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This, perhaps, is one of the finest film scenes I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. The intensity with which Christine Noonan delivers makes me fall in love with her; and boy, let’s not even talk about how pretty, sexy and seductive her eyes look.

She is simply so beautiful, so elegant and so likeable in this one scene that I lack words to fully describe what I feel.

Elsword PSA: Who are the good guys?

This PSA was requested by the-lost-one-out! If there’s a particular topic you would like me to talk about for the next PSA, ask me!

So as many of you probably know, I made a post explaining that there isn’t one particular job path that is always the darkest path. I then talked about which classes were the darkest in my opinion. Now, I’ll be discussing the good guys! Which class is the “good” side? And is it always the “Imperial” class?

In case you don’t know, fans have come up with terms to describe each of the three job paths, generally called “Imperial”, “Rebellion”, and “Transform”. They’re roughly defined as:

  • Imperial: the class that improves their original powers and abilities, and is generally more elegant and calm.
  • Rebellion: the class that uses a fighting style opposite of their original training, and is generally more reckless and dangerous
  • Transform: the class that uses a completely new power to fight, usually involving a transformation, whether its a literal transformation or an inner transformation

This post is going to be a lot harder to go through than the “dark side” post, because choosing the good class between the two remaining ones is difficult for certain characters. But, I’ll try my best. So here we go!

Elsword: Lord Knight vs. Rune Slayer

See how tough this is going to be? One could say the “good guy” is Lord Knight, since he becomes more noble and chivalrous. However, Rune Slayer isn’t “bad”; he just has a different fighting style. Also, his motives for using fire and runes isn’t a bad one either. It’s just to improve his magical attacks and cover up his weaknesses.

Overall, I’d say LK is more on the “good” side. Based on what I understand about him, he’s more noble and fights to protect others. But again, it doesn’t make RS a bad guy. If you picked RS as the better of the two, or you decided they’re both equally “good”, that’s certainly reasonable.

Aisha: Elemental Master vs. Dimension Witch

For Aisha, we have two different types of “good”. EM is “good” because she follows her mentor’s example and is able to master the four elements. DW is “good” because she’s a f*cking magical girl! Sparkles and bright colors, oh my! She supposedly takes on this personality against her will, but even if this is true, it doesn’t make her a bad character. However, if Madoka Magica has taught me anything, it’s that the life of a magical girl isn’t necessarily fun and full of happiness. Then again, that’s just Madoka Magica.

I’m going to say neither of them is “better” than the other. One is an elegant magician, while the other is a sparkly heroine. If you think one of them has more goodness than the other, that’s totally cool, but for me, I’ll say they’re equally good.

(but VP is still the best Aisha class imo)

Rena: Grand Archer vs. Wind Sneaker 

Grand Archer is the “good” one here, because Wind Sneaker is scary! I mean, she breaks people’s bones. “That arm of yours? Lemme break that for you. Oh, you don’t want me to do that? I’ll break your legs instead! While I’m at it, I’ll kick you some more, and maybe even finish you off with a Violent Attack. After that, I’ll just sit here in this circle that heals me and my friends (no, you’re not my friend. I’m not sharing). Oh, you managed to kill me? Nope. I’m back from the dead, dummy! Lemme break your bones even more!”

And what’s GA have to compare? Arrows. Sure, arrows hurt and all, but I’d rather be sniped from a distance than have someone come up to me and destroy all the bones in my body. Ouch! You know, I’m starting to reconsider choosing NW as the “dark path” in my other post…

Raven: Blade Master vs. Veteran Commander

This is actually a somewhat tough decision. You’d think BM is the obvious “good guy”, since he doesn’t give in to the insanity that is represented by arm. He decides to become a better swordsman instead, which carries an air of calmness and elegance. However, Veteran Commander is also able to avoid the insanity. He just does it differently.

VC seems to accept the arm as a part of himself, rather than attempting to ignoring it like BM. At the same time, he doesn’t go too far like RF, who begins to lose himself due to the arm’s influence. Instead, he modifies it, essentially “taming” his darker side. There’s the overheat system that you have to worry about, but as VC continues in his journeys, he’s able to adjust the arm so it doesn’t harm him as much.

Similar to what I said with Aisha’s paths, the path of elegance isn’t the only good path. Accepting who you are, or in Raven’s case, what he’s become, then working with that to use it to your advantage is also something that can be considered a good solution.

Once again, I will say neither. BM is the more obvious choice, but if you dig deeper, you might find that VC isn’t such a bad person either.

