electronic poetry

hey i’ve finally got a zine idea. a zine about places / locations; understanding and categorozing them and being in them and how they change and how we move from them. i maybe would actually like this to happen. i maybe would like other people to contribute as well. Uh

scraps of moments
fade into white noise
of black amnesia melting

into the wind with the flutters
of the wings of monarch butter-

the devil’s in the details,
literally. swathed into the

biological fabric of life;

after all, life is only possible
because of element carbon’s
unique properties

and as you may recall from
your 7th grade science class

carbon is composed of:
6 protons
6 neutrons
6 electrons



Communication ways,
business area,
leisure sectors.

Tall buildings,
other long
some flat.

Also there are cylindrical
in various sizes
and varied colors.

A real city,
where some items circulate
while others are stored.

A parallel world,
miniaturized to the extreme
and high performance.

Authentic simulation
a city where life
are micro electric pulses.

Crossing at speeds,
Hard to imagine, spaces
between electronic components.

A special world where
the real and the virtual meet
mix and result.



Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) - song by Grandaddy.

This is actually something I discovered during my class about electronic poetry, and I quite fell in love with the song, the video and the overall aesthetic and symbolism. We also studied and analysed it in class, that was really interesting.