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And so a new mix arrives and once again it’s on a not very new song. This time we hope we did justice to one of Marina’s most underrated songs. 

The amazing thing about Electra Heart as an album is how much emotion shines through the lyrics and melodies used so we tried to take advantage of that and make a mix that centers around the line “Love is all that I fear”. This way the two sides of Electra can be shown by having a dancey bassline at the beginning but introducing a more melancholic second verse that flows into the chorus and finally merging both.

Hope you guys enjoy this!

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“She who has information, has power.” A fanmix in dedication to the infamous hacker of Los Muertos, the digital ghost of Overwatch, Sombra.

(Note: The title means “infowar,” or “information warfare” in Spanish)


1.) Login - Abducted By Sharks, 2.) Rule of Language - Kryptic Minds, 3.) Action Woman - CORNELIUS, 4.) We Can Make The World Stop - The Glitch Mob, 5.) Senorita Bonita - Celldweller, 6.) Battlecry - Machinae Supremacy, 7.) Terror 404 - Perturbator, 8.) I Am The Program - Mega Drive, 9.) Is0bel - Jon Everist, 10.) Venger (Feat. Greta Link) - Perturbator, 11.) How To Be Eaten By a Woman- The Glitch Mob, 12.) Zodiac Girls - Black Moth Super Rainbow, 13.) Torukia - GABRIELA ROBIN, 14.) Mirrorshades/We Don’t Take - Information Society.


star wars references in rap: a compilation of rap songs that reference the land far, far away


TRACKLIST: 1) oblivion- odd future || 2) hoe cakes- MF DOOM || 3) violations- talib kweli ft. raekwon || 4) I. pink toes (ft jhene aiko)- childish gambino || 5) hypnotize- the notorious b.i.g || 6) annakin’s prayer- jay electronica || 7) the sounder- gorillaz || 8) wild hot (ft busta rhymes)- a tribe called quest || 9) happy valentine’s day- outkast || 10) gone- kanye west || 11) know that (ft talib kweli)- mos def // 12) shaolin worldwide- wu-tang clan || 13) whoa (ft tyler the creator)- earl sweatshirt || 14) thieves in the night- black star || 15) rap phenomenon (ft method man & redman)- the notorious b.i.g || 16) get them out ya way pa- wu-tang clan || 17) bitches & drugs- jay electronica

everybody wants to rule the world | a royce bracket fanmix, a mixture of ambiance and lyrics, about the rise of Cloudbank’s finest and the inevitable fall that even he could never predict.

hold on let go - sonoio | i made it all up - aperture science psychoacoustics laboratory | circles - digitalism | procedural - trent reznor & atticus ross | reckless - crystal castles | starve the ego, feed the soul - the glitch mob | anything new - digitalism | the sleep of reason produces monsters - how to destroy angels | the beginning is the end is the beginning - smashing pumpkins | glitch - disasterpeace | sacrifice - clint mansell | try again - deadmau5 | right where it belongs - nine inch nails | idioteque - radiohead | everybody wants to rule the world - lorde | keep it together - how to destroy angels | cut into pieces - trent reznor & atticus ross | the part where he kills you - aperture science psychoacoustics laboratory | death - disasterpeace | the great below - nine inch nails

[ listen ] because Transistor has taken over my life

Prime Time.

I have finally made the decision to make my holy-fucking-shit-this-is-not-house-or-dubstep-but-i-just-want-to-jump mix.

This is a mix of shit that i just randomly find in my heavy electro list.

I have had this in the backburner for a very long time.

Im a huge justice fan, i grew up on listening to Ed Banger artist way back in the day..some Steve Aoki and Bloody Beetroots as well.

So, this is basically my sound would be if i was actually mixing this stuff in 2005-6 or early 2007.

Yeah..this is unique.

Expect this either in an hour or just before five or three o’ clock.

This is me having hella fun..best believe.


Heart + Home 

Post-condos cecilos feels. Cute songs for cute dorks in love. <3333

On 8tracks.

[lamb - sweet / anita o'day tea for two / m.i.a. come walk with me / electric swing circus valentine / minuit yeah yeah / manu chao trapped by love / opensouls - hold you close / stellar* taken / cinematic orchestra that home / ella fitzgerald i’ve got a crush on you / laura veirs galaxies / manu chao me gustas tu]


ID Cℎίℯƒ - いくつかの日 SOME DAYS (SUPERSEX420 Remix)


So here it is. Schroeder Von Lischka’s Fortuna Vol.4 Disc 1!
PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND!!! He makes amazing music and it needs to be heard! I know he can make it as a dj and he deserves it cause he has amazing talent.


freakin love this mix! Going to be great for a road trip!