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Two sketches of human Mama Tattletail~

For some reason I really like this game. I love the cute creepy atmosphere mixed with the late 90′s stuff (can’t get the commercial out of my head), the adorable Tattletails and of course yandere Mama Tattletail.

I can tell you the whole story that she tells from my mind. (how weird, am I possessed? XD )

Holiday card thingy

Hello, lovelies!

I know that the holidays can be a difficult time, and that sometimes, getting a kind word from a friend can make a big difference.

So! I thought I’d make a couple cards to send to anyone who might need a little love this season.

If you’d like a card, please send me an ask/message with your address (or you can ask for my email) and I will send you a little message on a designed-by-me card. If you have requests for designs (like if you’ve never seen snow, I’ll use a photograph of frozen Niagara Falls i took last year, or if you want my crappy drawings)

Last names not required, but if you’re under 18 please either send an email address for an electronic version of the card, or get permission to share your address with a stranger on the internet.

If this is a thing y'all are interested in, maybe I’ll do the same for birthdays?

Love, rk

you know what’s… aggravating… is the amount of ink spilled in 2015 about carrie & lowell and the grand beauty of sufjan’s sadness and loss and illness and how lucky we all are to bear witness to this masterwork and use it to process our own personal tragedies and then… a year later… when soof is out doing his summer shows camping it up and having the time of his life those same writers are like, “what the fuck? what’s with all the balloons and glitter and disco balls and shit? these remixed electronic versions of the carrie & lowell songs suck!” and it’s like, It’s Called Recovery, Asshole, He Is A Human Being, Not A Mannequin Facilitating Your Grief Tourism, You Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death And Then You Slather On The Sequins And The Rainbow Coloured Balloons And You Throw Glitter Into The Abyss And Say This Is My Thanks To The Monster Who Didn’t Succeed In Eating Me Alive

Yeah (Crass Version)
  • Yeah (Crass Version)
  • LCD Soundsystem
  • LCd Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem- Yeah (Crass Version)

Tuneage Dreams

It’s February, it’s cold and the snow is piled five feet high (with more on the way). The only remedy to the depressing weather is to break out some LCD Soundsystem and dance.

“Yeah (Crass Version)” is taken from LCD Soundsystem’s 2005 self titled album.

The Intern

REID X READER – written for a prompt in which Spencer’s girlfriend is pregnant, but she worries that the new intern has caught his attention a bit too much. Happy reading!!

Author: @thebeautifultimesofladybrooklynn

The Intern

(Y/n) sat at the end of the table, eyeballing Spencer who was completely engrossed in his phone. This was unusual for Spencer. He didn’t like technology, so much so that he was the only member of his team who still used paper case files instead of electronic versions on a tablet.

“You switching from books to e-readers, Spencer?” (Y/n) questioned as she side-eyed him.

“Huh?” He said, looking up from his phone. “Oh, no. You know there’s a higher probability of me winning the lottery, and I don’t even play it.”

He smiled at her. His phone blaring a text alert immediately after, Spencer looked back down at it and began typing once more.

“Do you think maybe we should be picking baby names?” She spat, “Or maybe at least talking to each other in general.”

“Oh, yeah,” Spencer said, tucking his phone into his pocket, “I’m sorry. I’m sure I’ll like any name you pick as long as it isn’t Spencer Jr.” He laughed.

“Yeah, I wasn’t thinking that, so anyway,” her words flew from her lips quickly, “What’s distracting you on there if it isn’t reading?”

“Oh, just texting Michelle,” Spencer said matter-of-factly.

(Y/n)’s head shot backwards immediately. Her eyebrows raised in shock and disbelief. Although she told herself that her suspicions were absurd, probably some weird hormonal symptom of her pregnancy, the fact that Spencer was texting another woman didn’t shocked her half as badly as him just openly admitting to it did.

“Excuse me?” (Y/n) said, her attitude shifting.

“Michelle, the new intern,” Spencer said lifting the phone as it pinged again, “Blonde hair, kind of tall? You just met her last week.”

“Yeah, I’m not confused about who she is, Spencer,” (y/n) said rather angrily, “I’m confused as to why you’re texting her.”

“Just, um, just work stuff,” Spencer bit his lip.

“‘Just, um, work stuff’?” She repeated, sensing his sudden nervousness.

