lips pressed against yours.

Fun and Games

by Justine Graham and Erin Darroch 


“Han,” Leia tugged on his arm. “Look at this.”

Han followed the direction of her gaze and then shook his head, giving her a wry smile. “That’s a rigged game, Sweetheart. Stand here and watch ‘em for a while; you’ll see they change the setup for each species. It’s a racket.”

“No, I mean look at the prizes.” Clutching the neck of her plush TaunTaun in one hand—a trophy Han had won and gallantly presented to her at the last booth they’d visited—she gestured with the other hand at the items dangling around the frame of the stall, then looked back at Han just in time to see horrified realization dawning in his eyes.

“What the hell….” Han murmured, moving past her towards the small booth. “What the—Hey, pal,” he called to the stall’s operator, a burly humanoid woman with piercing yellow eyes and a nest of orange curls framing her broad face. “Who’re these supposed to be?”

The woman gave him a look of incredulity as she heaved her thickset frame off her stool and moved along the front of the stall in their direction. “You been livin’ on some backwater planet for the last few years?” she challenged. “Who do ya think?” She lifted one of the prizes and waggling it at him. It was a soft doll, a little more than a handspan tall, rather simply made of printed fabric that had been stitched into the shape of a Wookiee and filled with plush stuffing. The print on the fabric was crudely drawn and the face appeared a bit cartoonish, but it was still easily recognizable as a depiction of a Kashyyyk native, complete with a stitched-in bandolier draped diagonally across its chest. “This one’s the mighty Chewbacca, of course. And this here is the Princess,” she tapped one of the dangling toys and set it swinging. Judging by the style of white dress and the elaborate hairstyle depicted on the fabric of the swaying doll, Leia realized it must have been modeled on the holo images of herself that had been broadcast around the galaxy just after the destruction of the first Death Star, when she’d presided over the awards ceremony that had followed their victory.

“These,” the woman clarified, gesturing around at the dangling prize dolls, “are the heroes of the Battle of Yavin.”

Leia covered her face with one hand and peeked at Han through her fingers, feeling simultaneously giddy with amusement and utterly mortified. Han cast her a look that showed his own emotions were similarly at war. His mobile face seemed to struggle between expressions, finally settling on a sort of horrified amazement.

“This here’s the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker,” the woman continued, setting the Chewie doll to one side and then lifting a blond-haired doll whose printed attire featured brown trousers and a buttery yellow flight jacket. “He’s the one that blew up the Death Star,” she informed them, in a tone that said these were well-known facts that every simpleton and schoolchild must already know. “The first one, I mean,” she amended, staring down at the doll for a lingering moment.

“He ain’t a Master yet,” Han muttered, though the woman didn’t appear to hear him.

She cradled the Luke doll in one palm, and fondly poked its soft belly with her forefinger. “He’s a cutie, that one. And he practically saved the whole galaxy with that one shot, don'tcha know.”

“He had a little help, don'tcha know,” Han retorted, looking mildly indignant.

“Yeah, yeah, this guy,” the stall runner poked another of the dangling prizes with her finger and set it swinging alongside the swaying Leia doll. The toy depicted a brown-haired human male garbed in a white shirt and black vest, with blue trousers featuring an approximation of the Corellian bloodstripe along each of the printed seams. “He’s called Han Solo.”

Leia glanced at Han’s face and had to hold her breath and press her lips together so she wouldn’t burst out laughing. He wore that mulish expression, the belligerent one he got when he was gearing up to argue with someone.

“Yeah?” Han prompted. “So what did he do?”

The woman shrugged. “Ain’t ever been too clear on that one,” she admitted. “But the Princess gave him a medal so I guess he did somethin’ important. And now I hear they’re gettin’ married.”

Leia’s eyes flew wide and she choked as Han’s head swivelled in her direction. She tried to draw a breath but found herself spluttering with laughter that could no longer be contained.

“Is that so?” Han queried in a tone of bemusement, cocking a quizzical eyebrow at the princess.

Leia gave him a helpless shrug, shaking her head and trying—unsuccessfully—to stifle her laughter.

