“People Are People” by Depeche Mode

People Are People (1984)


Circle of Dust. This week. Prepare. //_^) #industrial #metal #electronic #production #music #video #detroit #circleofdust

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Rumor has it that enigmatic American trio Terror Jr is made up of two esteemed producers and a well known vocalist (who apparently love grapes considering their heavy usage of the grapes emoji on Twitter). Despite dropping four ace tunes and drawing much buzz in the past few months, they’ve managed to keep to the shadows. Terror Jr makes it a total of five ace tunes today with Come First. There’s no mistaking that this is a Terror Jr song. Crisp bopping beats, kittenish sweet vocals, and a sparse spacious atmosphere come together for yet another jewel of a future popping confection. The sweet effervescent.sparkler is a collaboration with producers Felix Snow and Jerker Hansson. Whether all these splendid tracks are leading up to an EP or album, we’ll have to wait and see.

And here I am again to announce Resister’s new EP, “Que sólo las minorias entienden (in English, it means That Only The Minorities Understand). The amazing Argentinian producer came back to impress me again with his high quality darkness and ambience.
This awesome EP creates in each song a specific atmosphere related to the titles, approaching themes such as death, mental colective state and darkness.
If you like ambience, experimental stuff, drone and industrial music, this is just for you.You won’t be disappointed.
Please make sure to buy or listen to his ep right HERE


1.And it was Death itself who stood behind me 
2.Estado mental alfa colectivo
3.Gritos en el Tanatorio
4.Dark would be without meaning


Glass Animals unveil the second single/video from the sophomore album How To Be A Human Being. Remember that the videos for this album all will feature the story of the characters in the album art.