“Y-yeah, BAU stuff,” Spencer said shakily, knowing that he had to hide their conversation from (y/n), “You’d be so, um, just bored. It’s boring.”

“No, please,” she sat back crossing her arms, “Let me know.”

Typing away again, Spencer never looked up from his phone.

“Hello! Pregnant girlfriend over here talking to you,” she said as he looked up at her, placing his phone on the table as he rose from it.

“I’m, I’m sorry, (y/n),” he said gathering the empty plates, “I didn’t mean to seem like I wasn’t listening. I’ll load the dishwasher, and then I’m gonna jump in the shower before our show comes on.”

(Y/n)’s lips curled in hostility as she watched her boyfriend nonchalantly load the dishwasher before disappearing into the bathroom. Drumming her fingers along the table, (y/n)’s attention was called to the opposite end of it as she heard the dinging of Spencer’s phone.

She looked at it curiously, contemplating whether he’d accidentally forgotten it or left it there on purpose to appear innocent.

She shook her head no in response to the voices in her mind that urged her to grab it and look through it.

“No, I’m not gonna do that,” she muttered to herself as she stared at the device intensely for several minutes.

“Screw it, I’m looking,” she scoffed as she rushed to the other side of the table and picked it up hurriedly.

Pressing the home button, Spencer’s lock screen lit up:

Text Message

Attachment: 2 images

“Oh, images?” (Y/n)’s voice heightened as her eyebrows darted upward, “Images? Really, bitch? Just giving it away, aren’t we?”

Hastily, she typed important dates to Spencer into the screen, praying for one of them to unlock the phone. None of them worked.

“Ok, think, think, (y/n),” she muttered as she heard the shower turn off. “Ah, shit,” she exclaimed sitting the phone back on the table and walking toward their bedroom, stopping momentarily to shift the phone on the table slightly, putting it back in place.

When Spencer walked out of the bathroom, he was surprised to find (y/n) in bed.

“10 minutes, (y/n),” he said, “you don’t wanna watch tonight?”

“Nope, I’m tired,” she said coldly, turning off the light, “by the way, you have some messages.”

Spencer’s eyes widened as realized that he’d left his phone in the kitchen with (y/n). He moved smoothly to the table and pressed the home key, a sigh of relief passing his lips when he saw the unread messages showed no previews.

“Thank god,” he breathed as filled a glass with water and walked back into the bedroom.

Sitting it down on the stand near his girlfriend, Spencer whispered, “In case you get thirsty. The baby needs to hydrate as much as you do.”

He bent down to kiss her forehead loving before climbing into bed with her.

Wrapping his arms around her, Spencer whispered, “I love you, (y/n),” before drifting into sleep.

The next morning, (y/n) awoke to a note:

Good morning, beautiful,
You two need your rest, so I didn’t wake you before work. I’ll see you around 6.
I love you,

“Uh-huh,” she said as she sat the note back down. “We’re gonna see how much work you’re actually getting done with Miss Michelle around.”

Quickly, (y/n) rushed into her clothes, fixing her hair and makeup in mere minutes.

As she drove to the FBI headquarters in Quantico, her blood boiled. She could only think of those images Michelle had sent her boyfriend, and how horrible they must have been. She imagined them in the break room together, in the bullpen, in Hotch’s office.

“Stop,” she breathed to herself, “Now you’re just being insane.”

Her strides wide and aggressive as she walked into the BAU, (y/n) pushed the glass doors open in a fury.

“Hey, baby,” Morgan smiled, “what brings you he–”

“Where’s Spencer?” She spat out hurriedly.

“Oh,” Morgan turned his head toward the break room, trying to see if his teammate was still locked away in there with the new intern, “Reid is, um, I think he’s in Garcia’s office. You should go check there.”

Her eyes pinched as she looked at him, her lip curling in disgust.

“You’re really gonna cover for him, Derek?”

“Baby, there’s no covering–”

“I saw Michelle’s name all over his phone. I saw her send him pictures. Which room do your eyeballs keep flying over to, Derek?”

“They’re not flying to any room–”

“I’ll just go walk into all of them. What do I care?” She yelled as she walked to the opposite side of the bullpen, “Meetings don’t have any effect on me. I’ll interrupt them all. I don’t care at all.”

