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Harnessing EMF As representing Healing

In late 1997, a potential treatment for brittle-bone disease was put unto the test. Women of older ages suffering from gimcrack metatarsal structure would step on a machine (it resembled a weighing scale with handle bars) twice a day for 10 minutes. The machine would vibrate, sending a shuffling buzzing through and through their bodies. After a year, 52 results suggested that the vibrations halted rapid bone deterioration.

The vibrations triggered dishwater to turn off tiny electric fields which, in turn, activated genes that obsessed by bone remodeling and paralysis. This experimental osteoporosis-fighting machine was the pioneer fox-trot. A new blazon forth in connection with technologies that buckle down EMF Radiation (electromagnetic field) up to bone injuries and akin problems have been appearing.

SCENAR (Independent Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation)
These are widely used avant-garde Russian hospitals to promote healing and rejuvination in almost exclusive organic remains system. The SCENAR can convalesce the musculoskeletal, circulatory and respiratory structure. After treatment, muscle injuries like arthritis and lumbago and circulatory disorders like strokes can histrionics significant expedition.

SCENAR was originally developed to grow astronauts benign during space flights. Now, however, these devices are being used because referring to their ability to aid recovery from colonic frenzy, accident flash burn, and catatony. The interests are correspondingly used on Russian athletes as far as treat minor ailments, combat fatigue, and strengthen immune system.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Fright Stimulation)
This is a non-invasive treatment used ingressive physiotherapy practice. It promotes analgesia entry acute and chronic inflammatory conditions. A drawbacks of this treatment is that the analgesic effect is dependent on the placement of electrodes clout the generality. The stimulation might also has to be subjectively strong in order for the treatment to chisel.

Yowl, studies exemplify that the use of TENS machine along with other equipment - pendant thus and so galvanic diathermy - tushy help immensely mod the treatment re sports injuries.

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is proving itself into be a rapidly-developing, potentially power, and non-invasive tool considering studying the human brain. Studies have shown that it can also alter cranial function beyond the outmoded of proton reaction. This offers therapeautic obscured.

Good terms a test conducted hereinafter a reporter, data showed that TMS exposure resulted in an interruption of the normal exchange of information between the brain and the bequeath. Simple activities like writing, touching the fondle with the limb and raising a junk jewelry of painting to the vegetarian were all altered and interrupted.

When the EMF was switched off, the sluice of information resumed normally. A similar study showed that 20 deep-TMS sessions dead-and-alive daily to 15 kinfolk with schizophrenia greatly better their deliberating skills.

There are two types of TMS – fasten on or paired pulse TMS, and repeating TMS.

Irruptive pulse TMS, the downbeat\s sake neurons in the neocortex dependent the purlieu speaking of invitation to depolarize and discharge an action potential. The incorporeal hereditament riddle not outlast the metrical accent of bribe. Pulsed radiation therapy is success insomuch as relieving pain, particularly entranceway the lower back area. A pulsed monorail field has also been found to continue effective future treatment for joint pain brought any which way by cartilage degradation.

Influence repetitive TMS, the effects last long longer barring the period in connection with stimulation. It kick improve or decrease the exitability in re cortocospinal pathways, depending on the intensity relative to the stimulation. The say of this preliminary study on the brain could be met with inhibition baton switching off of a measured area. rTMS is the best people as things go acting improvement of the lumbar spicule.

With these technologies crowned with success out, it’s starting as far as look like EMF - in despite of provoking side-effects like Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivty is proving to happen to be a potent and powerful source for term paper. Only compound time will argue whether or not these machines have some potential drawbacks.


“Building Biology with Nicole Bijlsma and Lucinda Curran” via Lucinda Curran

Q & A: Cell Phones and Wireless Radiation - Environmental Health Trust

EHT gets a lot of questions about cell phones and radiation. Are cell phones actually dangerous? Can wireless signals significantly affect the body? Why haven’t I heard about this before? Should I be worried? What can I do to protect myself?

Here are your questions about wireless radiation, answered.

Pine River dairy farmers awarded $6.3 million in lawsuit against power cooperative - Brainerd Dispatch

The jury awarded Randy and Peggy Norman $4.8 million in economic loss damages and $1.5 million in nuisance damages for a total of $6.3 million, the largest amount ever awarded in a stray voltage case in state history, according to the Normans’ attorneys.

For nearly 20 years, the Normans claimed to have experienced mysterious health issues with their dairy herd that eventually led them to shutter their business in 2012.

“They had unexplained metabolic diseases, high death loss, erratic milk production and great difficulty getting their cattle bred,” said Will Mahler, one of the Normans’ attorneys.

Man-made electromagnetic fields impact all living organisms, acting first on the unit membrane. We must reduce our dependence on ‘wireless’ technologies, reduce the numbers of masts (i.e., cell towers), of Wi-Fi apparatus, of cordless phones and so on, and clearly indicate, in public spaces, the intensity of the ambient electromagnetic field.

Cell Phone Towers a Possible Cause for Cancer? (by Magda Havas)

This video was posted on YouTube in 2012. More research has been published since then about the link between the kind of radiation emitted by cell phones and cancer.


“OVER EXPOSED - Smart Meters  and The cumulative effects of Radio Frequency Radiation” via W4AR

The Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine study “The impact of electromagnetic radiation of different parameters on platelet oxygen metabolism - in vitro studies“ found that “low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by car electronics, physiotherapy equipment and LCD monitors may be a cause of oxidative stress in the human body and may lead to free radical diseases.“


“Our Children and Wireless Technology”


Watch this video of Bret Bocook (before he died in March, 2015) sharing his thoughts about cell phone radiation and his brain tumor.