Eve: Empress vs. Battle Seraph

Code: Empress is the “good” path, imo. Unlike her sisters, she creates assistants, rather than focusing on destruction and annihilation. Eve wasn’t designed to be a battle-type Nasod, so instead of changing herself to be one, she calls upon her Nasod summons to fight for her. In this path, she continues to act as a queen, carefully ordering her subordinates and carrying that air of calm and elegance.

Chung: Iron Paladin vs. Tactical Trooper (vs. Deadly Chaser)

It's reeeeallly hard to choose Chung’s “good” side. IP is your typical Guardian, fighting to protect others and improving his durability and defense. TT, however, isn’t a bad guy. He just uses “Disfrozen”, which is more destructive, but not evil. Furthermore, his intentions aren’t evil either. You can even bring DC into the discussion. Although I named him the darker path in my “dark side” post, the only reason for that was because people identified him as an assassin, rather than a guardian. Aside from that, he’s still a “good” person and hasn’t completely fallen to the dark side. 

I’ll say all of Chung’s paths are “good”. None of his paths are definitively “more good” than the others, and none of them are evil. I suppose Chung shall forever remain as the good, little girl boy we’ve always known and loved. 

Ara: Sakra Devanam vs. Yama Raja vs. Asura

I’m bringing in everyone for this one, because between YR and Asura, it’s really hard to tell who’s the darker of the two. I also messed up in my “dark side” post and stated that YR uses demonic powers. According to 2nafish and other peeps, this isn’t the case. Sorry about that. Anyways, I think we can see which class is the “good” path. Sakra Devanam fights for justice and continues to use the techniques and fighting skills that she grew up with. Not much else to discuss here. Let’s move on to Elesis.

Elesis: Grand Master vs. Blazing Heart

Again, it’s like choosing between Elsword’s paths, LK and RS. Although BH is more aggressive and incorporates fire into her attacks, she isn’t evil. GM is the typical knight, fighting for the sake of others, but again, it’s not the only good path. Just like Elsword, I will say that GM is the “good” path, but choosing BH or neither instead is also valid.

Add: Lunatic Psyker vs. Mastermind

Mastermind. Sure, he’s still insane, but amongst his three paths, he’s the “good” path. LP is extremely aggressive, punching and kicking people with his perfected Nasod Armor and blowing up everything in front of him. And DE is… DE. Mastermind continues down his “scientist” path and creates drones installations to assist him in battle. He’s the most elegant of the three (look at dat outfit. And the hair!) and isn’t quite as aggressive. Of course, you shouldn’t estimate this guy (phantom seeker, his cube HA, etc.)

If you look back, you’ll see that although I named a couple of the Imperial classes as the good guys, there are also several examples where the Rebellion or Transform classes can be considered good as well. Just like the “dark” side, the “good” side isn’t tied with one particular job path. This post was more ambiguous than the other one, so there are a lot more classes to consider when deciding who’s the good guy. But as you can see, it isn’t easy to conclude that the Imperials are the most “good”.

So remember: Imperial, Rebellion, and Transform aren’t terms for good and evil. They’re just general terms to group the various fighting styles out there

The more you know…

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How Far We’ve Come

It had been an agonizing long night and the excitement dimmed. Drunk, lost and drenched in the rain didn’t combine well. Finally, after trying to ignore the inevitable, El decided to call Cameron, who must’ve been looking for her all night.

Thankfully, he answered after the first ring. Or maybe that was unlucky because she’d have to explain herself. Before he could say anything, she smiled.

“Hey, Cam…okay, okay. Don’t….don’t be too mad, okay? I’m fine, just needed a spur of adventure is all. The school was beginning to worn down on me and I almost started becoming polite and proper and elegant. Needed some rebellion in my system. I shouldn’t tell you that, but I shouldn’t be calling either, but here I am. Ready for a great story that you’ll laugh at later? I snuck out. I have no idea how I didn’t get caught. It was pure genius, honestly. Genius! I’ve attempted before in the beginning of the year, and would get caught after five minutes. But, I did and decided to celebrate, y’know? And I got a little drunk…er…moderately drunk. And well, that’s the end of the short, epic tale. Great story, right? And…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What are we even doing? What am I even doing at that school. Everyone knows I’m not meant to rule. And besides, it’s much more fun on the other side. Can you imagine? A cute studio apartment and a job. Maybe even a dog. I want a dog. Friends that you’ve known for years. People don’t really care what you do or who your family is. It sounds…perfect.” Typical El to use humor and sarcasm as her only defense. And trying to ramble on instead of facing the fact that she had no idea where she was or what time it was.