so what's the deal with the snow?

Days are going by at an awkward pace. I was able to create a routine for my days. Generally I feel pretty much the same as I did in 2010, but my days are spent positively now. I’m getting a lot of working out done and that’s all good. I ruin most of my progress shortly after when I eat some dinner; but fuck it!

Got a new guy to work with in the midnight shift. I think he’ll be alright. Apparently he’s not the brighest guy though. I heard a few rumors about how hard it’s becoming to train him. I think I picked it up a little faster than he did, I was just confused on what to say. After getting that it was pretty much autopilot. Tried to get Matt the job, because having him working there at night would probably be pretty awesome. I feel really young there. I don’t know if it’s because I’m fat or how I dress / groom my shit but I always feel like for some reason I don’t belong. It probably just takes getting used to, or the fact that I’ve worked with young people my entire life. Chick Fil A was pretty much all young people late shift, so was EBGames/GameStop.

It’s mostly hard because I never know what to talk about with some of these people. I’ll avoid conversation with some because of it; not because I don’t like them. But the job is easy, the people are nice, so I’ll stick with it for awhile.

Almost done with my little debt problem. Should be fine by my next check. Everything is budgeted. Gas, green, food, credit card payment, laptop payment, and my college loans all end up working for what I get paid. Quit WoW again so that’s another 15 in my pocket.

Also. Where’s the fucking snow!? :(