“Baby girl, wait!” Morga said, chasing her as she flung door after door open. “Wait, seriously, no,” he shouted as her fingers wrapped around the handle to the break room door.

“Beautiful,” she heard Spencer say through the door, “Even better in person. Thanks for the picture last night, by the way.”

“I knew you’d love it,” (y/n) heard a female voice say.

Flinging the door open, (y/n)’s features were washed in fury. “What the fuck?” She screamed as the door slammed against the wall.

Spencer and Michelle both jumped, completely stunned by the sounds (y/n) had caused.

They looked at her nervously from the chairs they say in.

(Y/n)’s furrowed brows softened as she looked at the table in front of them.

“Oh… My god,” (y/n) breathed shakily as her eyes soaked in the image of a ring displays lined up along the table, Spencer holding a diamond in his fingers.

“Oh, my god,” she repeated quickly, her cheeks flushing as she turned to rush from the room, smacking into Morgan as he chased her, trying to keep her from discovering Spencer’s secret.

“Baby girl, you didn’t,” he scoffed.

“Yeah, I did,” she said solemnly, raising her hand to her forehead, embarrassed by her assumptions.

She stepped around him and made her way back into the bullpen, hoping to leave before Spencer caught up with her.

“(Y/n), wait,” he called to her as he ran. “Seriously, wait,” he breathed, clasping her wrist and stopping her. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” she exhaled, “I was sure you were talking to her, you know, like you were–”

“You thought I was cheating on you?” Spencer sounded completely shocked. “(Y/n), I would never! She’s a jewelry specialist. Her dad owns a store, and I asked her to send me some pictures of rings.”

“Yeah, I see that. Can I go now?”

“No, you can’t,” Spencer whispered, “you can’t go yet because I haven’t told you how much I love you.”

“I love you too, Spencer. I’m really just gonna go–”

“No, you don’t understand,” Spencer smiled, still holding her hand, “I love you more than anything in this world. You are my world. You’re everything to me, (y/n). And, luckily, the ring in the second picture Michelle sent me last night was even more beautiful in person. It was perfect, just like you,” he said as he began to lower himself to one knee.

“Oh, my god,” (y/n) whispered.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you, (y/n),” Spencer continued. Looking up at her, he smiled as he opened his hand, revealing the ring, “Will you marry me?”

(Y/n) smiled, tears filling her eyes as she giggled, “Even though I was just acting like a crazy person?”

“Even though you were just acting like a crazy person,” he laughed.

“Yes,” she smiled widely, “I would love to marry you, Spencer!”

Sliding the ring onto her finger, Spencer kissed her hand before kissing her stomach lovingly. He rose to his feet and brushed his lips across hers affectionately.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too,” she said.

As soon as the words left her lips, Garcia rushed over to them and wrapped her arms around (y/n).

“Ok, I’m gonna need to know your theme colors. When are you due? Because I need to know if it’s going to be a dry bachelorette party or if we can really party. Also, strippers,” was all Spencer heard as Garcia sashayed away with his new fiancé.

“Oh, man,” Morgan said, wrapping his arm around Spencer’s shoulders, “I hope you’re ready for this.”

“I am,” Spencer said, smiling, “I’ve been ready for this since the first day I met (y/n).”


In Stephen King’s book, Dreamcatcher, a character named Jonesy describes his memory warehouse to friends as a giant multi-story repository of a lifetime of subconscious memories.  The movie adaptation brings to the screen an old, cluttered, but organized library where Jonesy retrieves memories from time to time for a variety of reasons.

Imagine a memory warehouse filled with music and that adequately describes how I view my electronic music collection.  My electronic copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of  the Moon is just a a set of bits and bytes, it is the Original Master Recording vinyl version of the album I bought as a high school student at Stereo Lab in Columbus, Ohio, complete with the heavy clear plastic cover to protect the album art.  The electronic version of Michael Stanley Band’s live Stage Pass recording is the double album I bought at Beautiful Noise off Deo Drive, here in Newark, Ohio.  Bob Seger’s “Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight” is the 45 single on the jukebox at Cassano’s Pizza that Jon, the owner, used to play loudly after closing while we mopped the place.  Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto will forever be the copy of the recording my father owned.  It was my introduction to Bach.  The George Jones in my collection is a worn-out old cassette tape that my friend, Tim, gave me.

