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Hey! This kind of stems from the whole sugar allowance thing but like, do you ever get scared that they just won't ever pay you? Do you ask upfront or something? As much as I'd like to casually meet up first, most of these guys on SA are about an hour away so I'm really freaked about someone trying to not pay, you know? And also one guy just wants to take me shopping and stuff (prob so it's less like prostitution?) and idk if that's a good idea omg pls help me I'm a dummies tryna be safe 😩😩

Hi hi. With both escorting and sugaring any sort of payment is received up-front. Escorting’s a lil more straightforward bc the client forks over the cash before any touching happens or clothing gets removed. For daddies what usually happens (for me) is receiving the allowance on the first date of every month, or bimonthly in the case of R. Can also be PPM (date-wise) for a while until trust is established on both ends.

With the SA POTs it can be tricky bc there’s no guarantee for receiving money on the first date. One thing you can do is express wanting to receive a gift for your time, will also help you gauge what the specific dude’s approach is. Traveling an hour is kinda extensive as well so it’d be perfectly appropriate to suggest he compensate you for that (gas money or uber). 

And you’re not dumb at all, gift daddies are absolutely a thing. I’ve never had one of those specifically but a couple of SDs (who were paying an allowance) took me shopping on occasion. Was mostly M paying for online orders, also swindled him into ~supporting~ a major Lululemon binge in Miami which felt bomb haha. As for you I’d decide what exactly you’re looking for, if you prefer/need cash or if you’re okay with the shopping. If you’re able to have the shopping/gift daddy in addition to one who’s doing straight cash that could be nice. Furthermore, with the shopping, you could use that to pick up items you’d be saving money on in the long-run (that you’d be spending your own money on anyway) to gain that type of benefit. So yeah, overall it’s up to your personal goals. Whichever route you go is perfectly cool, high-five and happy wallet rinsing! Xo

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How do you do you think the host club + Nekozawa & Kasanoda would drop hints to their s/o that they really like them?

So I set out to write this sort of comically, but somehow it turned really sappy???? And serious???? Ummmmmmm???? I hope that’s ok! ^.^

Tamaki: He would think he was sly, that his hints were small and unnoticeable. He was terribly wrong. The second he knew that he held deep feelings for you, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. Every touch of your skin to his would leave him a blushing mess, but like a starving man he would seek you out. He would look to you like you were the last pond on earth and he were a fish. Tamaki wouldn’t want to be with out as he realized how serious his feelings were, and with this he worried that he might seem to clingy. He would try to force himself away, but only hours later would find himself wishing he was at your side. 

Kyoya: He would think himself not enough. You deserved someone who was guaranteed a spot of influence, not some third son. Only by a miracle would he be chosen to inherit his father’s company, but if he would have to let you go eventually, he might as well take the time he has. Kyoya would give you gifts, jewelry, electronics, whatever you would like. They wouldn’t be anything too expensive, just enough that they weren’t meager presents. While this wasn’t rare for him to do previously in your relationship, but now they came more often, and seemingly with more meaning. These gifts would be the only hint you would really get from him, choosing to hide his fears from you as much as he could.

Hikaru: He would suddenly get more embarrassed to tease you like he used to. Reluctant to put his face so seductively close like he used to just to get a rise out of you. Now he seemed more serious, frowning before you kissed, and avoiding your embrace whenever he could. Hikaru would grow frustrated when he saw how his actions would hurt you. He had never been good at expressing his feelings, and now when it was crucial, he had failed. It would be then that he would kiss you. His kiss filled with a longing and passion that you had never felt from him before. That would be his final hint.

Kaoru: His smile wold become sweeter when he saw you, his touch softer. Your kisses would make his cheeks even redder than normal, but he would only demand more despite this. Kaoru’s teasing would only get worse, but it would all gain an underlying tone that wasn’t there before.  One of the biggest changes would be his possessiveness. Kaoru would be wary of any guy that got too friendly with you, though he trusted you, he didn’t know what the guy would do to you. 

Mori: He would visibly start to loosen up more around you. Where he would once be hesitant, now he was more willing. Now his smiles were from happiness instead of politeness, and his kisses filled with something more. All of these changes would be almost invisible, so it would be hard for you to catch onto what he thought were decent hints. He would be too embarrassed to point out his feelings to you through little hints for the most part, choosing to just get it over with and say it bluntly if he felt the need to.

Hani: He would ask you to do everything with him. Everywhere he went, he would want you with him. By discovering his new feelings for you you had become like a new and improved Usa-chan, the new source of his happiness. Hani would constantly try to feed you your favorite foods, even if they did contradict with his own. His normal smile would lose some its energy, replacing it with a calmness, a steadiness that you had provided to him. Your heart was his balance, his judge as he re-evaluated everything he owned based on how you looked on it.Whatever was important to you suddenly became more important to him. Suddenly, all he wanted was to protect you from hurt, whether that be physically or mentally, he wanted you safe and happy.

Haruhi: When she first realized her feelings, she avoided you for a couple of days. What she was feeling was strong, and she was afraid. Within those days of separation she would search her heart, analyze her mind. She wanted to be enough for you, and if she couldn’t do that then maybe she needed to stop this before it became too much for herself. In the end she would come back to you with a smile lined with awareness. Her actions would change, suddenly she would be more pronounced. Where once her actions were muted, now they showed you everything she had to offer. Her blush would betray her however. No matter what she did, or what you did, her cheeks would be colored a seemingly permanent pink. Though she was bold, her intentions probably wouldn’t be realized till she kissed you next, the passion behind it betraying her meaning to you.

Nekozawa: He would hand you dark magic artifact after dark magic artifact. Carefully he would explain each meaning to you, thankful that his hood was able to hide his blush. Between each of these items that held meaning to him, he would give you something that had meaning to you. A recipe that you had told him that your grandmother always made you that you missed, a book that you had told him was your favorite, jewelry of your favorite make, anything and everything he could remember you telling him. Umihito would be like a crow. He wasn’t good at explaining his feelings so he gave you little things he found that reminded him of you. Like a crow, he hid his caring heart under darkness, but in his darkness you were the candle that lit his path without extinguishing him completely.

Kasanoda: He would fear for you. He would name himself your protector. He would face any threat for you, any danger to your body or mind. He would worry constantly, worry that secretly you still feared him, or that you still feared the life he lived. His hugs would lose their force, careful not hurt you. Your hand would sit cradled in his, not held. The love behind his kisses would be the only aspect not to lose out to his fear. He would want to be so careful with you now, if he lost you now he would lose his heart, so now more than ever he couldn’t frighten you away. Flowers would be his favorite gift before he told you his feelings in a burst of confidence to break his streak of handling you like a doll. Flowers were safe, especially the ones he grew himself.

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you wanna listen to old music? do it.
you wanna listen to new music? do it.
you wanna listen to the radio? do it.
you wanna listen to screamo? do it.
you wanna listen to acoustic? do it.
you wanna listen to boybands? do it.
you wanna listen to electronic? do it.
you wanna listen to religious? do it.

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Someone: *lives in a house that their parents can afford, parents give them an allowance, parents can help them pay for college, parents can help them with car car insurance, parents can buy them nice electronic gifts on holidays, parents rarely show unsolicited aggression towards them because of stress over money, lives as their parents’ blessing instead of a burden, eats healthy, shops “organic” at health food stores*

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