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FKA Twigs: Who is she and why does the fashion industry love her?

Formerly known as Twigs

If you type FKA twigs into google you see 50% of articles about her apparent relationship with face of Dior homme and internationally known actor Robert Pattinson and the other half endless interviews with fashion magazines like I-D, Dazed and now January’s issue of Vogue ( A big deal for a british underground singer who’s been on the music scene less than a year). With a Google Glass collab and a Mercury award nomination all in her stride this year I ask the question ’Why does the fashion industry love Twigs?’

Voted number 19 in reader’s 100 favourites at Dazed magazine the creative singer is certainly moving up through the ranks and making a name for herself, not just in music but fashion as well- and I think I know why!

The singer’s style combines different genres spanning decades- part grunge, part 80’s diva and a whole lot of urban edge combined with her quiet manner and unique take on electronic and R'n'B music makes her accessible to Men and Women of all ages and all styles. 

I guess you could argue being in a relationship with arguably one of the most famous male actors in the world adored by teenage girls everywhere is a massive help but actually it’s high profile artistic fashion magazines we’ve been seeing the star in with interviews about her creative establishments- not teen fashion mags with interviews about her love life.

Is it also the way Twigs challenges the perception of beauty in the fashion industry without even trying? Say what you want about beauty in the fashion industry but you cannot deny aspects of it are certainly changing with more weird and wonderful takes being produced across the board. Twigs is the not the typical looking famous musician carefully styled and made to look like a more contoured ‘perfect’ version of herself. Often seen with with huge drawn on eyebrows and weird and wonderful hairstyles she evokes a high fashion editorial ad all the time and people, it seems, love her for this.

Whatever people may think of her outfit choices and her music, she is unashamedly and expressively always herself which resonates loudly with people in any language across the world and throughout the fashion industry.

'I think there’s this perception that if you’re a studio geek—if you know loads about production, or you know loads about cameras and can direct all your stuff, or if you’re a songwriter who knows loads about lyrics and stuff—then you can’t get your nails done and you can’t get your hair done and you can’t, like, dress like this. And I just realized that that wasn’t true.’ - Twigs

‘Supersting’ - flyer for ‘Buzz’, a dance/electronic night at the now-demolished ‘Nation’ club in D.C. (1996)

“At its peak it was one of the largest dance parties on the East Coast and voted “Best Party” four years in a row by then electronic dance music culture magazine URB. Buzz attracted the world’s top electronic dance music artists to Washington, DC.”

Design by Airline Industries / Rene Garcia

“We went to the Grammys last year because we were nominated for a couple.  We’re fuckin’ doing the press line, and they’re shuffling us down the line, five minutes with these people, and they have no idea who we are, then it’s some morning show, they don’t give a fuck, and MTV wants to interview us…  So we turn around and it’s fuckin’ Snooki.   Snooki is going to fucking interview us. And she’s going: ‘I don’t know who they are. Who are they?’  And this is Music Television?  We just walked away.”

Jerry Cantrell (4/25/13)


 ”I still feel anxious onstage, and I wish I could just open up and be free, but I think the lyrics and music for the new album is just so personal and writing it was, well, let’s just say that I find the best thing about the music that Ben and I make is that it’s a result of a very special combination of our two personalities. We’re not prolific. We don’t produce a lot. So whatever comes out are like the little, condensed versions of our lives at that time. It means that the music is very personal and watching crowds who aren’t connecting with it or feeding off of it can be strange.”

MGMT, Everything is not OK, 2013