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And so a new mix arrives and once again it’s on a not very new song. This time we hope we did justice to one of Marina’s most underrated songs. 

The amazing thing about Electra Heart as an album is how much emotion shines through the lyrics and melodies used so we tried to take advantage of that and make a mix that centers around the line “Love is all that I fear”. This way the two sides of Electra can be shown by having a dancey bassline at the beginning but introducing a more melancholic second verse that flows into the chorus and finally merging both.

Hope you guys enjoy this!

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“She who has information, has power.” A fanmix in dedication to the infamous hacker of Los Muertos, the digital ghost of Overwatch, Sombra.

(Note: The title means “infowar,” or “information warfare” in Spanish)


1.) Login - Abducted By Sharks, 2.) Rule of Language - Kryptic Minds, 3.) Action Woman - CORNELIUS, 4.) We Can Make The World Stop - The Glitch Mob, 5.) Senorita Bonita - Celldweller, 6.) Battlecry - Machinae Supremacy, 7.) Terror 404 - Perturbator, 8.) I Am The Program - Mega Drive, 9.) Is0bel - Jon Everist, 10.) Venger (Feat. Greta Link) - Perturbator, 11.) How To Be Eaten By a Woman- The Glitch Mob, 12.) Zodiac Girls - Black Moth Super Rainbow, 13.) Torukia - GABRIELA ROBIN, 14.) Mirrorshades/We Don’t Take - Information Society.

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Halloween anon here and I don't mind at all! Your vision for it was really amazing so I'm not even let down lol. Ummm another prompt. Uhhh. Maybe when Pynch is older and Adam has a stable job and etc Ronan gets Adam (dreams Adam?) a shy little hound puppy with big floppy ears? Has that been done? Sorry! And I will definitely see what I can do about writing Blue dressed up as Gansey!

The morning Adam turns 27, Ronan wakes up at the crack of dawn and drives into town. It’s not a long drive – the house they bought is far enough from the centre to have its own plot of land, but still a reasonable distance from Adam’s office – but he still honks viciously at every single unfortunate soul that is driving too damn slow, fuck it, because he’ll be damned if he can’t get back by the time Adam wakes up.

When he arrives at the shelter, the woman on duty greets him sleepily and a little grouchily. He had to pay a hefty bonus to ensure she’d be there at ass o’clock in the morning, but it’s worth it. Of course, it would have been easier if he could just have dreamt the puppy, all set and ready to go in the comfort of their own home – but he knows it wouldn’t be the same. Adam would not go for a dream puppy when there are dogs already waiting at a shelter, abandoned and mistreated and mistrusting, but still so full of affection and loyalty, hoping for someone to adopt them. Adam would never pick the easy option, and Ronan loves him for it.

The hound puppy is, to be honest, ridiculously cute, even though it cowers fearfully when Ronan tries to pick it up. It takes some coaxing from the shelter lady before it relaxes in Ronan’s arms long enough that he can carry it out to the car.

As the sun rises in the sky, Ronan drives back home breaking every speed limit, and the puppy barks joyfully. Ronan thinks they might just get along fine.

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everybody wants to rule the world | a royce bracket fanmix, a mixture of ambiance and lyrics, about the rise of Cloudbank’s finest and the inevitable fall that even he could never predict.

hold on let go - sonoio | i made it all up - aperture science psychoacoustics laboratory | circles - digitalism | procedural - trent reznor & atticus ross | reckless - crystal castles | starve the ego, feed the soul - the glitch mob | anything new - digitalism | the sleep of reason produces monsters - how to destroy angels | the beginning is the end is the beginning - smashing pumpkins | glitch - disasterpeace | sacrifice - clint mansell | try again - deadmau5 | right where it belongs - nine inch nails | idioteque - radiohead | everybody wants to rule the world - lorde | keep it together - how to destroy angels | cut into pieces - trent reznor & atticus ross | the part where he kills you - aperture science psychoacoustics laboratory | death - disasterpeace | the great below - nine inch nails

[ listen ] because Transistor has taken over my life


star wars references in rap: a compilation of rap songs that reference the land far, far away


