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Donald J. Trump on Twitter

EA Representative (to Game Informer): “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”


  • Fan uses Mass Effect 2 voiceover assets in order to create a Trump advertisement with a call-to-action to vote for the presidential candidate. 
  • Donald Trump retweets the video on his official account. 
  • Electronic Arts copyright claims the original video on Youtube, effectively blocking the video in all countries. (EDIT: The video is still playable through Twitter) See below.
  • EA releases statement, denouncing the video.

via GameInformer:

“The video was an unauthorized use of our IP,” a company representative told us via email. “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

  • EDIT 2 (as of 4/4/16 7:05pm PDT): The tweet, including its video, is removed through Twitter copyright claim.
  • The galaxy is safe again.

TL;DR Vote Conrad Verner. Make Humanity Great Again.


Unravel - E3 2015 Trailer

4D Mass Effect Experience at California’s Great America Comes Next Year

Electronic Arts is partnering with California’s Great America theme park to create a Mass Effect attraction in their Action Theater. 

The interactive ride, curated by a live performer, will take guests on a journey to a distant planet, where they will face off against larger-than-life foes and fight to save the day. Using cutting-edge 3D technology and 4D effects, the ride throws passengers right into the action, creating a fantastical adventure that they won’t soon forget.

You can read more at [California’s Great America] on the holographic experience, as well as the short mention on the [Bioware blog].

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