electronic music project


Just when I thought I’d run out of really strange, obscure y2k media…

This is ‘(Living In The) World Wide Web’, released by ‘Scape Babyz’, a German electronic music project, in late 1999. The website listed on their 2002 album isn’t even on the web archive. I guess they were inspired by the ‘dancing baby’ meme. 😂

By now, I’ve gotten used to Irish electronic artist The Eden Project’s cinematic and majestic electronic production, with its explosive nuances and sentiment. I was much surprised when I started listening to his new track, XO, this morning, because it starts off so sparse and acoustic. The versatile artist quickly launches into some atmospheric moments as the song builds up, before returning to that gentle stripped down sound, at times paired with intoxicating, minimalist electronic production. XO speaks volumes about how diverse The Eden Project’s style is, bringing in elements from so many genres, defying definitions. XO is raw, gripping, and heart rending.

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