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whenever people act like parents taking away or locking/limiting their kids’ things (esp electronics and communication devices) is normal and not abuse idk whether to laugh or cry

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itaat that I struggle with communication when it's not just face to face? I'm talking texts and emails. I can never tell if I'm being pushy or sending too many messages, how long is appropriate to leave enquiries via email before I message the person again to ask for an update and I'm extremely uncomfortable emailing someone first if we've never corresponded before (I think I seek to mimic a person's tone/writing style which is difficult when I'm emailing them first)

This is definitely an autism thing. Difficulties with communication apply not only to in person communication but also electronic communication. While many autistics find electronic communication easier than face to face communication, there are still difficulties with it that many of us face. I personally relate a lot to what you said. Emails scare me and I’m always worried I’m going to break the appropriate protocol for how I’m supposed to interact. I think this especially common when sending more formal electronic communication, such as emails for work or other professional matters. There are a lot of unwritten rules when it comes to how people are expected to communicate electronically and it can be really hard to figure out as an autistic. 


Your ENFJ Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

Part of a series by @intpboard

Congratulations! You have been chosen by an ENFJ to be an important person in their life. Your ENFJ comes in color coordinated and aesthetically pleasing packaging perfectly suited to both your and their needs. Although your ENFJ does not need to be cared for in the traditional sense, here are a few tips to ensure the most harmonious interactions with your newfound extroverted idealist.

Your ENFJ comes with:

  • Ten (10) color coordinated outfits
  •  Twelve (12) small fluffy animals of your ENFJ’s preference
  • One (1) large box tea assortment
  •  One (1) soapbox for speechmaking purposes
  • One (1) electronic device for constant communication with others
  • One (1) newspaper subscription (most likely electronic) for staying up-to-date on current events and world affairs
  • Two (2) bookshelves filled with various types of literature
  • One (1) etiquette manual. Your ENFJ has never read it, nor have they ever felt the need to, but it has been included for your benefit.
  • One (1) burning life purpose that will Make the World a Better Place.
  • Custom upgrades: Your ENFJ will have some sort of creative hobby. Musical instruments, microphones, art implements, writing implements, and/or athletic equipment may also be included.


Your ENFJ comes preprogrammed with the following traits;

Fe: Your ENFJ has an innate sense of how interpersonal affairs function and how one should navigate them. Keenly concerned with the state of others, both loved ones and humanity as a whole, your ENFJ strives to do what is best for others and maintain peace in their relationships. Your ENFJ will motivate, encourage, compliment, support, and comfort other people. Open communication is very important to your ENFJ, and trust is paramount.

Ni: Not only does your ENFJ care immensely about others, but they know exactly how to improve their lives. ENFJ units come with a preinstalled “life purpose” program that presses upon them a deep burden to improve the state of the world in some way that is uniquely suited to their individual talents and abilities. Usually, this improvement can be directly connected to other people in some way. Do not try to argue the life purpose with your ENFJ. They have reflected upon it deeply and are certain that this is in fact what they want to do with their lives.

Se: Your ENFJ is aware of the world around them and its various sensory details. They are action-oriented and will take initiative to implement their plans for a better future. Generally, they will have good reflexes and appreciate pleasant and organizes surroundings. Decent at multitasking. Sometimes they will take too much upon themselves, which can lead to burnout.

Ti: This function acts as a filter for Fe and ensures that your ENFJ’s words and actions are logically consistent, accurate, and appropriate. Depending on the particular ENFJ that has chosen you, the Ti filter may function properly to balance Fe, or it may malfunction and either be overly manifested in critical attitudes or be entirely absent and lead to irrational behavior.

Getting Started

1. Activate electronic device and place in your ENFJ’s hand.

2. Make your ENFJ a cup of tea (preferably herbal).

3. Wait for the electronic device to register attempted communication from others.

4. Allow your ENFJ to drink tea and communicate with others until fully charged.

5. If step 4 does not work, initiate a form of physical contact, such as hugging or cuddling, with your ENFJ.

6. If for some reason your ENFJ is averse to physical contact, repeat step 4 but with the small fluffy animals arranged around them.


Friend Mode (default): Your ENFJ will want to befriend everyone they encounter. They will ask thoughtful and personalized questions to get to know the other person and want to establish a positive relationship with them.

Mom Mode (default): Your ENFJ is very concerned about others and whether or not they are taking care of themselves. Can often be found inquiring whether others have eaten, hydrated, slept enough, finished that thing they were procrastinating, are wearing weather appropriate clothing, have taken relevant medications, etc. Your ENFJ will do this regardless of whether the other person is younger or old enough to be their own mother.

