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i still can’t believe cascada invented both the electronic and dance genres of music when they released their 2005 masterpiece ‘everytime we touch’


bukun! - Control

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ナイトNaito - Kiss

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“This is dance music, it’s disco, it’s electronic, it’s here to you. Once you listen… you’ll feel it… dé​jà​vu,” Giorgio Moroder posted on Facebook April 17th, the day he released “D​é​jà​ vu,” the title­ track to his upcoming album. Moroder, the lord of disco, started his career in Munich during the 1970’s. Under his own record label, Oasis Records, he produced hit after disco hit, such as Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls.” His work throughout the 70’s, only the start of his prolific career, earned him worldwide recognition and the title of pioneering synth disco and the presently prominent genre of electronic dance music.

Moroder, now 74 ­years­ old, is making a comeback with reviving disco, the genre he produces best and is remembered by. The album, set to release on June 17th, will be Moroder’s first album in thirty years.​ Along with the release of the album’s title­track, he also released a star­-studded track­list. Collaborating with the likes of Britney Spears, Charlie XCX, and Kelis, the album will actively bridge music’s past and present. For “​D​é​jà​vu,” our septuagenarian partnered with Sia, a complementary choice considering Sia’s familiarity with songwriting, her musical diversity, and her soaring popularity. The track electrifies with scintillating synth chimes, a funky bass­line common to disco, and a propulsive hi­hat drum beat.

The song i​s both intensified and simultaneously softened by Sia’s voice. T​he man come to those who wait/I think I’ve found my baby​ Sia chants. The verses featuring Sia’s signature sultry tone and the chorus, complete with impressive runs and gutty belts, highlighting Sia’s vocal range, give the track a dynamic that disentangles itself from the mass of electronic music produced today. Although younger generations may not feel dé​jà​vu for the 1970’s when listening to this track, I’m hopeful it could have the power to revive disco; bellbottoms, platform shoes, John Travolta disco finger, and all. If nothing else, Moroder’s upcoming album is a momentous release, and considering the infectiousness of this single, it will be one more hit to Moroder’s name.

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And there is the TsukkiHina week that nobody asked, but everyone needs in their lifes.

From July 11th to 18th, we’ll give so much love to this amazing ship!

TsukiHina Week prompt list n’ schedule:

Here’s the list of prompts that we using during the week. You can interpretate as you wish, choose one of them or all of them and combinate days’ prompts if you want.

If you have any question, sugestion or any coment, you’re free to ask here.

Day #1 - Monday, July 11th

   ▶ Music genre: Jazz
   ▶ Sun promtp: Volleyball
   ▶ Moon prompt: Headphones

Day #2 - Tuesday, July 12th

   ▶ Music genre: Rock/Alternative
   ▶ Sun prompt: Winter
   ▶ Moon prompt: Strawberry

Day #3 - Wednesday, July 13th

   ▶ Music genre: Electronic/Dance
   ▶ Sun prompt: Future
   ▶ Moon prompt: Songs

Day #4 - Thursday, July 14th

   ▶ Music genre: Blues
   ▶ Sun prompt: Imagination
   ▶ Moon prompt: Nightmares and dreams

Day #5 - Friday, July 15th

   ▶ Music genre: Classical
   ▶ Sun prompt: Social
   ▶ Moon prompt: Voice(less)

Day #6 - Saturday, July 16th

   ▶ Music genre: 80’s Pop
   ▶ Sun prompt: Big Brother
   ▶ Moon prompt: Little Sister

Day #7 - Sunday, July 17th

   ▶ Music genre: Hip hop
   ▶ Sun prompt: Childhood/Childish
   ▶ Moon prompt: Glasses

Day #8 - Monday, July 18th

   ▶ Music genre: Soundtrack
   ▶ Sun prompt: Blue moon
   ▶ Moon prompt: Solar Eclipse
   ▶ Extra: Free prompt

TsukiHina Week Rules:

To make a secure event that all can enjoy, there are some rules to follow:

  • #TsukiHinaWeek, #TsukkiHinaWeek or #TsukiHinaWeek2k16 must to be in the first five tag of your work. This make easier found and reblog the works.
  • Any type of fanwork (fanarts, fanfictions, fanmixes, etc.) are allowed.
  • Don’t submit or repost any work type that you don’t own yourself. Respect the original artist work.
  • The work must to be created for this week. Any type of old fanwork won’t be allowed.
  • If you work have potencial NSFW material, please mark the respective warnings in the tags.
  • Since is a TsukiHina event, we prefer you use this ship as the only one, but you can agree more characters and ships but TsukiHina mus to be the main pair in your works.
  • No ship hate, if you tag the event, we take it that you actually support the ship, the fans and the artists.
  • You can send early submitions, but we won’t publish/reblog before the event or respective day.
  • You can send late submitions too.
  • We accepte works in any language!
  • If you want, you can agree you fanfiction in this collection on AO3.


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Flashback - Alright

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