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On this day in music history: March 22, 1990 - “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails is released. Written by Trent Reznor, it is the second single issued from NIN’s debut album “Pretty Hate Machine”. “Head Like A Hole” is written after Trent Reznor after tours as the opening act for fellow industrial rockers Skinny Puppy in 1988, and is in part inspired by something said by Ministry leader Alain Jourgensen in concert. He states that “listening to Ministry is like having a nine inch nail hammered into your head like a hole”. “Hole” is released as a 12" and CD Maxi single, featuring remixes by Reznor, Flood, Adrian Sherwood, and Keith LeBlanc. The eleven track CD single includes remixes of “Hole” as well as “Down In It”, “Terrible Lie”, and the non-LP track “You Know Who You Are”. Clocking in over fifty-six minutes, its running time is more than eight minutes longer than the full length album that it comes from. “Head Like A Hole” peaks at #28 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart and bubbles under the Hot 100 at #109.

Nova Akropola
Nova Akropola

“Nova Akropola” by Laibach. Industrial/electronic group from Slovenia. From the album of the same name.

As far as troll-y yet catchy industrial goes, I think Laibach’s one of the better groups out there. My cousin described them as “underground $A dance club” music, and honestly, I don’t think he was too far off as far as descriptions go. This is more apparent in tracks like “Vier Personen” and “Die Liebe”, verses this track, which is more “industrial” and noisy in nature. Do enjoy.

If you like them, you might like: Corrections House, Haus Arafna, Konstruktivists, and some MZ.412.


SPN FanFic

~Alone in the empty Bunker, your sadness deepens until a friend appears to help out…~

Reader, Castiel

1,679 Words

Warnings: Angst with a slightly fluffy finish. Depressed Reader, Comforting Cas.

A/N: This is my entry for Taylor’s 2K Challenge! @impalaimagining - congrats babe! Sorry it took so long… I struggled with this one. Thanks to @idreamofhazel, my sister wife and life coach for her help.

It felt like weeks since you last slept.

The bedroom ceiling offered little entertainment to your exhausted mind, but you stared at it anyway. The air was still, the room was silent. There was nothing but the sound of your breath moving slowly in and out. It passed in through your nose, filling each cell of your expanding lungs, and back out again, pushing into the void, affecting nothing. It was invisible and cold, just like you.

For the hundredth time you turned on your phone to check the time. Four a.m. You sighed and sat up, deciding to start the day. Moving was better than not, and busy hands were better than still. Maybe with something to do you could distract yourself, keep your mind away from the nothingness that had been creeping up on you lately.

You pulled on a sweater, tied your hair back, and slipped into your sneakers. You passed the mirror without a glance. There was no reason to look, you knew you were a mess. But if no one else cared, why should you? That’s when you knew it was bad. You could pinpoint the moment it all began falling part, truly falling; it was when you stopped looking at yourself.

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Jayden’s dad, Humphrey. He’s a goofball but he gets anxious really easily

I drew this at work and left it at the end of a register and somebody took it and hung it up at customer service next to the electronic cigarettes, but the head manager took him down 2 weeks later. He was mad about it apparently

Fursecution in the workplace