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If the world were perfect, I would have shared this next one over the weekend instead of having to excruciatingly wait until tonight. But I was away for much of the past few days, so our journey into the dark heart of Bishop Brigg’s latest is egregiously delayed since its Friday reveal. The fast rising Los Angeles based starlet has proven herself fierce and compelling this past year. She strikes like hot iron again with Be Your Love, offering us her raw immaculate vocals in a turbulent sea of ominous smoldering trap soul and bluesy weathered alt pop. I’m still reeling from Bishop Briggs’ set at Live 105′s BFD back in June, and I’ve been hungry to see her again since. It’s as if she ignites a fire within with her music, and that fire must consume and continue consuming more of Bishop Brigg’s ravishing tunes.


Directed by Samuel Bayer.

The music video for Garbage’s lead single, “Empty”, off of their forthcoming 6th album, Strange Little Birds, is out today. The album will be released June 10th via the band’s self-owned label, Stunvolume.

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An iron mind commands
The deeds I have to do
Black holes inside my soul
Are pulling me from you

Black Holes is a Portal 2-based electronic rock song and the first single of Aviators’ (aviatorsmusic) upcoming album, From Oceans to Skies, released September 8th, 2015.

(This is a name-your-price song, meaning you can also get it for free!)


The first song from the new EP , 02 2002 02020 2
Out now on https://beatastic.bandcamp.com
Directed by http://malruna.tumblr.com/
Artwork by http://jenexisteplus.tumblr.com/

If you’re not willing to learn
No one can help you
If your does need to grow
No one can stop you

Your moods like tide I swear I’m tired
The ebb and flow does not inspire

Find people who make you want to feel better
Find people who make you want to get better

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This is how I show my love

I made it in my mind because

I blame it on my ADD, baby

This is how an angel dies

I blame it on my own supply