electronic park music festival

Sure thing! I have a lot of prompts, so I picked just one. It’s DJ Wifi! I’ve never written for this pairing before, so I hop I did okay. Tell me what you think! 

To anyone else, they looked like your average teens, each immersed in their own technology. Nino’s head bobbed to a beat that only he could hear on his headphones, while across the table Alya’s thumbs flew on her smartphone. This was how they spent many of their lunch hours when the creative juices flowed too plentifully for them to ignore. Alya and Nino seemed totally ignorant of the world bustling around them or each other.

But they knew better. Nino hummed along to the songs that he knew his girlfriend liked so she could hear them, and when he completed editing a new track, she was always the first to hear it. Alya held the screen out to her boyfriend whenever she found a funny photo that would make him laugh, and whenever there was Ladybug news, Nino had the scoop second only to Alya. It was an arrangement that bordered on symbiosis.

As she scrolled down her newsfeed, Alya perked up suddenly . She waved her phone at Nino and waited for him to look up from his computer screen. Once she had eye contact, Alya tapped her ear meaningfully and he got the signal. Nino slid the headphones off.

“What’s up?”

“Inox Park is hosting an amateur electronic music festival in a few weeks. Deadline to submit a sample is this Thursday. Think you can whip something up?”

Nino grinned. “I have a pretty stellar track in the works.”

“Great. I’ve already started your application.”

“Sweet. Thanks, babe.” He raised an eyebrow and asked, “This wouldn’t have anything to do with Ladybug and Chat Noir making an appearance at the festival, would it?”

Alya shot him a wry smile. “Let’s just say that’s a bonus. I’m here for you, wherever you need me. In the front row…backstage with all the other competitors and special guests…”

“You’re so obvious.”

“You love it.”

“Yeah, I do.”

They held each other’s gaze for a minute, eyes soft as their hands joined in the middle of the lunch table.

Marinette watched the two of them in awe.

“How do they even do that?” she murmured with a little shake of her head.

Adrien looked up from his sandwich, still chewing on his mouthful. He swallowed and shrugged.

“They’re tech-heads. They understand each other’s language. A like means ‘I love you’ and a share means ‘Marry me’.”

Marinette giggled. “They do make a pretty great team.”

“So do we.” At Marinette’s startled look, Adrien explained, “We’re kinda the wingman and wingwoman that brought them together, aren’t’ we?”

“I don’t know if we should take the credit. Ladybug locked them in a cage at the zoo,” Marinette pointed out.

“Well, they’re out of the cage now. And they’re still really happy.” Adrien’s smile softened when he saw Nino link his fingers with Alya’s.

“I know. Alya’s so happy that she can barely stop talking about Nino.” She stiffened and stammered, “Just don’t tell her I told you that.”

“Nino does the exact same thing. Those two are made for each other.”

Marinette’s gaze shifted to Adrien’s face, and she was grateful that he was still watching Nino and Alya.

“Yeah. Made for each other.”