The signs as subgenres of electronic music

Aries: Neurofunk / Chill Trap

Taurus: Breakstep / Drumstep

Gemini: Progressive House

Cancer: Complextro

Leo: Dubstep

Virgo: Chillout / Orchestral Dubstep

Libra: Nu Disco

Scorpio: Bounce / Hybrid Trap

Sagittarius: DnB

Capricorn: Glitch Hop

Aquarius: Electro Swing

Pisces: Chiptune / Indie Dance

neon shudder “ghost process” EP available now.

hey everyone, the ghost process EP is complete.  there will be an additional track added later (couldn’t be included due to technical problems) but for now this is the full ghost process EP.

it’s a little more aggressive than hex phase which was definitely intentional.  i hope this is a good note to leave you all on for a while as i gear up to work on the first neon shudder full length album “cadence”.

as always this is a pay-what-you-want / free EP.  just type in “0.00″ when you click “buy album” and you can download it at no cost.

either way i hope you enjoy and hope you’re as excited for the first album as i am!

neon shudder / jhm

Alina Baraz and Galimatias have certainly succeeded at casting a sensual spell on us with their rippling, verdant brand of seductive, melodic electronic music. One of my favorite tracks from the singing and production duo is surely flirty yet soothing Fantasy, off their aptly named recent EP Urban Flora. The gently rippling and soulful track finally received a music video treatment, a fittingly fluid and alluring array of images.


the new EP - 0 11001 01010 1

out NOW!!!! pay what you like

on https://beatastic.bandcamp.com/

artwork by http://jenexisteplus.tumblr.com/

A$AP Rocky’s unexpectedly melodic LSD is one of my favorite tracks off his recent album. Canadian producer Shemce takes the video version of that track (along with the clip’s segue into Excuse Me) and gives it an even more mellifluous indie dance makeover. The remix boasts some exhilarating and gleaming synth ripples as well as a brilliant bridge crafted out of Excuse Me. It flows naturally and beautifully, giving LSD and Excuse Me an uplifting dynamic summer skin grafted out of elements from deep house, progressive house, and hip hop. Download the track for free, here.

Somewhere In The Sierras, by alone.
10 track album

I am ecstatic to finally present to you Somewhere in the Sierras in full. Thank you in advance to everyone who re-blogs / spreads the word today as that is the only way this album will be heard.

Available For Purchase Below
Physical: alone.merchnow.com
Digital: wearealone.bandcamp.com

New Post has been published on http://jamsphere.com/news/project-pronin-in-your-eyes-a-hypnotic-keyboard-driven-retro-soundscape

project pronin: “In Your Eyes” - a hypnotic keyboard-driven retro soundscape

Project pronin consists of Yan Pronin, who composes plays and records most of the instruments along with featured artists who he invites along the way. Yan who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, picked up a guitar at the age of 15 and says he has “been pretending that he can play it ever since,” somehow passing 4 years of music school.

Yan Pronin

“In Your Eyes” is a hypnotic keyboard-driven retro soundscape that fully compliments project pronin’s previous works which incorporates a variety of differing styles, such as can be found in “de ty”, “Until The Heart Stops” or “Summer”. It’s not that this track is better or worse than the previous ones but that the substance of the overall theme and style fits incredibly well with his previous evolving efforts, exploring all the creative angles of project pronin.

“In Your Eyes” – as in all of project pronin’s music is not intended to be the hyped- mainstream, commercial music that is out there but instead Yan has kept his integrity and uniqueness in adhering to his dark, and intricately developed compositions. Indeed, his music grows on us for two main reasons: a) the ominous and stark music helps to connect with a part of our psyche and soul that many groups fail to capture. b) The beats are an addictive pulsating cure and a hypnotic source of therapy.

In “In Your Eyes”, project pronin transports us, with its alternative synth-pop sounds into futuristic places, into our own deep emotions and into a ray of hope amidst our struggles and seemingly dark fears. This track constantly surprises with an eclectic range of sounds and moods, pulling you through trances, awakenings and everything in between. The music is project pronin in full form…inventive and breathtakingly simple with every note played at its perfect moment. If you get a chance, don’t pass it up!


It’s hard not to be excited when I see a new remix surface from Flosstradamus, even when it’s a remix of much edited and renovated Fetty Wap hit, My Way. We can count on Flosstra to do a dope job, which the duo does, with the help of New Jersey’s 4B. Together, they craft a festival trap banger out of Fetty Wap’s hip hop song, an enormously earth shaking rager of epic proportions that literally had me wondering if I just experienced a quake or whether this track just jiggled my chair. I’m serious, I just looked around the room in confusion. The slamming remix is an official edit that has already caught the attention of Diplo and A-Trak. Get ready to hear this at those parties and fests you’re attending these next few hot months.