electron microscope images


Koalas Have Human Like Finger Prints

Standard ink fingerprints of an adult male koala (left) and adult male human (right). Bottom row: Scanning electron microscope images of epidermis covering fingertips of the same koala (left) and the same human (right). 

Source: Macie Hennenberg, et al. and naturalSCIENCE

Beautiful ceramics? Nope. Butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant, of course!

Oh man, these electron microscope images, featured in the Telegraph recently, are just mind blowing. Nature’s structures are nothing less than awesome, as is the technology that enables us to study them this closely.

Wait till you check out the fallopian tube - could it be anymore feminine?

And how radical is the bacteria on the tongue - looks just like delicious sugary hundreds and thousands.

There’s a few impressive man made structures in there too - particularly love the intricate weave of this nylon stocking.

Thanks again to @flavorpill for continually highlighting brilliant gems such as these.