Teacher Mode (default): Your ENFJ enjoys learning about the world, and sharing that knowledge even more so. They can often be found recounting an interesting article they read the other day or a cool discovery in a field that they like. Can be triggered by the phrase “I don’t understand…”. Your ENFJ will explain things in a way that you will understand. ENFJs are also prone to turning a difficult situation into a Teaching Moment.

Counselor Mode: Activated when someone is going through a difficult situation. Self-taught psychologists, ENFJ units innately understand how people work and will generally know how to be more helpful. Your ENFJ will validate and affirm the hurting individual and usually leave them feeling better. Warning: your ENFJ may give advice more than is necessary if relying too heavily on Fe and not enough on Ni.

Superhero Mode: Activated under stress. ENFJs have a habit of taking on more than they can carry, and it eventually takes a toll. Your ENFJ will insist that they are fine. Their eyes will glaze over and twitch if you question them about their activities. Asking them how they plan to sustain this schedule will probably induce tears. Beware. Your ENFJ has entered full delusion.

Pseudo-Introvert Mode: Activated under severe stress. Your ENFJ has become so overwhelmed that they are shutting down. Characterized by refusal to socialize, a marked reduction in activities, and unusual silence in their presence. Symptoms also include grumpiness, calmness, an insistence that they are “just tired” or that “it’s been a long week”, and increased need for sleep. Seek help for your ENFJ if they start to claim that they don’t need others.

Manipulative Dictator Mode: If your ENFJ gains pleasure from controlling others or getting them to do things according to their will which others may not have chosen on their own, they are unhealthy. Perform a diagnostic check to ensure that all functions are in working order. Detoxification of Fe or Ni may be necessary.

Relationships with Other Units

NF: The easiest for your ENFJ to communicate with due to their naturally flowing and symbol-laden speech. Your ENFJ will appreciate their idealism and encourage them to follow their dreams.

NT: Slightly more challenging due to the strict rationalism present in NTs, but can get along on a conceptual basis if their ideas are complementary. Your ENFJ secretly admires NTs but knows that they can never admit it to one.

SJ: Can be somewhat difficult to communicate with due to the concrete and direct style these types employ, but your ENFJ will love them all the same and appreciate their loyalty.

SP: Your ENFJ will be fascinated by SPs and how they can do things so easily, and will want to hang out with them all the time. Do not let the SPs talk your ENFJ into skydiving. They’ll claim they can handle it until they start screaming halfway out of the plane.


Your ENFJ will claim that they have transcended basic human needs such as food. Your ENFJ is a liar who will get very cranky if they forget to eat. A glazed over expression, extended silence, or general withdrawnness can often be attributed to hunger. Feed regularly. Chocolate non-optional.


ENFJs are generally fastidious about personal hygiene and have established a personal style of clothing/accessories/makeup. May occasionally leave the house without an accessory or mismatched shoes. If they are busy, help them by organizing the outfit they have chosen and ensuring that every component is there.


Your ENFJ will eschew sleep, as it limits time that could be spent socializing and doing things. Remind your ENFJ what happened the last time they slept less than 6 hours and that sleeping now will help them function better tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my ENFJ really that excited?

Generally, yes. ENFJs look for the bright side in every situation, and tend to genuinely enjoy the things they claim to enjoy. Lack of affinity for something will be signaled by a neutral yet diplomatic statement.

Does my ENFJ actually like me if they claim to love everyone?

You bet. ENFJs are very particular about being authentic in their remarks, and will tend to give praise specifically tailored to an individual. They will not tell you you’re a great athlete if you’re not. That being said, ENFJs look for the good in everyone and usually manage to find it. So yes, they do love everyone.

But if my ENFJ lives to care for others, they surely must not need care?

That’s where you’re wrong. Although ENFJs derive the most pleasure from caring for others, they need affirmation and appreciation to keep going and feel like their efforts aren’t in vain. Be sure to regularly tell your ENFJ how much you appreciate what they do for you. You might find yourself with a pleasant surprise if you do.

My ENFJ isn’t being very nice.

ENFJs are emotional, caring beings. They are not always nice. They try to be, but sometimes they snap. It’s only because they’ve been trying to keep it inside. Encourage your ENFJ to talk about negative feelings openly (this may take some persuasion, as ENFJs like to ignore negative feelings and pretend they don’t exist) to prevent such an explosion.


So, you may have noticed I haven’t been doing Inktober these last few days, I have been super duper busy, work, university assessments and what not have been preventing me from drawing. And being in a perpetual state of anxiety is also pretty shitty, but hey, one of my assignments involve lots of low poly design!

So this what I have been doing, if frustration and disappointment in my ability could be visualized, it would not be in these because I actually quite like these.

