E-Waste Recycling Industry Could Be Worth Billions
Estimates have suggested that around 30 to 50 millions tons of electronics are sent to landfill globally each year.

A study published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review by the University of Sheffield’s Professor Lenny Koh has set out a possible methodology to give organisations guidance and information on different waste streams. The method will support decisions around investment priorities by providing information on “the amount of materials that are available in waste streams, their material composition, the price volatility of recovered materials, degree of purity required, and more.”

In particular, the research considered 14 popular products including TVs, computer monitors, mobile phones and solar panels. For each potential waste stream, the methodology can estimate the value in terms of potential revenue.

Koh and her co-authors estimated that the value of e-waste streams was around €2bn in 2014 and predicted it to rise to more than €3.5bn by 2020.

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