Forbidden Fruit Machine

Interactive installation by Kati Hyyppä and Niklas Roy turns an example of classical art into something animated and comedic:

The Forbidden Fruit Machine is an interactive installation made in collaboration with Niklas Roy. It is based on a painting called “The Fall of Man” created by Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem in 1592. The machine reinterprets the historical artwork in the form of a mechatronic video game, giving the spectator of the painting the chance to control the destiny of the forbidden apple with a joystick.

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i didn’t like the Bioshock game series. Im not really a fan of FPS, so that could have been a reason i hated it. When i first heard about it, i thought it would have been a really good game. The setting of the game seemed really neat and the music was cool and slightly creepy too. I picked up the game as everyone was making a hype about it. i put it into my ps3 and played it. i was playing it for about a few hours. i didn’t really get what the plot was, and where it was going. whenever i tried to shoot enemies, i would pretty much die every 5 minutes or so. i have put the game away a few times and taken it back out months later (which i do with a lot of games when i can’t complete them or i don’t understand them) and put it back in my console and resetted the game to see if i could go anywhere. i didn’t really get far and i still don’t understand why its considered ‘one of the greatest FPS of all time’. right now, the game is sitting somewhere at the back of all my games untouched for almost a year.


Three atom-thick electronic sheets

Cornell scientists have demonstrated a way to create a new kind of semiconductor thin film that retains its electrical properties even when it is just atoms thick.

Three atom-thick layers of molybdenum disulfide were cooked up in the lab of Jiwoong Park, associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology and member of the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science. “The electrical performance of our materials was comparable to that of reported results from single crystals of molybdenum disulfide, but instead of a tiny crystal, here we have a 4-inch wafer,” Park said.

The researchers envision perfecting the process to make atomically thin films of all varieties, like a packet of colored paper, from which new, exciting electronic and optoelectronic devices can be derived.

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Well, enough mourning for the morning. Time to get the switches on this vintage Mustang sorted. They’re difficult to move, so I’ll be cleaning them thoroughly before putting it all back together again. Still thinking of BB. #guitar #vintage #vintageguitar #mustang #fender #1960s #1966 #electronics #offsetguitars #seattle #guitartech (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Telefon dla prawdziwego minimalisty: The Light Phone, który oferuje wyłacznie funkcję dzwonienia. Oprócz obudowy wielkości karty płatniczej i podświetlanej klawiatury, urządzenie oferuje 500 minut darmowych rozmów (niezależnie od operatora) oraz akumulator pozwalający na 20 dni pracy.

The Light Phone jest odpowiedzią projektantów Joe Holliera i Kaiwei Tanga na rosnący problem uzależnienia od skomplikowanych urządzeń elektronicznych.