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Born on this day: January 4, 1956 - New Order and Joy Division co-founder, guitarist and vocalist Bernard Sumner (born Bernard Edward Sumner in Lower Broughton, Salford, Lancashire, UK). Happy 61st Birthday, Bernard!!

We are very proud and excited to announce that we are starting our own independent label, End Transmission Recordings. Along with releasing all future No Colour records, the label’s roster will also feature Kevin’s solo work, @ghostinthehills, and new side-project, Ghost of St. Francis. And several more of the best up-and-coming artists that we can’t wait to share with you! We will represent a diverse range of genres, including post-punk, shoegaze, dream pop, lo-fi, ambient, industrial, noise and power electronics. We will keep you updated with more details, like our social media sites and the label’s debut release as soon as we have everything set up. Thank you for your continued support of independent music.

Welcome to End Transmission Recordings

This is the home of philly-based Gothgaze band @no-colour-band, who decided to start a label where they could independently release not only their own music and side projects, bust also that of several more of their fellow up-and-coming artists. Follow if you like No Colour or post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze, dream pop, lo-fi, noise or power electronics. Support independent music. First release coming soon to our bandcamp.


Beg For Eden | The Stark Elusive EP

  1. Hands Flail 
  2. Blink 
  3. Your Corpse 
  4. Peripheral 
  5. Imminent Artillery 
  6. Entrails 

My albums selection for this week , be curious , search , listen , buy …

- Daphne Oram : The Oram Tapes vol.1

- Leo Kupper : Electro-Acoustic

- Walter Carlos : A Clockwork Orange (soundtracks)

- She Spread Sorrow : Rumspringa

- Hans Joachim Roedelius : Durch die Wüste

- Rapoon : Song from the end of the world

- Faust : Is Last

- This Heat : Deceit

- Consumer Electronics / Merzbow : Horn Of The Goat                                    

- Zëro : San Francisco