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We’ve had some fabulous remixes of Swedish pop star Tove Lo’s Talking Body so far. Adding to the list is this new edit by Dim Mak signed producer Panic City. The producer takes full advantage of Tove’s seductive vocals and Talking Body’s contagious pop hooks with his progressive meets classic piano house makeover. It’s a thrilling, classy remix, perfect for the start of the weekend.

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my ensemble stars ocs; they’re in separate units i made with my friends

sinfonia (シンフォニア) - a classical electronica unit composed of a 4 member stringed quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello). the unit is inspired by vivaldi’s orchestral piece ‘four seasons’, and each boy is based on a season (akito is the ‘autumn’ member)

friends’ ocs in the group: @ju-ku @kanatashinkai @ommynous

city boys (シティーボーイズ) - a street styled unit that mixes hip hop with pop. romanized as “shitībōizu“ or “shitty boys”. the name is stylized as “shiti b0iz”. the unit originally started as a joke but here we are. (azusa is ironically a country boy)

friends’ ocs in the group: @ahoukage @kanatashinkai