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Available in limited quantity for SRP $199.99 worldwide in select retailers.

The full Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Collector’s Edition includes:
  • Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama
  • Exclusive Steel book
  • Exclusive lithograph
  • Set of 10 concept pieces
  • Temporary logo tattoo
  • Temporary Faith arm tattoo
  • Storage box

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Peter Moore of EA Describes Simmers As "A Very Hard-Core Bunch" for Wanting Toddlers in The Sims 4

Games Industry Biz published an interview with the COO of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore.

The quotes don’t make sense out of context (Moore isn’t very articulate), so here are the highlights:

  • Moore claims that EA isn’t the “big bad” and that their studios (like Maxis) are completely in control of when games are released. If they ask for more time, EA is apparently happy to oblige (this means that if The Sims 4 came out before it was ready, it’s not EA’s fault, it’s Maxis who didn’t ask for more time when they needed it).
  • A new Sims game can’t be watered-down, and “it’s got to be something you can build upon.”
  • He calls Simmers “a hard-core bunch, a very hard-core bunch” because we expect a next-generation Sims game to not be watered down and to build upon previous iterations of the game.
  • According to Moore, player concerns about The Sims 4 aren’t valid because Simmers quickly “forget” that it took over five years to accumulate all of the content they had in The Sims 3.
  • He calls The Sims 4 the fifth Sims game…lol.
  • Refers to the “furor” over toddlers as a thing of the past, and implies that it was a massive overreaction (and that it was the result of greedy people with unrealistic expectations).

Classic EA. Peter, who exactly do you think you’re fooling? Please try harder next time.

Gamers’ first line of defense against bullshit is online reviews. EA knows this, and decided to destroy the rating system instead of making a good game. The new Dungeon Keeper asks you to review it. If you give it five stars, then the rating goes through. Give it anything else and you’re routed to a feedback form. And your review doesn’t go through. And an EA executive really thought players were stupid enough to be fooled by that.

As gamers, working out the scores that result from pushing buttons is our only skill, and they still thought they could screw us over. Especially since the only authentic review of the new Dungeon Keeper would be grabbing it by the throat and screaming “HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT GREAT GAME’S NAME?”, and then it taking 24 hours for that action to complete unless you want to pay real money.

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We love to see how much fun you’ve been having with The Sims 4 since launch.

If you added up all the time your Sims have spent in the game, it would be over 12,000 years. We could literally take all of the Sims you’ve created and wrap them all the way around the earth. Yes, really.

So how does your Sims compare to all the others around the world?

Have a look at the infographic below.