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Diana: @askthedianacavendish
Photography: zora111aaa (instagram)

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Studying the Sun's atmosphere with the total solar eclipse of 2017

A total solar eclipse happens somewhere on Earth about once every 18 months. But because Earth’s surface is mostly ocean, most eclipses are visible over land for only a short time, if at all. The total solar eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, is different – its path stretches over land for nearly 90 minutes, giving scientists an unprecedented opportunity to make scientific measurements from the ground.

When the Moon moves in front of the Sun on Aug. 21, it will completely obscure the Sun’s bright face. This happens because of a celestial coincidence – though the Sun is about 400 times wider than the Moon, the Moon on Aug. 21 will be about 400 times closer to us, making their apparent size in the sky almost equal. In fact, the Moon will appear slightly larger than the Sun to us, allowing it to totally obscure the Sun for more than two and a half minutes in some locations. If they had the exact same apparent size, the total eclipse would only last for an instant.

The eclipse will reveal the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, which is otherwise too dim to see next to the bright Sun. Though we study the corona from space with instruments called coronagraphs – which create artificial eclipses by using a metal disk to block out the Sun’s face – there are still some lower regions of the Sun’s atmosphere that are only visible during total solar eclipses. Because of a property of light called diffraction, the disk of a coronagraph must block out both the Sun’s surface and a large part of the corona in order to get crisp pictures. But because the Moon is so far away from Earth – about 230,000 miles away during the eclipse – diffraction isn’t an issue, and scientists are able to measure the lower corona in fine detail.

NASA is taking advantage of the Aug. 21, 2017, eclipse by funding 11 ground-based science investigations across the United States. Six of these focus on the Sun’s corona.

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Under Pressure?

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On to the Next

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On to the Next

Word Count: 801

I hope you guys enjoy! 

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“Y/N! Hurry up!” Chan whined from the hallway.

 Y/N  rushed through her room, checking everything off her list as she went. Her last item sat there taunting her before she finally met it. “I almost forgot my camera!” She yelled placing the electronic in its personal case.

 “Y/N!” He yelled frantically.

 She rushed from her room with her bags hanging off her back. “Ok I’m ready.”

 Chan just shook his head. The two of them were almost out the door till Y/N stopped her boyfriend. “Your buttons are wrong” she said taking in his shirt.

 As she mentioned his shirt was buttoned one too early. Y/N began to rebutton his shirt while Chan sat there adjusting his glasses. She rubbed his shirt to straighten it out. When she stood Chan lightly kissed her nose “thank you.”

 He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the car. Before they knew it they were standing at the security checkpoint. “Flight 223 is now boarding.” The announcement boomed throughout the airport.

 Chan and Y/N looked at each other worriedly. They frantically put on their wears and rushed to their terminal. The last row was boarding and the two of them just managed to pass through the gate. The flight was moderately short. Y/N slept peacefully on Chan while Chan softly stroked her hair. “Thank you for flying with us! Welcome to Japan!” The flight attendant cheerfully chimed.

 The two of them grabbed their luggage and headed to the entrance. They arrived at the hotel where they would be staying and dropped off their things. “I have a place I want to show you.” Chan happily said.

 They took a taxi to a small restaurant. A waiter who was moderately cute walked to the couple to seat them. He spared Y/N a few more glances then Chan appreciated. He slipped his hand around Y/N’s waist. She laughed lightly before they both reached their seats. “So what is this place?” She asked looking for a menu.

 “Sushi” Chan said trying to hide a smirk behind his hand.

 Y/N sent a disgusted look to him before sitting dejectedly “well i’ll just watch you eat.”

 He reached over letting out a laugh “i’m just joking!” He grabbed her hands.

 The waiter walked back to the table setting out two menus and taking their drink orders. He complimented Y/N on her casual wear. Fortunately for Chan she couldn’t understand a lick of Japanese. “What was he saying?” She asked innocently.

 “He just recommended some food.” He answered brushing off the waiter’s comment.

 They ate food which Y/N has always wanted to try but never got the chance. He gave her his extra rice cakes and they finished dinner. The two made their way back the hotel to rest for the next event filled day.

The alarm clock sounded at 8. Chan made his way to Y/N’s room and climbed into bed with her. “Y/N it’s time to get up.” He laid across her body transferring all his weight on her. She groaned turning onto her stomach. “Come on” he sat up slightly only to be met with a tired sigh. “You asked for it.” He began to tickle her sides causing Y/N to burst into fits of laughter. She slipped out of bed. “Time to get ready.” He laughed making his way to the kitchen.

 They ran for breakfast and stopped at a small cafe. Chan ordered for Y/N with his perfect Japanese and they were on their way to the next hot spot.

Y/N was a sucker for history so of course they stopped by the imperial palace. The beautifully structured building entranced Y/N. Chan loved the area around him but not as much as his beautiful girlfriend. He loved the way she became interested in her history. The way her eyebrows would rise or when she would call him over excitedly to show him something.

“Chan come here!” She placed him by a hand railing “smile!” A click sounded. They continued to explore the beautiful building till there was no corner left unturned.

The two weren’t surprised to see the sun was almost down due to Y/N’s inquisitiveness. They made their way down the short bridge. The time was so peaceful. Chan wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist resting his head on her shoulder. They looked over the water enjoying each other’s presence. 

“You and your history.” He joked turning her head with one hand and placing a soft kiss on her lips. 

She leaned into his body smiling “you could’ve just told me.” She unlatched herself from him. He intertwined his fingers with hers and trailed down the street. 

“On to the next place.”

The Normalcy of Thieves

There are trains to catch, places to be, and, for Jungkook, cons to orchestrate.

This con artist AU is a collaboration with the ever wonderful and amazing mari aka @pjiminnie

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 (soon)

1.6k words, con artist au, jungkook/reader

// London, the United Kingdom, Great Britain.

November 2nd.

Morning rush hour is relentless, as usual.

You dodge outstretched hands, a couple elbows, and rush down the stairs of the station only to find people shuffling slowly in front of you. You crane your neck, trying to find a way down, but to no avail. Past the mass of well-dressed business men and women, at the bottom of the steps on the right platform, you can see the subway train’s just arrived–and is probably just about to leave. The doors slide open smoothly. You swear under your breath, hoping that someone, someone, down there will just hold the damn door for you, or the people in front of you would magically disappear, or something. Anxious, you can only look on helplessly as people begin to settle inside of the cars, ready for departure.

After another few moments–eternity, really–of frantic jostling and shoving, you finally make it through the crowd and down the staircase, now running for the doors with all that you have and–

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Cherenkov radiation - faster than light in a meduim.

Vavilov-Cherenkov radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (in this case the electron) passes through an electrically polarizable medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium - in cherenkov radiation, electrons are emitted faster than than the speed light travels in water.

light travels through water at 0.75c (thats 75% the speed of light in a vacuum). Matter can be accelerated beyond this speed  during nuclear reactions and in particle accelerators.

Cherenkov radiation is used in particle physics to identify types of particles. One could measure the velocity of an electrically charged elementary particle by the properties of the Cherenkov light it emits in a certain medium. If the momentum of the particle is measured independently, the mass of the particle can be computed by its momentum and velocity, and with this identify the particle.

The radiant blue glow of an underwater nuclear reactor is due to Cherenkov radiation. It is named after the Soviet scientist and Nobel Prize winner Pavel Alekseyevich Cherenkov, who discovered it in 1958 through experiment.