What originally started out as an April Fools joke, is becoming a reality.

What started out as an April Fool’s joke for nostalgic video gamers may wind up becoming an incredible product. Last week, Hyperkin — a video game peripherals and accessories company — released some concept art, in jest, for a device it called the “Smart Boy.” The device was positioned as an iPhone 6 add-on that would enable users to play old school Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on their iPhone.

As it turns out, interest in what was then a non-existent product was so strong that Hyperkin is now actually working to develop the “Smart Boy” and make it a reality.

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To help in their competition against the Xbox and PS2, Nintendo teamed up with Panasonic in December of 2001 to include a DVD player to the GameCube.

This new version of the GameCube was called the Panasonic Q. It has a mirrored front, a small text display screen, and controller ports that light up. Like most unique Nintendo product that you want, it was only released in Japan. When it was still for sale, the Panasonic Q retailed for $440. Given the original high price of the system, and the fact that these were only made for 3 years almost to the day, the Panasonic Q is one of the most expensive and hard to find GameCubes out there.


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♫A dancy mix to play video games to♫

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