electromagnetic cloud

When what I learned in school makes me relate it to anime

I learned something in Physics class today regarding the electromagnetic spectrum where we focus more on the Visible Light part. Visible light consist of a rainbow of colors.

And it turns out that purple light is a stronger light with a higher frequency and a higher energy. Flames ignite light right? So I can relate this to Hibari’s cloud flames.

Hibari is said to be the strongest guardian. I think that’s because his cloud flames can produce the highest energy with the highest frequency out of all the other flames. 

Too much of that, and it’ll result to this ówò

Now in the Visible Light Spectrum, the color red have the lowest frequency out of all the other colors. Storm flames are red, and Gokudera, being the Storm Guardian, used the Sistema C.A.I in the anime where he uses more than one flame type.

I think that’s because he can’t just depend only on his storm flames when fighting in a heated battle. Storm Flames are red, and according to the Visible Light Spectrum, they have a lower energy and frequency than the other colors. So using the Sistema C.A.I is a well developed strategy. He uses the other flames to produce more energy for his Storm Flames.

… I may be wrong but this is just my theory kind of  thing.

Now you’re wondering if I actually like to learn at school

No, I only like to learn about things that interests me 

and yet I’m still a Straight A student. Imma nerd ono