elegant artifacts

Hux’s interior design preferences for his quarters from the Phasma book:

Brendol had liked classical, traditional styles, elegant rugs and fine artifacts and rich foods. But Armitage, like Kylo Ren, seems to appreciate a certain starkness in his person and in his quarters. Everything is beautiful and comforatble and refined, sure. But each each element is edged in silver that seems sharp enough to slice skin. Armitage drapes himself across a low, ice-blue sofa but doesn’t invite Cardinal to sit. 

p. 302

So our general likes sleek and modern design elements. And it’s nice that Kylo and Hux can finally bond over something they have in common: interior design. It’s touching, really. :D

Meeting of Prefects

“The prefect’s meeting is upon us,” Diana nearly hissed, her tone pert with anxiousness as eyes of cerulean rolled to observe her wristwatch; a charmingly elegant artifact of her late grandmother’s. “If Akko isn’t here come three minutes from now, I’ll be forced to find her myself. And let me assure you,” she paused to sip at a cup of steeping chamomile, “I will not be pleasant if it comes to that.” Distractedly, the Ravenclaw began to add more honey to her hot beverage; the stickiness of the sugar tainting the tips of slender fingers that loosened the jar’s metallic lid.

Beside her, Hannah nodded slightly, her eyes trained to her blonde companion as she stirred her tea methodically, mixing in the natural sweetener. The fact that she remained poised, elegant and beautiful while doing such a menial thing as adding honey to a drink was flabbergasting; and despite herself, Hannah found her ears turning hot with envy. “Knowing her, she’s probably held up over something pathetic,” she retorted, grinning crookedly and looking to Barbara for reassurance. When the other girl nodded, she continued slowly, “More than likely, she either fell asleep or got held up gawking over sweets from the trolley. You have a right to keep other prefects in check too, Diana,” Hannah added, rolling her eyes and pressing a reassuring palm to the curve of her friend’s cloaked shoulder. “You know that you’ve got the two of us behind your back. We’ll even come to remind Akko with you, if you’d like?”

Icy gaze shifting towards the window of their cart, Diana sighed and cleared her throat. Of course, she knew that she was supposed to keep everybody in line; thusly, prefects too would be reprimanded for any wrongdoing if rules were broken and, if duties went unattended. It wasn’t as if she needed Hannah’s recognition and acceptance for her to do the job that the school had assigned to her.

“I think I’d feel better if you two kept watch over the compartment,” she instructed, her words slow and warm. “I appreciate your company, of course. It just would be awful if any first years, or problematic Slytherin’s were to steal from our luggage. Wouldn’t you agree?” the blonde finished, drinking down the remainder of her cup and setting it to the side as she stood. “I still have yet to see Akko pass on her way to the meeting, so I’m going to look for her. Foolish girl, she’ll lose her position if she acts like this on the very first day,” she finished softly, her words hardly conceivable to her friends.

Opening the door, Diana slid into the hallway, her eyes fixed on her two housemates as she waved a slight farewell; her palm raising in dismissal. Before she had a chance however, to make her way towards the front of the express, where Akko and her lioness companions dwelled, she was struck harshly by a colliding force; it was hard, and forced the oxygen from her lungs.

Staggering backwards and nearly tripping over her own feet, the blonde snarled instinctively at the one who’d clumsily fallen into her, only to find that Akko had found her first.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” the Ravenclaw asked incredulously, hay colored brows furrowing in irritation; her high cheekbones flushing despite herself. Positive that by now, Akko could discern the expression of embarrassment on her face, the blonde looked to the flooring of the train to better hide her elation; an excitement she could not name filled the pit of her, coiling in the alcove of her tummy like restless serpents might. It was unsettling and made her feel peculiar.

Swallowing dryly, Diana took a distancing step away from the Gryffindor. Sucking anxiously upon her bottom lip, the blonde turned away, diverting her attention from the one who filled her with such complex and nauseating emotions. It was so pathetic, being reduced to a blushing mess over somebody so ignorant and loud. Oh, how it aggravated her to know that Akko, the strong-headed Gryffindor boasted an unnamed power over her; one she’d been fighting for years, but could not seem to conquer.

‘It isn’t as if it matters,’ she thought quickly, attempting to qualm her hyperactive emotions. 'Just divert her attention. She’s easy enough redirect with words. Don’t let the suddenness of this effect you. It isn’t worth it.’

“I’m hoping that you’re going to tell me why it is you decided to run into me like that?!” she asked, turning to catch the other’s bright eyes with her own, desperate gaze. “This better be a good excuse, Akko. And might in inquire, too, as to why it is you’re almost tardy to the first prefects’ meeting of the year?” Appearing cool and collected in her element, the blonde stood with her hands pressed to the curves of her hips, cerulean orb’s challenging and begging for the Gryffindor to spill her excuses.