“Yeah, that’s what they say,” the woman responded, a dreamy expression crossing her blunt features. She seemed completely oblivious to the byplay between Han and Leia, and it was clear she hadn’t recognized them. Leia supposed that the holo images upon which the dolls’ designs had been based had been taken more than four years ago, and they’d all changed a bit since then. Furthermore, she and Han were dressed in casual clothes completely unlike the garb depicted on the dolls, and Leia’s hair was gathered in a messy knot at the nape of her neck instead of arranged in an elegant braided crown atop her head. Evidently, those differences were enough to obscure any physical similarities between themselves and the 'Heroes of the Rebellion’.

“I’m hopin’ they’ll show the wedding on the Holonet,” the woman was saying, still smiling a little pensively. “It’s about time we had somethin’ nice to think about and look forward to, after all the troubles.”

Han’s expression softened. “Yeah,” he agreed, angling his head back in Leia’s direction and giving her a speculative look. “It’s about time.”

Still smiling, Leia returned his direct gaze, but she felt her heart skip and flutter as they stared at one another. The way he was focused on her now, she knew exactly what he was thinking. They hadn’t actually discussed a formal marriage yet—not in so many words—but it certainly felt to Leia like an inevitable conclusion, one they were moving steadily towards. His changeable eyes seemed to darken with intent as he looked at her, making her feel as if the two of them were standing on the cusp of something monumental.

“Smart guy, hooking up with such a brave, beautiful princess, don'tcha think?” Han addressed his comments to the stall keeper, but his eyes remained fixed on Leia’s face.

“Smart? Maybe… But lucky, too,” the woman opined.

“Yeah, you’re not wrong about that one, pal,” he murmured, his voice so low it was likely only Leia could hear him.

Reaching for Leia, he drew her close and lowered his head to hers. Heedless of the woman’s presence, not even caring if the whole of Hanna City were watching them, Leia stretched up to meet his offered kiss. His lips were warm and soft against hers, and his free hand came up to cradle her face with a touch so tender it made her racing heart pound even faster. When their lips parted, Han slipped his hand down the length of her arm and entwined his fingers with hers. She smiled up at him in unabashed adoration as she squeezed his hand and he squeezed back.

The sound of a throat being pointedly cleared drew their attention back to the stall keeper. While they’d been distracted, the woman had pulled one of the Han dolls down and set it side-by-side with one of the Leia dolls atop the counter that separated the players from the interior of the stand. “Tell ya what, Loverboy, you win, and you can have the pair. Two for the price of one. They oughta go together anyway, I reckon.”

“You're on, lady,” Han released Leia and turned to face the woman more fully. Stuffing a hand into his front pocket, he then withdrew a handful of credit chips in small denominations and slapped them down on the counter. “In fact, tell me what I’ve gotta do to win 'em all.”



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Ohmigosh. 42 with assassin reader x Jaebum. Please.

42. “You braided his hair?”

“I’m so jealous that you got the chance to actually accompany the prince on his his journey! How was it? Is he really that dreamy all the time?” one of the palace servants asked you; you coughed and said, “Oh yes…he’s very…lovely…” with masked annoyance - ever since you had become’s Jaebum’s personal assassin, you were to play the role of his hand maiden during the day, something that you found incredibly annoying.

Suddenly the door opened and the two of you bowed to the Prince as he walked into the room only to ask for your presence before continuing down the hall into the throne room; the servant looked after him and then back towards you with wide eyes, saying “His hair looks so elegant in those braids now,” she sighed dreamily to which you replied, “Yes, they were a pain to do.”

Her jaw dropped and she said, “You braided his hair?” and tugged on your arm as you began to walk towards the throne room which made you turn back towards her and shrug, saying, “It just seemed like the thing to do.”; you made sure not to tell her that the reason you had braided it was because you had been angry at him for keeping it long and down after you were forced to save Jaebum’s life when his long hair got snagged on a post while the two of you were trying to run from bandits.

Give me a pairing an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~ 

Jitters - (Emma and Maleficent friendship fic)

I knew I wanted to write something about Emma this week, and my one of  favorite parts of her is how committed she is to making the people around her happier, and safer, and how she uses her knowledge of people. 

