ZYXZ's Delta Mornings Cassette-Tape Re-Issue and Release!
The original sp3ct3rwave innovator is back with the vaporwave meets witch-house and IDM blend... and ZYXZ wants more cassette tapes!

Zyxz has launched a Kickstarter! Yes, you heard that right, an opportunity to be a part of history and own a copy of the re-pressing of Delta Mornings! There’s plenty of rewards and different pledge amounts for different pledgin’ folks. C'mon, anti-capitalists, show me how you can get back what you put in, all monies raised will go on the tapes and the rewards! More raised = more tapes! If you missed out on an original copy (hand-made by the Zyxz Foundation, and yes, we are all still nursing the blisters and callouses we developed during the making of the cassettes) this is a fiiiine time to help support a worthy cause and get your hands on a cassette, at cost! PS: there’s a very pretty video starring the one-and-only Johhd Greebes (from the Johanna Now video) presenting the campaign and the rewards!


The Chainsmokers and Illenium? You’ve got to be kidding me! But these fellas don’t joke around, as we all know, and an Illenium remix of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down is sure to tickle your ears plentifully with its mellifluous melodic dubstep brilliance. Lest you forgot, fast rising pop talent Daya turns in the riveting vocals on the song (and I just heard her while shopping at the mall the other day, always a mark of sure success). Daya and The Chainsmokers take on a new coat of majestic stateliness on the Denver based producer’s breathtaking remix.

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Drones Club - Shining Path

Drones Club is an electronic organisation made up of a rotating cast of anonymous drones based in London.

Links:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud

Irish singer songwriter and producer Eden, formerly known as The Eden Project, has constantly churned out some amazingly heartrending songs this year so far, culminating in his excellent End Credits EP last month. The sixth track on that release is a stirring slow burner named Wake Up. Eden’s voice quivers with such desperate poignancy on the atmospheric electronic and cinematic pop number, which builds in raw intensity in the dramatic fashion we’ve come to expect and love from the act. The last forty or so seconds of Wake Up are indeed a stimulating, heart swelling experience as it bursts with passion and ardor. Listen to End Credits in full on Soundcloud and download for free, here.

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Meditation & Witchy Music

Hello there! I just wanted to share a free indie online radio station I’ve been listening to for years. I just realized some of the music would be perfect for meditation, spirit work, etc. Here is a short list of the channels useful for witchy pursuits:

  • Drone Zone - Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.
  • Deep Space One - Deep ambient electronic, experimental and space music.
  • SF 10-33 - Ambient music mixed with San Francisco public safety radio traffic.
  • Mission Control - Ambient music overlaid with audio from NASA expeditions.
  • Groove Salad - A nicely chilled plate of ambient/downtempo beats and grooves.
  • Beat Blender - A late night blend of deep-house and downtempo chill.
  • Space Station - Spaced-out ambient and mid-tempo electronica.
  • Lush - Sensuous and mellow vocals, mostly female, with an electronic influence.
  • ThistleRadio - Exploring music from Celtic roots and branches.
  • Suburbs of Goa - Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.
Cool mysterious artists thread

For a while i wanted to make a list of interesting concept acts i’ve come across and i want more people to see; The common element here is that they all use mystery to some degree in the way they present themselves and cultivate very particular aesthetics.Also, they have brought a lot of innovative elements to their works using the internet as an art medium and they’re just really good artists so if you’re looking for new music, check this out:

1) Allie X

Allie X is a canadian singer-songwriter with an alternative synthpop sound who is known for her dark visuals and themes. The X in her name represents the unknown variable in algebra. She has written songs for Troye Sivan and is now involving her fanbase heavily in the creation of her next album through a Spotify playlist in wich she publishes demos and upcoming songs so the final tracklist will be decided on fan feedback. She also has self produced some of her own songs, particularly my favourite track of hers, BITCH.

CATCH ,one of her cooler music videos

The History of X, a short art film/music video starring Allie X based on her persona



2) Iamamiwhoami

Anyone who has been following me probably knows them by now but this list wouldn’t be complete without them; Beginning with cryptic and strange videos uploaded to a youtube account and a package sent to an MTV music journalist which included a lock of blond hair, a piece of bark, and a pictogram of six animals, swedish experimental art project Iamamiwhoami been keeping it weird for a while.

Started by singer Jonna Lee and producer Claes Bjorklund (Though their identity remained secret for a long time) and now comprising a full creative team, Iamamiwhoami has been developing an ongoing story that spanned:

1)three audiovisual albums, 

2) two interactive concerts/art installations (one of them included the staged “sacrifice” of a fan in a forest) 

3) a website/online community (The Blue Island), that hosts their art and fanbase

Their style is electronica with dreampop elements and their videos often have nature as the main focus while a character, played by Jonna Lee, embarks on different surrealist journeys.

They have evolved into an independent, self-funded label (To Whom It May Concern, or Twimc label) in order to work without creative constraints,and also have become recently involved with ethical fashion.They also frequently interact with their fanbase on their tumblr tag.

John; one of their most iconic videos in my opinion




3) ThatPoppy

A strange youtube art project slash pop artist, Poppy has the most approachable bubblegum pop sound of this list but its her videos that stand out.While her Vevo debut Lowlife has some pretty strange imagery (including the devil giving a blowjob to a banana as Poppy watches) she also has a channel called PoppyTV full with many unsettling short videos created in collaboration with artist Titanic Sinclair.

In some videos she just stares at the camera and says odd things but in others she reads the entirety of the bible, or is interviewed by a mannequin; “Poppy” as a whole appears to be a dystopian parody of a pop artist, commenting on the distorted reality of the music business, pop culture and social network stars.

The artist is always “in character” in all her social networks and even in interviews, and has never revealed any details of her life, not even her real name or age, giving always vague, intentionally confusing answers.


Lowlife, her debut music video



4) Mouthe

Steering away from pop for a while, Mouthe is a glitch-hop and electronica act that has not yet revealed who’s behind it and if they are a group or a solo artist.All their concept art features variations of this big-mouthed avatar and their visuals, as their sound, are very unnusual.Their sound design is complex and rich, featuring heavy glitching, distortion and both rapping and singing vocals so it can be assumed its a group project;

In their official website they have a strange free minigame you can play to unlock a download of a song and also they offer the stems from many of their releases to remixers.They are quickly rising to public attention on different music blogs and Spotify

My fave song by them,Hallelujah,(a free download)

The trippy video for their single Trouble



5) Elohim

Elohim is an LA-based alternative/dreampop artist who has never revealed neither her name or real face, wich she obscures in all her photos and performances through the use of masks.She has songs dealing with topics such as love, depression and anxiety, with beautiful vocals and great, ethereal production. Her recently released, self-titled album is one of the best  i’ve heard this year, and her debut was an audiovisual EP that is available in full in youtube.She has also created an interactive music video for her song Pigments that you can play using both a website and your phone, and she’s very active on twitter and engages with fans regularly.

Her visual EP

The interactive website for the song Pigments



Major Lazer dropped a new one today, which is usually a pretty big deal. Powerful is a track full of grit and soul, featuring fantastic vocals by British pop star Ellie Goulding and reggae act Tarrus Riley. There’s an electrifying quality to Powerful despite its surprisingly restrained production. The bold and magnificent song is a captivating, expansive ballad. Powerful is easily one of my favorite Major Lazer tracks, alongside Get Free. It’s taken from Major Lazer’s new album, Peace Is The Mission, out June 1st.

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