My parents love my ex-boyfriend.

I just started talking to him a few months ago and they are so excited.

Last night he was over late and my mom invited him to stay in my bed… with me in it. X)
Why do they love/trust him so much?

They hate anyone who’s different but this little Punk got into their hearts. Odd.
They’re going to be crushed when we don’t get married. haha

Poem from my new friend. :D [I love gifts!]
it was a dark stormy night, a girl lays in bed
earred hat with safety clip, sits on her head
curled in a ball, she types to her friend
speaking a convo, which she thought, never end
“hey salem! whats up? (:” her pal had now said
“hey vian, nothing” she typed while in bed

suddenly it happened! as quick as a cough..
the power had gone out, and the lights were now off
moments of laughter in the well lit room
was now in the past, a moment to soon
“vian im scared!” the girl was alarmed,
“what if theres monsters? what if im harmed?”
her friend reassured her, and said not to be sad
yet she curled regardless, and wanted her dad..

(((side note fyi, moms are no help!
they only make messes, and cause further doubt)))

the lights turned back on, she smiled with joy
she looked like a child, with a new toy!
now getting up, to grab a fluffy treat
had stopped suddenly, felt something on her feet
looked to the ground, for a second no doubt
there sat a little spider, crawling about

she jumped in the air, retreated to bed!
grabbed all the blankets and covered her head
moments had passed, she then took a peak
the location of the demon, was something she’d seek
no where to be found, was it a dream?
how else would it get there? how could life be so mean?
relaxing a little, updating her friend
of the horrible things, that now came to end

the friends now agreed, to call it a night
she turned off her laptop, and turned off the light
took off her hat, now on her night stand
rolling over in bed, as it left her hand
now falling asleep, forgot of the bug
curled in blankets, a pillow now hugged.

next morning had come, surprisingly fast
“now off to the washroom, to get ready for class!”
she stared in the mirror, brushing her hair
then suddenly stopped and looked with a glare
her eyes then widen, now filled with fear
she had spent all last night, with the spider on her ear!
Day 19: Ten Things You Can't Leave the House Without

Who can’t leave the house without ten things? That’s crazy. Ten things? How does all that fit? I guess purses, but still.

Cell Phone. Obviously, because I’m oh so popular. XP Really though, it’s so I can have tumblr on the go, and Draw Something.

iPod. For when life is in need of a soundtrack.

Wallet. Who knows when I’ll need ice cream?

Eyeliner. That is, if I’ve already applied it.

That’s about all I can think that I ’need.’

Shirt. Of course.

Pants. Understandably.

Shoes. Don’t want to hurt your feet. Well, some of my shoes do hurt, but still.

A friend. What other reason do I have to leave the house? hah

Unicorn. My purse is a unicorn. His name is Jorges.

Skin. It freaks people out if I don’t have it.

Day 17: Ten Things You Wanted To Be When You "Grew Up"

I never really aspired to be much. Honestly.

-Veterinarian. This ended really soon. I couldn’t stand being one.

-Boy… This is more or less true for a few times in my life. I was never too serious about it though.

-Model. Well, that’s what I want now.

-Singer. Now if only I could sing.

-Someone who sharpens pencils for a living. This is what I REALLY want to do, but there is no job like this. :/

-Rich. Just because, why not?

-Princess. hah Who didn’t want to be one?

-Teacher. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know.

-Married. I’ve always wanted to get married. I dunno. It’s just something I want.

-Happy. Simple and true. My greatest aspiration.

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This account will just be the work I share with my friend.

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Matches Burnt Out

I’m lonely.
I had to move back home.
I’m depressed.
I barely leave my bed.
It’s hard to eat.
It’s hard to sleep.
I don’t feel like doing anything usually.
I just cause frustration.
People are trying to help, but I’m hopeless.