I really don’t get why people get so upset about a little T&A in video games. Really if you’re old enough to be buying games then the concept of “ignore what you don’t like”/“Live and let live” should be at least familiar, right? Or at least the CONCEPT of it has crossed your your mind that instead of launching campaigns to change games, just make your own. I don’t know I guess I feel like It’s a lot of mental gymnastics to cover up their own insecurities by removing anything, fictional or otherwise, that could be considered more attractive than them. But that’s bullshit because until video games are another form of reality (see: never ever) then there’s absolutely no reason to get jealous.

You’re just being an asshole and spoiling games for people that genuinely enjoy them.

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Here’s a video of my book from our run through last night! I hope you guys 3njoy watching what I love! This is definitely the best synth book I’ve ever played


Check out the da Vinci robot stitching up a grape. This robot is being used by the Texas Institute for Robotic Surgeries for procedures that need ultimate precision. Robots will invade the medical field at an exponential rate thanks to advances in technology. Many still prefer the human touch. Who would you choose to perform a procedure on you? Robot or human? #djiphantom2 #djiglobal #uav #gopro #dji #djiinspire1 #quadcopter #miniquad #rc #robotics #robot #circuitboard #aerialphotography #fpv #diyelectronics #hexacopter #octocopter #tricopter #djiphantom #electronics #hobbyking #drone #multirotor #aerial #rcplane #spacex #sparkfun #adafruit #medicine #surgery | Dragon is now ISO13485 certified so we can build circuitry for robots such as the da Vinci robot. Contact us if you need any circuit boards for your medical application 👉🏼 rfq@dpcb.com (at Dragon Circuits)

Headphones Recommended!

For Planewalker Positivity Week 2: Jace Beleren, sound engineer James Passfield and I have tried something a little different.

Where Do The Memories Come From?, this week’s 3-minute piece puts you squarely in Jace’s head experiencing telepathy and memory erasure firsthand!

Vocals come from books (and shopping lists) in the public domain and courtesy of myself, James and Cameron Smith. For best effect, listen with headphones to hear all of the voices crawling across your brain.

The shiny new album art is by Luke Shilson-Hughes and is available for purchase in poster, t-shirt and every other form on RedBubble.

As always thanks to Magic: The Gathering and Planeswalker Positivity for the inspiration and kick up the butt to make stuff.

Tune in next week to see what Liliana brings up!

Week 1: Gideon Jura - Path to Redemption

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