This plays with that, and has Dragon Queen (because I adore them). It’s vaguely canon compliant to a season seven that just happens to have a Dragon Queen wedding in it. There’s some very gentle Captain Swan, and Killian being useful with makeup. 

It’s total fluff and pretty much my love letter about why I love Emma in fic form. 

Huge thanks to @shinewithalltheuntold and @holdouttrout for reading my fic and being so wonderful and supportive. 

(also tagging the wonderful captain swan and dragon queen tea party: @besselfunctions, @ouat-upon-a-coconut, @brooke-to-broch, @thejollyduckling and @icapturedkindness <3) 

also on ao3

Regina and Maleficent are getting married today and all Emma has to do is show up and hope the wedding doesn’t get derailed by some kind of magical crisis, but then Maleficent isn’t answering her phone and maybe she’s just nervous. Can dragons get cold feet?

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Strands of Light

A LuNyx Fanfic inspired by this prompt posted by @otpprompts  

Kingsglaive AU: Everyone’s alive and Nyx works as bodyguard for Luna regularly

Summary: Nyx reacts to Luna’s new hairdo.

He never thought he could adore it so much until he saw a ray of morning light hit it once.

The golden locks glowed like it was the princess’ halo, giving his heart no rest from speaking about the attraction that he seldom expressed. And when he did express it, she had let his sights feast on its beauty. He had witnessed the waves and layers fall gracefully to her shoulders as she untangled the braid and the pins on one occasion. He had often caught a glimpse of how it moved through the wind during those nights where she faced the view from the balcony.

To his delight, he knew how soft it was.

Once, an accidental tumble had caused her to land on top of him. The impact on the floor hurt his back a bit but pain was forgotten when the ribbon on her head became loose. Down came the hair like silky curtains, touching his face unintentionally, tingling the scarred skin. It had taken him a few moments before his fingers hooked a delicate chunk of it behind her ear. 

He could only wear a smile that masked his fluster on that day. He still wore that smile now as he waited for her to come out of her quarters.

The Tenebraean princess had promised a surprise before they head out into the garden. 

A new look, she had said.

Imagination had given guesses but he chose to keep himself from expecting anything. Whatever she was prepared to proudly show, he’d accept it in all honesty. After all, nothing could seem to tarnish her grace and beauty.

Nothing so far and, as the glaive confidently believed, nothing would.

Hearing the door open, he turned around.

The princess stood at the opening. The dimmed sunlight from the windows revealed enough of her graceful silhouette. She wore a sun dress with soft ruffles at the ends that touched her knees. Her hands were shyly placed behind her. Her baby blues stare at him expectantly and it took him a second to see what she was trying to showcase.

The golden locks he had always adored was now… 

A short bob.

Nyx caught his breath in shock.

“Well?” she urged, tilting her head, “What do you think?”

He was at a loss of words while an inner turmoil brewed. The soft hair. The elegant braids. The long, wavy strands that he had stroked with his fingers. It was all gone. And what replaced it was a hairdo that ended just below her jawline. No abundance of that silky gold. No more of those locks that would dance into the wind.


He snapped back to his name being called to inquiry.

“I… ” he started

Should he lie? Was he even really repulsed by it? Should he give it a chance?

When his voice faded into the internal uncertainty, she approached him as if he had spoken too softly that her ear hadn’t caught it.

That was when he saw it.

The ray of light shining down from a window nearby and landing onto the perfectly smooth surface of the blonde hair. 

The shape of the cut framed her tender face just right to reveal it fully. The bangs that sloped to one side had a small wave that made the whole look very interesting. Certainly, it was new. But it grew in him faster than he had expected. 

Another obsession for his sights. Because, ultimately, she looked charming with it. 

Exquisitely charming.

“You don’t like it?” she uttered

A breath escaped from him just as he felt the need to remedy her question. 

“No, your highness, I…”

He reached out to touch the delicate edge of her bangs and hanged it behind her ear. Without letting go of the feel of the soft strands, his palm lightly cupped her rosy cheek.

“I love it.”