• what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How did Will Smith manage to conduct the research that he did in "I Am Legend" while all alone in Manhattan without contacting anyone? How did he get chemicals and reagents? If he already had them beforehand, how did he keep them from expiring after a year into his research? If he was working on a virus, then he would have needed fresh primers and plasmids for PCR. If he was working on a bacteria he would have needed fresh media and supplements. And sterile EVERYTHING. It would have taken him months at least just to scavenge up the chemicals he'd need to do one single step of his research. Plus, Manhattan doesn't have any top notch chemical or medical research facilities that would have that kind of stuff laying around. There's no way.

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nyaaaaa :3 xD youve been tagged by the furry police!! x3 send this to 6 other furries u know to tag them by the furry police too! uwu :3 nyaaa xD! if u get this sent back 10 times you're a furry criminal xDD, if you get this sent back 5 times u are a furry thief owo who stole furry hearts, if u got this 3 times thn u are a furry PIRATE O_O ! once means u are jst a Furry ;3 .

u know usually id be chill abt this ask id laugh it off publish be like “ fuck u [ insert friend name here ] “ but u kno what ? i cant this time . ive asked all possible offenders and none of them r fessing up . u kno what also sucks ? i cant tell if this is just a rando joke . because i am a furry . i am absolutely a fucking furry so i cant tell if this is an actual # callout or not . and honestly if ur not someone i talk to a lot this is a bold move and i congratulate u on ur bravery 


19: “I’d abolish all rights and rename them privileges.”

18: “Human rights law should be suspended when dealing with the nation’s security.”

17: “Those who think their privacy is more important than the safety of all of us worry me and I’m glad the government doesn’t listen to them.”

16: “When does free speech become sedition?”

15: “If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide.”

14: “Unless action is taken to root out these fifth columnists the problem can only get worse.”

13: “I would want the state to employ numerous torture techniques, working shifts around the clock.”

12: “If a few terrorist suspects have to be held without trial, deprived of sleep and yes, even water-boarded, to protect the rest of us then so be it.”

11: “We should put armed soldiers on our streets.”

10. “It’s time we ended all this ‘civil liberties’ nonsense.”

9. “Torture is OK.”

8. “If you aren’t doing wrong then you haven’t got anything to worry about.”

7. “Anyone with nothing to hide should have their DNA taken.”

6. “Everyone who lives in our country should give a DNA sample.”

5. “Forget about civil rights, we are at war.”

4. “This country needs a military presence on its streets.”

3. “Anyone who opposes this has something to hide.”

2. “Perhaps Western Christendom needs to declare its very own holy crusade.”

1. “Why not allow the Government total access to all electronic communications? I have nothing to hide.”

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What is hello Charlotte about !!

hngh im freakin out a bit rn but like basically its kinda ? this surreal horror ??? rpg game  that deals w like deities and alternate realms and time travel . im not very far into it but its very Aesthetic. first ep is a free downloads . second is on steam . i dont rly kno whats going on rn ? im just stuck in some weird realm and theres lots of talk abt killin god . um heres some screenshots of a line i had a good chuckle at ( death m )

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