TRACKLIST: 1) oblivion- odd future || 2) hoe cakes- MF DOOM || 3) violations- talib kweli ft. raekwon || 4) I. pink toes (ft jhene aiko)- childish gambino || 5) hypnotize- the notorious b.i.g || 6) annakin’s prayer- jay electronica || 7) the sounder- gorillaz || 8) wild hot (ft busta rhymes)- a tribe called quest || 9) happy valentine’s day- outkast || 10) gone- kanye west || 11) know that (ft talib kweli)- mos def // 12) shaolin worldwide- wu-tang clan || 13) whoa (ft tyler the creator)- earl sweatshirt || 14) thieves in the night- black star || 15) rap phenomenon (ft method man & redman)- the notorious b.i.g || 16) get them out ya way pa- wu-tang clan || 17) bitches & drugs- jay electronica

Falling in Reverse: Coming Home

Good morning everyone! It is time now for promo review and today’s pick is the latest one from Falling in Reverse. They changed their sound up a bit and brought in a mix of electronica and progressive flair into their songwriting. The best way to describe it is as regular Falling in Reverse meets Angels and Airwaves. When i first listened to this album i was a bit skeptical but grew rather impressed with how it turned out. This one is definitely going to change things up a bit for you in a nice way.

Coming Home (Single): We start the album off with the first of three singles in a row and simple keys begin this song off on a pleasantly soothing note before layered guitars and drums blast their way into your ear waves. The vocal hums are a bit overboard but once the bass begins it’s calming blast riffs; Ronnie enters to deliver some very interesting vocals. He pours a high degree of complexity and raw emotion into his vocals which will prove to be a major highlight on this album. The guitars and bass do well to create a space age atmosphere that helps support my notion of this being their take on Angels and Airwaves. It definitely focuses on easing the listener into their new sound with care while still successfully seeking to hit the listener with a high level of ambition. I don’t know if i would of picked this as a single but it definitely has strong potential for a movie soundtrack. This is definitely going to be a nice surprise for you. 9/10

Broken (Single): This next single continues with a nice show of energetic trance elements before the guitars and drums enter to give the song a little extra muscle before Ronnie enters. He uses a rather soft spoken vocal style to capture the listener’s attention and has some rather solid lyrics to work with. He continues to define his voice as the primary focal point of this song and builds a high degree of emotion that will stand a good chance of capturing a nice bit of new fans for them. The instrumentals serve a support role while backing verses give Ronnie some extra turmoil to contend with while he performs.  Because of that; this song is going to have a little extra rhythm focus underneath all of the electronic touches and leave Ronnie to decide whether you like this song or not. The good thing is that while the electronic elements are very prominent; they are far from overdone. 8/10

Loser (Single): Now this single is a personal favorite of mine even if it starts the lyrically whiny section of the album. Ronnie starts up quick over some very soothing electric loops and drum beats. His voice establish a high degree of cheer that acts as a clever foil to the overwhelmingly despairing tone of the lyrics. The chorus is very uplifting with the use of backing chants and the Ronnie really pours himself into this song with an organic sense of honesty. The quick flow of his vocals do very well at making them stick out to the listener and develop an infectious state of catchiness; which will be perfect for a live performance. It will be a hard one not to sing along to and it will be a great piece to play during a rough day that you need a little propping up to make it through the day. As expected with the new guitarist; the guitar solos aren’t plenty but still do a very good job when they appear. I expected the departure of Jacky Vincent to have a negative effect on their sound but they managed to take it in stride and use it as a catalyst for bringing forth what is perhaps their most complex album to date. I still rate Fashionably Late as my all time favorite but this album certainly one ups it in terms of complexity and maturity to some extent. Definitely a highlight piece. 10/10

Fuck You and All Your Friends: Ronnie starts the vocals for this one off with a nice sense of rebellion and the instrumentals give him a good rock n roll lift. The instrumentals definitely help to get the listener up and moving; which would be a very good element for a live show. The chorus further builds on the general momentum of the song and brings the listener a clever mix of their new sound mixed with their classic pop punk roots. It is a nice approach that will help give their older fan base a few tracks to get familiar with if the more other tracks are a bit too out there for them. This actually would of been a decent pick for a single to reach out to their older fans; but i could see the potential for it being too familiar to their last album’s singles. Either way they do a good job on this one and hopefully will be another favorite when you first listen to it. 10/10

