Nanotechnology on the Runway

The clothes we wear allow us to express ourselves, influenced by our moods and tastes. Fashion brand CuteCircuit goes one step further, allowing technology to help make a statement in our next fashion choice.

Most of the clothes designed at CuteCircuit have thousands of micro LEDs sewn into the fabric, which allow one garment to have different colours and patterns on it. As co-founder of CuteCircuit Francesca Rosella states:

“We are living in a digital future, so we do not need to sell 10,000 skirts. We could sell 500 skirts, but then could sell thousands of patterns that you download to your skirt.”

These ‘smart textiles’ have the potential to evolve into even more drastic creations, especially with constant advancements in nanotechnology. One already impressive piece made by CuteCircuit is the “Kinetic Dress” (2010). This Victorian-style evening dress has sensors in the fabric which communicate to the electroluminescent embroidery when the wearer is moving. The faster the movement, the brighter the embroidery; it is translating movement into art and fashion.

If you would like to learn more about the different projects at CuteCircuit, check out this video: http://vimeo.com/104636495

- Anna Paluch


Electroluminescent wires.

Electroluminescent wire (often abbreviated as EL wire) is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows when an alternating current is applied to it.

A Star Wars Geek?

In the spirit of the new Star Wars movie, you can even make your own lightsaber with these EL wires. :)

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PC: LogiNevermore  ajserb

DIY $5 Neon Cactus Tutorial from Shrimp Salad Circus.

Make this $5 dollar light up cactus using electroluminescent wire (EL wire). Because this isn’t real neon and is very cheap EL wire, you can easily bend it into whatever shape you want. If you don’t want it blinking on and off, this is just a setting you can change on the battery pack.

For a roundup of my 12 Favorite Cactus DIYs go here.


I said in the eyes by Cédric Fumière
Via Flickr:
Under the bridge

A poetic luminescent paper sculpture

“Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” ― Vera Nazarian

(Photos by Mark Cocksedge)

London-based designer Paul Cocksedge formed a poetic sculpture in the courtyard of Hotel de Ville in Lyon, France resembling papers being blown away by a gust of wind.

The hand-moulded sheets glow when a current passes through them.

This 25-metre-long Bourrasque sculpture was completed to comprise 200 sheets of A3-sized electroluminescent material, in time for the annual Festival of Lights.

Mettaton EX Cosplay Resources

For those looking to cosplay the Underground’s number-one superstar.

I’ve gotten a lot of Asks about how I made my Mettaton EX cosplay and by now I’ve pretty much covered everything, so I’m compiling all my tutorials, resources, and links here. If you cosplay MTT EX too or know of something that might come in handy to anyone planning on cosplaying MTT EX, feel free to add to this (or send me an Ask/Message with a link and I’ll add it)! Thus, please check the original post because it will change as new things are added.

Also, your cosplay does not have to be 100% like mine. Don’t feel like you have to follow everything here. Make your cosplay your own. It will work differently for different people, and that’s okay! It ain’t a beauty contest. Just have fun being the hot robot with nice legs.

Arda Wigs Magnum Classic in (CL-078) Black

Kamui Cosplay’s LED Basics video

Covering EVA foam armor with fabric (for chestplate, backplate, shoulderpads)

Shiny black unitard

Kwik Sew unitard K3052 pattern in View A

Sasha-V’s boot cover tutorial

Sarcasm-hime’s boot cover tutorial

Funtasma Gogo-300 in Hot Pink Stretch Patent boots (Least expensive MTT-like shiny hot-pink boots I could find. They run a size small, so buy 1 size larger than what you usually buy. Unfortunately, you have to have very thin calves to wear them. They are block heel if you can’t walk in stilettos. My biggest complaint is how much they scuff. AKA the pink gets scraped off really easily and it’s…….extremely frustrating. I honestly recommend saving up and buying non-Funtasma ones, but these still technically work.)

Funtasma Gogo-300 Wide Calf in Hot Pink Stretch Patent boots (the same as above but for people with wider calves.)

Pleaser Seduce-2000 in Hot Pink Stretch Patent boots (More expensive but sexier and don’t scuff as much as the Funtasma ones. Stiletto heel though. I can’t say anything about the sizing/fit because I don’t own these, so read around for reviews and such.)

Pleaser Indulge-2000 in Hot Pink Stretch Patent boots (The most expensive but the best I’ve found. I own these. They have stiletto heel and add a lot to your height. They run a size small, but only seem to be available in 2 sizes, for whatever reason. They hardly scuff at all. But they are EXTREMELY difficult to find. Which is why I cannot provide a link. I guess I just got lucky. MTT EX cosplayer 8-butt owns these too. These boots look DANG GOOD tho.)

Funtasma Exotica-2000 in Hot Pink Stretch Patent boots (They seem like the Indulge-2000s but with block heel in case you can’t walk in stilettos. They add a lot to your height. I can’t say anything about the sizing/fit because I don’t own these, so read around for reviews and such.)


Flirty & Fabulous hot-pink moisturizing lipstick by e.l.f. cosmetics

Scandy hot-pink lipstick by ColourPop

Slave2Pink hot-pink eyeshadow by ColourPop

Ben Nye flat makeup brushes

Ben Nye creme colors in CL-29 Black

Ben Nye clown white CW-3

Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver + Mehron Mixing Liquid

Geo Animation Crazy Lens SF-36 contact lenses (brighter color, no prescription)

The Dolly Eye Twilight Lens in Pink contact lenses (darker color, prescription!)

Logitech X100 mobile wireless Bluetooth speaker

LilyPad LEDs in Pink on SparkFun Electronics

Lilypad power supply

Electroluminescent Wire with Battery-Powered Controller

Light-up Electroluminescent Panel glowing heart by LessaSelig on Etsy

My makeup tutorial

My heart container + belt tutorial

My chestplate + backplate + shoulderpads tutorial

My arms + heart tutorial

My MTT chainsaw (”Glamsaw”) tutorial

My flippable switch tutorial

Fixing boot scuffing (common with Funtasma + Pleaser brands)