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The Audi Lunar Quattro

Audi is taking on an entirely new type of challenge: a mission to the moon. The company is assisting the Berlin-based engineering group “Part-Time Scientists” in the “Google Lunar XPRIZE.” This space travel competition was organized for engineers and business enterprises worldwide, and it offers approx. 30 million US dollars in prize money. Audi is supporting the lunar expedition with its expert knowledge – and the Audi lunar quattro.

To win the competition, a team needs to transport an automated vehicle to the moon. Competition rules state that this rover must drive at least one-half kilometer distance on the moon and transmit high-resolution images and video footage back to Earth. In addition, the lunar vehicle with the Audi lunar quattro must launch into space by the end of 2017 aboard a launching rocket that will travel over 380,000 kilometers (236,121 mi) to the moon. The trip takes five days and – according to estimates it will cost around 24 million euros. The target landing zone is north of the moon’s equator, close to the 1972 landing site of NASA’s last manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17. In this region, temperatures fluctuate an enormous 300 degrees Celsius; when the sun is shining, it gets up to 120 degrees Celsius due to the lack of an atmosphere.

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