electronic poetry


I am mountain, I am dust,
Constellations made of us.
There’s glory in the dirt,
A universe within the sand,
Eternity within a man.

We are ocean, we are mist,
Brilliant fools who wound and kiss.
There’s beauty in the dirt
Wandering in skin and soul,

Searching, longing for a home.
I am mountain, I am dust,
Constellations made of us.
There’s mystery in the dirt,
The metaphors are breaking down,
We taste the wind and sight is sound.

— Gungor


It’s finally here!!!!! As some of the few of you who read my long posts know, I’ve been working on a book. And I have good news, in about a day or so it’ll be live in amazon kindle store and Barnes and noble nook ebook store for 3$ if you’d one a version emailed to you personally I can send it to you and you can read it perfectly formatted to your phone/computer or tablet via PDF if you want to buy it from me personally. It is protected copyright laws and etc, so should you choose to get the best formatted version from me personally. If you are interested, here’s a pic of the cover! And that is the method I’m willing to accept as payment should you want it early. When it goes live and both app stores, I’ll update the post accordingly. Feel free to share, but pls don’t remove the caption!

a target of false echoes

preceeds the narrow band,

a growling murder to cross-sect

slim aperture—

a frequence-hopping flier

screens the skin return in noise,

where gain of waveform masks

the compressed pulse.

to compensate the phase

will lift a steeper spectral skirt,

these interfering rays

of unseen light—

to salt the staring eyes

of blinking cognitive effect;

sweeping non-kinetic claw

as the crow flies.

* * *

Written December 2017.

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.”

~ Thomas Gray

Poetic Liberation

Every Little Word Makes A Difference
Positive Trauma Instilled In Me
It Brings My Life Into Existence
Emphatically And Dramatically

I Live And Breathe My Destiny
My Destiny’s In My Command
Where Ink Meets Paper, Harmony
Thoughts Take Me To Another Land

Of Sacred Ground And Conquered Fears
Limits Of Mortality Disappear
There Are No Chains, Just Open Space
Uninhibited, I See My True Face

Afloat On Clouds Of Inspiration
Timeless And Ageless Is Creation
Expansive Awareness, Pure Stillness
The Universe, My Only Witness

Darkness, Velvet Cloak Of Introspection
Drape Me With Wisdom And Intention
Without Sight Visions Chart My Path
Faithfully I Follow, Dreams Intact

I’m Not Awake, I’m Not Asleep
Between These Worlds I Gently Creep
I Sink, I Rise, I’m Lost, I’m Found
Words And Letters Fall To The Ground

I Collect Them Like Fallen Leaves
Tossing And Turning In The Autumn Breeze
Gifts From Beyond Add Colour To My Song
The Eternal Dance Of Right And Wrong

Progressive Are The Incantations
I Surrender To The Revelations
With Every Breath, A New Invention
Devotion, Poetic Liberation

Words By Andreas Liotsakis a.k.a. Strangelove Alchemist

Made with SoundCloud

scraps of moments
fade into white noise
of black amnesia melting

into the wind with the flutters
of the wings of monarch butter-

the devil’s in the details,
literally. swathed into the

biological fabric of life;

after all, life is only possible
because of element carbon’s
unique properties

and as you may recall from
your 7th grade science class

carbon is composed of:
6 protons
6 neutrons
6 electrons