“Memory,” writes Stephen King, “is the basis of every journey.”  My music collection anchors me to the memories of my journeys.  I’ve “lost” my music collection a half dozen times since I converted it to a digital format.  Electronic drives fail, computers crash, things happen.  When I lost the collection this weekend, I considered switching back to CD’s, cassettes, and vinyl again.  I have maintained my collection of CD’s and cassettes; I regrettably allowed my vinyl collection to be sold during a yard sale years ago. 

My 160 gigabyte iPod convinced me to recover and rebuild my electronic collection.  There is a certain comfort to carrying around 30,000 songs on a four inch by two and a half inch by one quarter inch device.  If I want to play Mozart’s Piano Sonatas in the car, I spin the selection wheel and enjoy.  A day’s worth of Bach is no problem if the iPod is charged.  All The Beatles albums?  No sweat.  AC/DC, Ella, Frank, George, Bruce, and Lyle all live happily together waiting for the right time to trigger the right memory from my warehouse.

The recovery is 31% complete.  By the weekend, my iTunes account will be operational.  By next week, I’ll have my playlists rebuilt.  Recovery is in process.

A Few New Details, via Famitsu

I don’t have scans to post just yet, but I have the electronic version of the magazine (paid for with donated funds!) so I can report on the gist of the information.

I can’t take screenshots the electronic version of the magazine, as screencapping is disabled, d’oh! I did take photos of the new marriage candidates, so they’ll have their own posts. To see everything else, we’ll have to wait until I receive the scans from my friend in Japan!

But, anyway:

  • New clothes! First they show us outfits made to look like Mario and Princess Peach–the Mario costume even has a fake moustache! And the female protagonist is so adorable dressed as Princess Peach! They also hint at Luigi and Toad-themed outfits. 
  • The outfits aren’t just for show–they also have special effects. The Princess Peach outfit allows you to befriend people more quickly, while the Mario outfit allows you to run faster. 
  • We get to meet a family from Tsuyukusa Village: a married couple, Ittetsu and Shizu, and their two boys, Tatsumi and Yaichi.
  • Two new marriage candidates, also from Tsuyukusa Village: a young man named Hinata and a young woman named Komari
  • You can receive recipes from Iuka’s cafe. (Much like receiving recipes from Raeger after eating at his restaurant in Story of Seasons.)
  • Each village specialises in its own style of cooking. (Which…well, duh, haha.)
  • Recipes don’t just refill your stamina/health: they also have other effects! The examples in the magazine include: Milky salad gradually heals your stamina; kenshinjiru (tofu and vegetable chowder) makes you walk faster; nasi goreng (Indonesian-style fried rice) makes your stamina drop more slowly; and a croquette makes it easier to fish. 
  • There are several pictures of new outfits and hairstyles.
  • You have to go to a stylist to change your hair.
  • There are places to fish around each village, and near Lulucoco Village, is a place for using fishing traps!

Little Dragon’s Twice is a song that I love very dearly. Thoroughly melancholic and magical, the song is one of Little Dragon’s early break out songs, and it’s very different from the Swedish electropop and neo-soul band’s later tunes. I’ve heard several covers of Twice in my life, as the influential song is esteemed by many . To date, Waterstrider’s cover is one of the best, but now, I have to add Australian electronic act Tora’s version to the top of that list, too. It’s a creative, jazz tinged, future soul heavy meandering rendition that necessitates some dreamy swaying.

Made with SoundCloud

just found out that limmy (aka the kilogram of feathers guy) has a soundcloud and its really good

Made with SoundCloud
  • Night Changes (String Quartet)
  • One Direction
  • N/A

i arranged night changes for string quartet out of a piano version i found and the electronic version of how it sounds is above and i’m happy with how it turned out so if any of y’all are a string instrument ho and a 1d fan like me hERE U GO (sheet music is under the cut) (nothing is mine all rights to 1d and the people that own the song this is only for personal use blah blah blah)

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Like I knew lawyerlarrie was full of shit before, but now I really know she’s full of shit if she thinks this kind of court case is public record and searchable. They are not. Simply because these cases are confidential and filed in the name of the child and the court has to protect the child’s privacy and information. If she went to law school in the United States, she should fucking know this is standard. The only people that have access to any kind of electronic version of that file are the courts and the attorneys representing Briana, Louis and Freddie.