100-BULBUG [Bulb-Bug]
-The light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability:  Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon make their nest at the top of  trees where they can be easily spotted by other BULBUGs, there, they use their glowing tails to communicate via a series of flashes that many scientist has compared to morse code. On summer nights, during this pokemon’s  mating season, they gather in great numbers making the forest lit in what is called by the locals as ‘the season of lights’.”
    -Electro Ball
    -Bug Bite

–>Evolves at lvl. 25<–

101-ELECRAN [Electric-Alacran]
-The Light-bulb Pokemon
-Ability: Illuminate - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has developed a fascinating strategy to hunt down its prey, by first flashing it’s tail and pincers in a rhythmic way in order to mesmerize its victim and draw it in closer, and when it is at close range, it will light all three bulbs at once at a very high intensity, stunning and blinding its prey, leaving it helpless and open for it to strike. It is known that Kroel’s Military forces has tried to imitate this process to no avail.”
    -Signal Beam
    -Zap Cannon
    -Shock Wave
    -Tail Glow

reasons to read pokemon special

- unlike other adaptations which make changes in order to facilitate a better story, pokespe is incredibly faithful to the source material, to the point where satoshi tajiri once said that it best portrayed the world he was trying to convey

- the characters may not be the deepest in the world, but they’re all done well and are consistent across arcs and volumes

-unlike pokeani, which forcibly resets ash every region and makes him look a lot dumber than he really is, different arcs in pokespe are handled by new characters. while this does introduce a problem of too many characters, it also means old characters returning will lead to serious ass-kicking

- again, i need to mention the amount of detail put in. nearly every insignificant thing from the games is mentioned in some form or another, from contests to secret bases to unique mons like spiky eared/cosplay pikachu to apricorn balls to the finer points of battling…i could go on and on

- excellent character development on the part of some characters, especially Silver

- i swear to god, hidenori kusaka is a god damn time traveler. he has predicted so many vital game mechanics, it’s actually a little creepy. black and white’s antagonists, critical captures, the cave behind tojo falls in hgss, the moves magnet rise, electroweb and psystrike, the green orb, the pokemon world tournament, pokemon amie, and probably more, were all predicted in some form by pokespe

- seriously, if you like pokemon, read this manga