Banishing Mercury Retrogrades Chaos

*This spell is meant to help with SOME of the destructive part of Mercury’s energy. Such as destroying electronics, hindering communication, ect*

A bottle or jar with a lid Water
Sage Basil
Cedar *Optional*

Add water to the bottle. Then mix in Basil and Garden Sage into the bottle. Swirl the ingredients around to mix. You can also add things associated to Mercury into the jar if you’d like.

Then say into the water:

I seal the chaos of retrograde away,
And in this bottle it shall stay.
No destruction to myself or my things shall come,
As I will this it shall be done.

Seal the jar. Place on the highest shelf in your house. Leave until about a week after mercury retrograde is over then discard the water. You may flush it, or pour it over a road far from home. Try not to discard in your yard or on any native plantlife. You can also use the water for chaos or disruption spells of you’d like.

*this spell was inspired by a Deborah Blakes Mercury Spell. But I added extra ingredients for protection and changed the wording to be more specific to my own needs*

Action Alert

Ask your Representative to support the Email Privacy Act

On Monday, February 6, the entire House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 387. If approved in the current Congress, the bill finally will extend full 4th Amendment privacy protection to all Americans’ emails, texts, tweets, cloud-stored photos and files, and other electronic communications. Now is the time to start making that a reality.

No matter where you live, we need you to help bring the 4th Amendment fully into the 21st century by calling, emailing, and/or tweeting your Member of Congress.

A bit of advice for the younger folks: you ever notice that folks in your parents’ generation may communicate with you or with each other using a very casual style of typing, but get pissy and offended if you respond to them in the same fashion?

You probably think they’re just looking for excuses to give you a hard time - and while arguably they are, the particular motive may not be the one you think.

Int a nutshell, for younger folks, orthography in electronic communication maps to tone. Basically…

when i type like this

… that “reads” as a different tone of voice than when I type like this.

For your parents’ generation, however, orthography in electronic communication maps to register - that is, to level of formality.

When they send a message to you without capitalisation, punctuation or complete sentences, they’re adopting an informal register, appropriate for addressing someone who’s below them in the social hierarchy.

If you respond in the same fashion, however, then you’re addressing them in the same register that they addressed you - which is inappropriate as far as they’re concerned, because they’re above you in the social hierarchy, and thus ought to be addressed in a more formal register.

It’s the same principle whereby your teacher might email you in cryptic, poorly formatted sentence fragments, but throw a fit about a dropped punctuation mark in the response: it’s not about the curriculum, it’s about putting you in your place. By forcing you to puzzle out what their cryptic utterances mean from context while insisting upon rigorous adherence to orthographic standards in return, they’re asserting their rank in the implicit hierarchy of your relationship.

(To provide an alternative angle, a lot of y’all are studying Japanese these days - you know how the grammar and honourifics can be completely different depending on the relative social rank of the speaker versus the party so addressed? Similar deal, except for orthography rather than vocabulary.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re obliged to put up with this nonsense, but it pays to be aware of why your communication is being perceived the way it is.

@buffysummere replied to your post “Speaking of arguing with people on the internet- Jenny uses burner…”


k so i uh. had to write this email

to the currently unknown correspondent:

i received your email comprised of “books r useless” and was first somewhat bewildered, as i rarely receive emails at all (my friends are generally courteous enough to abstain from using electronic mail to communicate with me, since they are well aware of my distaste for it) and was therefore unsure of why this missive would be directed towards me. i would first like to inquire how you came across this email, as my wife (who is considerably more tech-savvy than i) informs me that i am the only person who can use the email watcherlibrarian@aol.com, and therefore i am assuming that you are not attempting to address this to someone else with the same email address. perhaps this is some sort of mistake on your part? it seems an unusual message to send, as well as a thoroughly pointless use of one’s time.

that said, assuming that this email is meant for me, i would like to first question your sentence structure. i conferred with my wife (who seemed unusually amused by my queries) and she agreed that “r” is not a word normally used in academic conversation or to spark some sort of debate (which is what i am assuming you are attempting to do). she also informed me–through laughter, and i inform you of her amusement to make you aware of the error you perhaps have unintentionally committed–that “r” is a commonly used internet acronym for the word “are,” which you would have learned had you ever picked up the books that you so flippantly deem as “useless.”

books are a time-honored and valued source of knowledge, and their ability to contain and spread knowledge most likely led to the creation of the internet that you have used to send me the email insulting them. i am appalled at your ignorance, and i hope that you will make further efforts to broaden your intellectual horizons in future.


rupert e. giles

watcher and proprietor of the magic box

sunnydale, california

(jenny is LOSING HER SHIT in the corner of the magic box)