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Out from Boston, Massachusetts in the good ol’ U.S. of A is Eric King - self-proclaimed as “the greatest.” His self-titled EP, titled simply ERIC KING, runs through four songs that boast some of the most eclectic and unique sounds heard in hip-hop. You’ll find familiar sounds, for sure, but ERIC KING turns them up to 11 and rides them high and hard, creating a visceral experience that is fascinating to listen to.

ERIC KING contains songs that sound and play huge. “The Greatest” begins and works as great opener that pulls no punches. You know exactly what you’re in for right off the bat with electro-sirens that ring, deep and pulsing bass lines, buzz saw synths and pianos and horns that convey a grandiosity larger than life. He keeps it up here through out the whole record.

Regarding this idea of a record that conveys something huge and larger than life, his lyrics often contain spiritual and - as mentioned before - a larger than life drive to them along with boasts of his stature and journey through the Boston streets. Take these lines for instance:

Realest nigga ever from the world on his shoulders
Know what? I’m like Noah
God chose me for this mission now I’m blowin’ up


I’m a Roman God Today
Fuck with me? It’s bombs away

And the line “I drink The Holy Blood from The Holy Grail.” It’s good control over lyrical content that makes a point to the listener. The lyrics, rather than take a backseat to the music or overshadow the music, works with the music. Not to mention Eric King has some great and clever lines up his sleeve, best exemplified on “Trillionaire” (”Hammer of Thor, mayne…I ain’t talking MC / When I say ‘we’ll let that Hammer blow’”) and “Lift Me Out of the Dark and Into the Light” (”I drink The Holy Blood from The Holy Grail / Can’t see me but feel me like braille”).

The album is bombastic and it’s song could you cut you with how razor-sharp they are, lyrically and musically speaking. It’s not smoothed out, but it’s better that way. It’s one hell of a listen from front to back and has the potential to take you by the horns and make you listen.

BEST SONGS: “Boston City Dreams,” “Trillionaire,” “Lift Me Out of the Dark and Into the Light”

Swing over to YouTube and give the album a listen!

I’m so eternally happy that I finally caught fast rising pop artist Phoebe Ryan live just a week ago. She gave us a terrific performance, opening with my favorite Phoebe tune, Mine. Fast forward to today, and always thrilling Los Angeles based producer Elephante has a tasty gift for us. He transforms the honeyed pop song into a ravishing electro house banger. By now, we’re quite accustomed to getting swept away by Elephante’s high energy productions, but on this remix, Elephante goes for an unexpectedly smooth and fluid approach. Phoebe’s raspy, soft voice slices through the edgy production like a siren’s song through rough, exhilarating seas.

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