I Hate Everyone: Ronnie starts off over a simple guitar riff and delivers a nice dose of high substance lyrics. The electronica and layered bass riffs do a good job of giving his higher vocals a strong boost. The lyrics i will admit are very whiny but his vocal performance makes them work surprisingly well without making it sound like Ronnie is ready for his binkie lol. It does contain more of that interesting balance between their newer electronic touches and pop punk side. There is a rather nice guitar solo that gives the song a high dose of angst before Ronnie goes on a bit of a rant meltdown. The backing vocals then chant for awhile to help him set this song up for a proper ending. It does come off a bit overdone in my opinion but other than that this does have a fair amount of pros for it to be a smooth listen. It all depends on how whiny the song lyrics get for you. 8/10

I’m Bad at Life: Ronnie starts off with some interesting vocal melodies full of despair and relationship angst.The soft guitar melodies do well to give it a nice degree of bliss before Ronnie gradually builds up to a very climatic sounding chorus. This is going to be one song where you can tell he really pours himself in this song emotionally; so odds are this is going to be a personal one to him. The guitars do a decent job of sticking out on this one and the drum support proves to be present enough to make a proper impact without taking from the vocal power at all. The guitar solo is pretty good as well and sets the song up for a nice interlude segment. Ronnie delivers some soft spoken yet substance filled verses for the listener to soak in. He gradually grows back into that climatic chorus that he really outdoes himself on during the end of the song. The ending really shows a nice sense of musical growth on his part and will make you start to compare him to his early days in Escape the Fate (as if anybody does make that comparison each time he releases an album). Well now we are about halfway through the album so if they havent won your hearts and minds yet; there are still five tracks to go! 9/10

Hanging On: The drums and guitars begin with a heavy charge before Ronnie enters with his soft spoken style of vocals. It does rather well to establish a nicely danceable dose of catchiness. The chorus is very pop punk friendly and will resonate nicely with those fans. The instrumentals will probably be a stronger focal point than the lyrics but the soft spoken segments are going to be directing traffic on this song either way; so take note. They do have a nice vocal build up towards the end of the song that allows the song to slow down a bit and make heavy use of their backing vocals. This allows the song to come off as a nice middle range piece in terms of impact and will give the listener a little extra to enjoy. 8.5/10

Superhero (Single): This final single begins with a loud vocal hum and Ronnie enters over a soothing yet mysteriously energetic electronic support to deliver some very substance filled lyrics. The chorus is going to be a very strong focal point that makes heavy use of Ronnie’s power vocals. This segment alone helps to position this as one of the stronger singles on the album and will be a good pick for a live performance as well. There is a nice little breakdown towards the end of this one that will help to give the metal heads something to head bang to slightly. This one definitely makes a statement in terms of ambition even if its instrumentals aren’t very complex. Because of that this album is increasingly positioning itself as a vocal dominant album; kind of like with Freddie Mercury and Queen. 8.5/10

Straight to Hell: Slightly loud key notes start this one off with a decent level of energy before the guitars and drums begin to infuse the song with a high degree of momentum. It is cleverly balanced and allows for Ronnie to immediately enter with a high degree of tension. He places his focus on delivering a high degree of raw emotion and power into his voice. Because of this; the song is going to have a decent shot of really sticking out to a casual listener during their first listen. The lyrics are decent but probably wont be a big focus when compared to Ronnie’s actual voice. The voice itself is going to be a prominent fixture in the listener’s mind before the guitar solo enters. The solo is actually the strongest one on the album in my opinion even if it is short like the others. This one definitely has live potential and could of been a potential album closer as well. Not bad at all. 9/10

I Don’t Mind: The guitars start low yet dominantly with some tension building riffs and Ronnie matches with a lowly echoed tone. The keys give a nice touch to the album and build on the prominent echo flair in the song. The chorus is alright and may be a bit stretchy in terms of Ronnie’s high notes; but he does well in managing to to get some proper emotion out of it; and this alone will establish a very strong connection with the listener. There is a rather nice dubstep influenced breakdown that is modest enough to change things up pleasantly without going overboard. I haven’t listened to this one very much but it does a good job of stacking the album up neatly before the finale track enters. 9/10

