While I haven’t watched Suicide Squad yet and have no way of knowing whether all the negative reviews are accurate, I am very deeply in love with much of the film’s soundtrack. Twenty One Pilots’ contribution, Heathens, has been covered by Houston based producer Prismo, and his rendition is monumental. Prismo’s Heathens, which premiered on Earmilk, takes a rigorous marching chill trap and hypnotic future bass approach on the infectious hit. The result is near perfection, a sprightly slick, electro prickly masterpiece. Stream or download the track from various other outlets, here.

Young Danish production talent Dooqu (whom we’re proud to have premiered music from in the past) reunites with British singer songwriter Ashdown on Dust This finespun soundscape is an exceptional combination of Dooqu’s future bass, ridden with quirky synths & refined acoustics, and Ashdown’s poignant narrative delivered with a silken smoothness reminiscent of Years and Years’ Olly Alexander. The two musicians prove themselves a complementary pairing on the glitchy wobbling, heartsick stirring tune. Download Dust from Toneden.

ZYXZ's Delta Mornings Cassette-Tape Re-Issue and Release!
The original sp3ct3rwave innovator is back with the vaporwave meets witch-house and IDM blend... and ZYXZ wants more cassette tapes!

Zyxz has launched a Kickstarter! Yes, you heard that right, an opportunity to be a part of history and own a copy of the re-pressing of Delta Mornings! There’s plenty of rewards and different pledge amounts for different pledgin’ folks. C'mon, anti-capitalists, show me how you can get back what you put in, all monies raised will go on the tapes and the rewards! More raised = more tapes! If you missed out on an original copy (hand-made by the Zyxz Foundation, and yes, we are all still nursing the blisters and callouses we developed during the making of the cassettes) this is a fiiiine time to help support a worthy cause and get your hands on a cassette, at cost! PS: there’s a very pretty video starring the one-and-only Johhd Greebes (from the Johanna Now video) presenting the campaign and the rewards!


When I hear the name Atlantis, I think of a magical world, hidden and lost in the depths of a great ocean. Intensely colored sea creatures dart to and fro while magical artifacts shimmer from underneath the sand. It’s rather romantic and picturesque, come to think of it. We’re taken into that sweet wondrous world by Los Angeles singer songwriter Bridgit Mendler as she serenades us with her chill effervescent blanket of future pop, mellow hip hop, and candied R&B on new single, Atlantis, which also features Florida hip hop talent Kaiydo on tranquil rap vocals. We dive into the deep sea, lured by the watery churning and atmospheric serenity of this halcyon lullaby. Atlantis can be purchased from iTunes. Bridgit Mendler will be releasing a debut EP named Nemesis on November 4th.

Rising stars and well established talent join forces on Better, a track that simply can’t get any better. The song is the latest from Brooklyn mainstay Sweater Beats, who teams up with Australia’s Nicole Millar and D.C. whiz kid Imad Royal for a vibe heavy presentation of hip hop imbued future beats splendor. Nicole Millar’s crystalline voice adds a saccharine touch to the whomping anthem while Imad Royal’s impassioned crooning adds raw impassioned authenticity. Better is Sweater Beats long awaited return to originals, and it’s the first single from his upcoming For The Cold EP. Purchase Better from various outlets, here.

I used to associate the name Thoreau with the famed philosopher, but nowadays my mind turns towards the producer out of Colorado who’s proven to be a euphoria inducing remix virtuoso with his tracks. He follows up on last week’s sublime remix of Trace’s Low with a mellifluously exhilarating interpretation of Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, and NGHTMRE mega collaboration Superstar. The vivacious oscillating, whimsical trilling undertaking takes me from my desk to the cosmos, building resolutely to a magnificent, guitar laden future bass climax. For a moment, I can’t tell if I’m the superstar or Thoreau, but the answer is clear once the remix fades away and I’m able to think clearly, without the adrenaline rush from the massive edit coursing through my veins. The hero here is obviously not me. Thoreau’s soaring remix is a free download, here.