Alright guys sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, still in the process of moving into my new house, internet is all setup…just wanted to share my vape mail…my favorite time of the week, got a custom iTaste MVP 2.0 from electronicstix, it’s not a wrap that’s how it was made…and an AGA T2 genesis rebuildable..wonderful vape…along with an assortment of tanks and cartos and heads.


So I got a dual coil working on my Aga-T. Now its vaping like a charm and I am getting the flavor I wanted. .9 ohms on my #magneto. #electronicstix #agat #subohm #shocker

A lot of our favorite vendors are starting to open “brick and mortar” stores in their hometowns. Altsmoke.com is opening a store in Ohio , and ElectroNicStix.com has already opened a store in Ogden Utah.

Hopefully this is a trend that we see continue, It would be an amazing thing to be able to pop by the “Vape Shop” and pick up a few packs of cartoz, or some juice.  Show your support and stop by these stores if you live in the area.



My vape selection for this evening. #Shocker in the #AgaT on the 1st gen #MVP and #G2 in the #IgoW on the #Magneto. Thanks to my friends at #electronicstix for their help in getting things set up. My first coil on the #AgaT is working ok. Its going to take some tinkering to get it where I want it but the vapor seems good so far.



My good buddy Flitzanu (of Vapeordie.com) did a video for the new Tekkmod 2.0 from electronicstix.com

Looks like they made some much needed improvements to the Tekkmod, don’t get me wrong, I love my original Tekk, and it will always be a staple of my vape kit.  But every time I look down I see that crack along the top mocking me. 

Thanks for the video Flitz <3 


The Megalodon from ElectroNicStix.com


The “Don” is an incredibly versatile and light weight PV mod. It worked with every 510 atomizer and cartomizer that i tried, Some 510 cartoz had a bit of a stiff draw, but for the most part i didn’t have any issues.

When changing different batteries around you WILL need to adjust the throw of the bottom button, but it is quite easy and effortless.

I believe the Don is made of aluminum, i dropped it a few times right on the pavement and put a few nice dings and scratches in it, so be careful.

the Don is a solid and reasonably priced entry into the 6v / 3.7v PV mod world

The Don can use the following batteries.

17670 for 3.7v
18650 for 3.7v
IMR “high drain” 18650 for 3.7v

two RCR 123A for 6v

16340 for 3.7v (small config)

18350 for 3.7v (small config)

thanks for watching everyone!



So I don’t usually do reviews, but I wanted to take just a moment to say how much I’m enjoying this device.  The device in question is the #Vamo.  I bought it from #ElectoNicStix and it cost me just under 50$.  It’s a variable volt, variable watt device and my first foray into the world of real VV APVs.  I’ve been using the Ego-C Upgrade Passthrough that has a VV mode but it basically disables the regulator that controls the output so instead of getting a constant 3.3v output, it will put out somewhere in the vicinity of 4.3 and gradually decline as the battery goes.  This has been ok for me as I’m generally using it while it’s connected to my computer.  I did want to see if I couldn’t get a more consistent vape over the weekends though and that was part of the reason for the Vamo.  That and I wanted to get my head into the whole MOD space.  That said, the Vamo was a great start; though, I’ve struggled to find just the right settings to mimic the flavor and vapor that I got from my Ego’s while they were plugged in.

Currently, I’m using the Vamo with a Kanger ProTank (I’ve gone back and forth between the ProTank and the Evod’s that I’ve been using on my Egos).  The ProTank is a bit more airy than the Evods and I think I’m loosing a bit more flavor to it but I recently read a post that suggested using the Evod heads with it so I may try that here shortly.  I’m also stuck on the G2Vapors G2 flavor.  It’s a green apple and Absinthe that’s really very good.  I just ordered their Shocker and I’m looking forward to trying it as well.

All of this comes courtesy of ElectroNicStix (though I occasionally fill in from MyVapeStore as well if ES is out of something like heads or batteries).  Both sources have been amazing in terms of getting me supplies quickly and the guys at ElectroNicStix are fantastic for answering questions and helping a guy out.  

Anyway, that’s all from me for the time being.  Hope your day is going well.