I don’t like people who act like Pokemon should have stopped after the original 151.

Even as the anime was coming out in 1997, so was Gen 2, which was my personal favorite. Adding expansions and legendaries with such unique designs was a great idea. Just because someone else suffers from “hurrdurrmuhnostalgia” syndrome doesn’t mean I have to. I loved Gen 6 and Fairy typing is just an awesome idea. I say keep it up, but maybe stop at 1,000 Pokemon.

You can keep your regular Gengar from Red and Blue that knows Lick. I’ll stick to my shiny Mega Gengar with Shadow Ball.

yeah, i’m a pretty big gamer. you see this? it’s an electronic sudoku game i got in a bookstore. i’m on level 99. it’s whatever.

I think the Bethesda games as a whole are pretty damned overrated. From Fallout to Elder Scrolls combat is pretty boring. There is little to it with little innovation. Story inside the game can be great, but is just awful outside. While all that’s not necessary for a good game, not having it makes it worse I think. What I always bring up with people is this: If you were to go on a Skyrim binge and tell somebody about it, it wouldn’t be about how you beat some big bad guy and saved the world, it’d more likely be about how you stole some cheese and shouted somebody off a mountain after killing some guards via something silly. It’s not the game so much people enjoy, it’s the ability to do whatever. As far as I can see, the only reason they’re king in the do whatever department is because there really isn’t any competition.

Duolingo and other apps like it are good for learning languages, but are best used alongside actual classes. This is because these apps tend to only cover the language itself, whereas most classes go into the culture and history of places where the language is (or was) heavily used. and the whole “work at your own pace” thing isn’t really that good for everybody, because it leads to more procrastination instead of actual learning (that’s not to say it’s bad, or nobody can benefit from it, but in reality most people need some guidance and reinforcement)

also this has nothing to do with any elitist attitudes within the foreign language fandom on tumblr, mostly because their can’t be a such thing because they are all seperate


MotionRide - Your Friend Always [EDM Chiptune]


Hello once again folks, here’s our final set of screenshots from my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 with the Re-Shade mod.

I’ve officially completed the game (again) and will be moving on to Mass Effect 3 starting tomorrow. I’ll be using the Re-Shade mod with that game as well and I’ll have screenshots as I play it.

Happy gaming folks!

-Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) out!

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