The Departure: This finale piece begins with a rather groovy bass rhythm that is interesting to come across. It joins with some subtle keys and Ronnie quickly captures focus with his soft spoken yet substance filled vocals. He gradually grows in emotional prowess and experiments with a rather smooth electronic echo in his voice. It gives him a slightly computerized touch that manages to mess well with the rhythm format of the song. This song definitely takes its time in getting to the climatic portion of the song but once the chorus comes; Ronnie manages to deliver an easy dose of power to please the listener. Its definitely a straightforward closer in comparison to the other tracks; but it does well at making the album feel like its finished on an easygoing note. 8/10

Overall album rating: 8.8/10

This one didn’t take the top spot but did take second place for my Falling in Reverse reviews. Their debut album (The Drug in me is You) is still the winner at a solid 9/10. I would suggest checking this album out because it is a nicely experimental one for them that shows a lot of growth and hints of maturity on Ronnie’s part. I would suggest getting the deluxe edition; so that you can get more of their pop punk tracks to enjoy. They are actually rather nice and would of been decent as a part of the album in general. I’m glad that i got this off of the list because it deserved the promotion. Tomorrow will likely be another anniversary review so stay tuned. I havent decided what it will be yet; but likely something lengthy or essential since i will have the extra time to work on it.

*Reviewer’s Pick*

You know what would be awesome?

A Splatoon game in the style of Rock Band.

Think about it:

It would introduce character types outside the typical inklings, jellies and octolings/octarians common to the series. So you could choose a variety of character types and costumes.

There could be a career mode where you could have your band travel to different in game regions, do battle of the bands style events and enlist the help of different designers, directors, et.c. to help your band along. A freestyle mode where you can play for fun or to retry a song that received a low score. A Battle of the Bands mode where you could go against different bands online.

You could use the amiibo to unlock different “vs events”, songs, venues and costumes.

The game would have a mix of electronica, hip-hip, rap, rock, classic rock, punk, ska, reggae,indie and pop music.

Of course there’d also be the shop where you can change up the music instruments, costumes and outfits, accessories and decals for your band.

Eh, doubt something like this would happen, but I think it’d be awesome.


Heart + Home 

Post-condos cecilos feels. Cute songs for cute dorks in love. <3333

On 8tracks.

[lamb - sweet / anita o'day tea for two / m.i.a. come walk with me / electric swing circus valentine / minuit yeah yeah / manu chao trapped by love / opensouls - hold you close / stellar* taken / cinematic orchestra that home / ella fitzgerald i’ve got a crush on you / laura veirs galaxies / manu chao me gustas tu]


❂ Flickum Bicus ❂ A Wizarding Workout Mix

Put your arcane paraphernalia on the desk, grab your familiar, clean up summoning circle and get down to it. An electronica / metal / alternative exercise mix for dresden files nerds.

When A Fire Starts To Burn Disclosure ❂ Warp 1.9 The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki ❂ Omen The Prodigy ❂ Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold ❂ American Trash Innerpartysystem ❂ Where’s your head at? Basment Jaxx ❂ Bulls on Parade Rage Against The Machine ❂ Rocksteady The Bloody Beetroots ❂ Woman Wolfmother ❂ Ace Of Spades Motorhead ❂ Genesis Justice ❂ Dragula Rob Zombie

Prime Time.

I have finally made the decision to make my holy-fucking-shit-this-is-not-house-or-dubstep-but-i-just-want-to-jump mix.

This is a mix of shit that i just randomly find in my heavy electro list.

I have had this in the backburner for a very long time.

Im a huge justice fan, i grew up on listening to Ed Banger artist way back in the day..some Steve Aoki and Bloody Beetroots as well.

So, this is basically my sound would be if i was actually mixing this stuff in 2005-6 or early 2007.

Yeah..this is unique.

Expect this either in an hour or just before five or three o’ clock.

This is me having hella fun..best believe.


ID Cℎίℯƒ - いくつかの日 SOME DAYS (SUPERSEX420 Remix)